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Throughout the years Scurryface has been around. We’ve done a lot more positive than negative. But how it works today is, people take the so called small irrelevant negatives or the 100% untrue and run with it. For those that know us, seen our body of work, experienced what we do first hand, they know the truth of what we’re truly about and what we can accomplish for others. Then you have the haters and naysayers who will do and say just about anything to tear us down. 

 So this page is dedicated to ALL the crazy rumors and lies that were spread about us and we’re happy to share them with you all.

Ready to have a laugh?

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THAT IN......"

2021 - “Tyler and Scurryface are racists”

Literally created by a so-called “Woke call out culture” crowd within the industry. If anything didn’t fit within their political spectrum. They attempted to call them out on their personal pages and dubbed them as “racists” in hopes they’d get cancelled by their sheep following.. They failed.

2021 - “The leader of Scurryface hit on one of my actresses' while at the haunt “.   Created by a haunt owner in Texas. Fun fact, the leader of Scurryface goes by the name of Tyler West. Tyler West has only been to Texas 2 times in his life. Both times to change planes at the airport. Tyler has not only never met this haunt owner, he has never once stepped foot on the haunt's property nor has ever personally met or had a conversation with an actor or actress who works at that haunt.

2019 - “Tyler is a dictator and slave driver.” I’m sorry that Tyler wouldn’t let you do what you wanted to do on his platform. Also sorry that you don't understand the meaning of "pull your own weight".

2020 - “Scurryface is the double standard. They are rude to and belittle actors and fans.” Not one shred of proof has ever been presented that we treat people poorly just for the sake of treating people poorly. One can claim it all they want, but they can't prove it nor has anyone of relevance or credibility come forward as a witness to the claim. If the double standard means uniting people for the greater good and helping them grow while promoting haunted attractions. Then sure, we’ll happily take that claim. That means you're giving us a compliment. Thank you.

2021 - “Who cares that you’re a rep. They’ll take anybody.” Said by an individual who is so out of touch with the industry that it’s laughable. Of course we’ll take anybody. Anybody who isn’t an egotistical asshole that has a god complex. And if no one cared, we wouldn't have over 200 reps from around the world.

2020 - “Scurryface has pedophiles in its organization.” This is one of those created by low down individuals. First off, we don’t do background checks when we bring people on. We talk to coworkers and management. If they give the thumbs up and vouch for an individual, that’s our green light. If we were to ever find out that someone within the organization has a charge of this magnitude, they will quickly be removed without question. And just to make it clear, there are absolutely ZERO pedophiles associated with Scurryface. It's actually really sad and pathetic that we have to make that clear.

2021 - “Scurryface is anti-maskers and Trump supporters”... This one was created by a complete moron and one of those bitter “keyboard warriors”. Of course we’re anti-maskers. Who the hell LOVES wearing masks just to buy groceries? But guess what, we still wore them when we had to. As for “trump supporters'', Scurryface as a brand is politically neutral. As individuals, we ALL have our own different viewpoints and political stances. But the ones who are active within SF to this day are adult enough to not allow division due to our political views. Only weak minded individuals allow division due to political nonsense. That literally sums and sizes up a lot of the individuals who bash us to others.

2018 - “We spent the night at Moto’s house. He groped me while I was asleep.” This one is a hybrid rumor. Hilarious while at the same time being downright pathetic. We’re 100% positive Moto allowed you to stay in his home with his long time girlfriend just so he could have the opportunity to grope someone. Because that all just makes perfect sense.

2021 - “Tyler shouldn’t be reviewing haunts. He knows nothing about the haunt industry.”  Tyler has only been in the industry since 1999 and started as an actor and worked his way to being an Actor Coordinator and GM for 6 years. But yeah why not, let’s just claim he doesn’t know jack about it.

2020 - “Scurryface is banned from Transworld.”  Scurryface has never been officially banned from any establishment nor has Scurryface ever done anything to deserve to be banned from any establishment. If SF is claimed to be banned from somewhere, we’re unaware of it and that isn’t anything SF did, that’s simply a decision made from ignorance and bad information. SF is not banned from Transworld. SF had 65 official reps at Transworld in 2021 working booths and walking the floor. Not one single problem.

2020 - "Everywhere Scurryface goes, drama follows. They create problems."  The truth is, everywhere Scurryface goes, we bring positivity, unity and professionalism. SF has NEVER had one legit issue while at any event, haunt or establishment. The people who claim this rumor are in fact the ones who drama and issues follows everywhere. This is a "pot meet kettle" type rumor.

2019 - “The SAS (scareactor spectacular) is rigged.”  Created by bitter and complete morons. Most likely from individuals who entered and got a reality check that they weren't as big and popular as they thought they were. Or individuals who are jealous because they didn't come up with the idea.

2019 - “Tyler only recruits females into Scurryface so he can sleep with them.” News flash!! Tyler is happily married and has been with his wife for 21 years. Don’t ya love how people react on the internet when things don’t go their way.

2019 - “Tyler and Shannon are getting a divorce. She caught him sleeping with reps. I saw it on Google. It's a public record.” There’s so much stupidity with this one.

2020 - “I had to send Tyler and Scurryface a cease and desist letter.” Tyler nor Scurryface has ever received such a letter. But this rumor came from 2 individuals who liked to threaten anyone with a lawsuit because they didn’t get their way. 100% of the time, they had no true lawyer or any legit claim to sue anybody.

2016 - “Scurryface showed up drunk to my haunt wanting to review it 15 minutes before close.”

First and foremost, the reviewer wasn’t drunk. He was a truck driver and drove his big rig to the haunt. Why would he risk his job considering he was hitting the road to his next destination right after the haunt? He Showed up 15 minutes before closing, that means you were open. Just because you had a dead crowd doesn’t mean he was in the wrong for showing up within your promoted time. Not his fault that your crew took it upon themselves to give a half assed show because they were “tired” after he paid full price for a ticket. This haunt was just pissed off because they didn’t receive a stellar score like they are accustomed to from certain other review groups out there. They didn’t like honesty.

2021 - “Scurryface thinks they are better than everyone with their standard. They are shit actors who get turned into shittier actors.” Oh boy…. This one is comedy gold. Fact is, we treat EVERYBODY equally and with respect until we’re given a reason not to. It's not our fault that people burned their own bridge with us. As for the standard… The standard is literally the lowest thing. It’s the bottom-line of how all of us should treat others and be treated. It’s the bottom-line of how we strive to be day in and day out. We truly feel sorry for those who attack it and bash it. As for the shit actors. I’d put our collective of 200 plus Reps up against ANY crew in the world when it comes to haunting. But to us, it’s not all about talent. It’s about being in this industry for the right reasons, being a good person, being a leader, bringing those together, always finding ways to better ourselves and those around us, supporting one another! To us, that just means more.

2020 - “Scurryface defends rapists.” This came from Nashville, Tn after a convention. Crazy thing is, we knew nothing about it until our name got dropped by the accuser. We happened to know and associate with the organization that the accused was apart of. SF was only mentioned because of this, not because of any factual claims on the accusers behalf. In the end, nothing came out of it and ZERO proof was brought forth. It was just hearsay and empty claims.

2019 - “The only reason Tyler gets invited or booked at haunts is because he is a drug dealer.” 

Should we start a comedy tour with all these? Tyler would have a lot more money to spend if this were true.

2021 - “Scurryface doesn’t contribute anything to the industry.” We contribute 100 times more than the morons who say this.

2019 - “Scurryface is nothing but bullies”. No, you simply got booted out of Scurryface or given an out to leave yourself and that’s what you ran with to any fool who’d believe it. Or because we wouldn't allow you to be apart of SF due to how you act towards others and the constant drama that surrounds you.

2019 - “Tyler profits off SF Reps.” Negative, Tyler actually gives reps the opportunity to profit off Scurryface. Tyler nor Scurryface takes advantage of people to profit off their likeness like others out there attempts to do.

2021 - “Scurryface has an only fans that Tyler uses females to profit off sexual acts.” An SF onlyfans does not exist……. We're not that desperate for money or attention........yet

2021 - “Tyler from Scurryface is a womanizer”.... That’s cute. He has his hands full with one woman to “womanize”, his wife. Are you noticing a pattern that these people are desperately trying to force idiots to believe? 

2017 - “Scurryface is nothing but vaping clowns and they won’t amount to anything.” We’re still here, we’re still growing and we’re still vaping. Still better than the most of the haunt groups on FB who do nothing but trash others within the industry.

2019 - “Moto hired a hitman to take me out.” - We can’t facepalm hard enough for this one. Who knew Scurryface went all Tiger King before it was a thing. This was the same moron who claimed he sent Tyler and Scurryface a cease and desist letter.

2021 - “Scurryface is nothing but people who couldn’t hack it in the haunt industry.” Said by an individual who was fired by Tyler who couldn’t perform their job because they were too drunk. Also apart of a group who liked to send Tyler anonymous emails saying that they were going to kill his kids and rape his wife.

2020 - “Scurryface is nothing but bad people, I only like a few of them.” So you’re saying that if we’re full of bad people but you only like a few of us. That means you simply pick and choose what you deem is bad. Typical “I’m always the victim” mindset. Also, when did the bad guys ever try to unite people to do greater good for those within and around them? Bold strategy, Cotton. let's see how it plays out.

2020- "Scurryface are hackers. They'll hack into your account and ruin you."  Boy, I wish we were smart enough to hack Facebooks ridiculous algorithm's. Actually, we only knew 1 online (not really online. Never did anything hardly online or in the physical industry for that matter) individual who claimed he was a hacker. But the reality was, he couldn't even hack into his own underwear drawer. He attempted to try and login to  multiple Scurryface platforms but completely forgot about security steps and the email and text message we'd receive letting us know an attempted login was made from his location. But he sure liked to flex like he was the next Edward Snowden. To his credit, he had a small handful of people fooled into believing that he was. Good for him.

2020 - "Scurryface does nothing but have orgies with each when they do their annual trips together."  By definition of "orgies", do you mean drinking beer, watching movies, driving go-karts, playing air hockey, filming skits, hanging out on the beach and eating great food? If so, yes we have tons of orgies when Scurryface gets together. Wanna join?

2017 - "Scurryface accepts money in exchange for rankings and great reviews."  No, that's too much work and trust in people to keep secrets. You want skewed reviews and rankings, just search google, they are everywhere. We just charge for ad space and promotional things.

2021 - "Scurryface isn't even a real job or business." Well, neither is having an onlyfans account, but they got to pay taxes off their earnings like Tyler does with SF. Anything you do to earn an consistent income is....wait for it....A job and business. Guess the person who wants to claim this can just "die on that hill of saltiness."

2021 - "Nobody reads the reviews SF releases." Naa, the largest clicked review of October 2021 only had 23,278 clicks to it. So, this rumor may be true.


2022 -"Tyler makes a profit off the ScareActor Spectacular. It's a con. Others do the work so SF benefits." Negative. Tyler doesn't gain one penny off the SAS. SF throughout the years worked hard on building up a following and traffic to the website. SF utilizes it so others could benefit from it. Therefore, the SAS was born. How is it a con for others to get free PR off a website who's following and traffic has already been established years before.....? Others do the work while SF benefits? No... The work the contestants put in is for themselves. It's for them to market and network themselves or at least gives them the opportunity to learn how to. It helps set them up for potential growth or helps them break out of their comfort zone.. They don't pay SF for any service, so why would SF do the work for them. On the other hand, SF does all the work to put on the contest without charging a single soul an entry fee. Technically, SF is working for free to put on the SAS so others can benefit off SF's traffic.

2022 - "Scurryface is against unifying." Sorry, Tricky Dickie, wrong again... Scurryface is against people or entities profiting off and scamming haunters for personal gain while attempting to call it "unity" just to cover it up.. Anyone else smell popcorn??

You now see how dumb people are in this industry? You see how ignorant and desperate individuals are that will say whatever to get people to hate what they despise?

Why do they despise it? Because it's not theirs and they can't bring it down with all their desperate attempts. No matter how mad they get on tiktok, Facebook or Instagram.

In todays mindset in public court of opinion. It's no longer "Innocent until proven guilty." It's they are guilty and it must be true because I saw it online or heard from someone... *insert sheep noise*

The absolute best thing about this page is. Majority of the ones who literally created a lot of these rumors WILL READ THIS! Thanks for your website click, btw.

If you read these and heard it first hand from someone. Take a step back and take a good look at the person or persons who told it to you. Because they either made up the rumor or are apart of the problem by helping spread the rumor.

With 2022 beginning, we can't wait to add to this list of "Rumor Has It, SF edition." Give it your best shot. You all have only been failing at it since 2016.

Yet again..... Checkmate

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