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Welcome to Scurryface. An association strictly dedicated to the haunt industry and the haunters that make it amazing.  We are NOT the world’s leading anything. We don’t self title ourselves. But, Scurryface does offer the most accurate and honest reviews from REAL industry experienced reps.  Our reviewers have extensive backgrounds within the haunt industry whether it being, acting, production, make-up/costuming, management, etc.  That experience is what separates Scurryface from every other haunt review group/site out there. Scurryfaces criteria offer’s a fair and balanced guide for all different types of haunts. Our goal is to simply find the best possible haunts no matter how big or small and promote them to our audience. averages almost 200K visitors each haunt season alone. Our other priority is to present fair, honest and unbiased reviews to the public. The public deserves to have an honest and accurate source that they can trust so they can make the best decisions on which haunts they want to visit each season. That is why Scurryface is at the top of the mountain when it comes to haunt reviews. While you are here, please browse our haunt stuff section and read over our criteria and categories that we score on. We don’t hide anything from anybody. Also, please check out our media section and read what our Standard is all about. Keep your eyes peeled this haunt season for Scurryface members touring all over the country.

 Happy Haunting!

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The ScareActor Spectacular is another Scurryface original. No other platform or site does this for haunters. It's a global competition for haunters of all kinds. It is fan voted and the contest can last at least 25 weeks. It's meant to help haunters grow through social media while also aiding in their networking skills and uniting with other haunters from across the globe. It's great for haunts as it helps with getting their names out as well, it's free PR. Getting free PR on Scurryface is something you want to take advantage of. Click the logo for more details.

Please check out our merch store. It offers multiple selections like for example, our logo, Scurry 3 Show and a few of our haunt reps that you might have seen online. And the best part is....... You'll actually receive the product.





This is something Scurryface started back in 2015. This is a place where we celebrate the memories of our fallen haunt brothers and sisters. In this industry, we are ALL family as we ALL strive to achieve the same goals. We need to put aside the petty differences and come together and celebrate the time we have with each other doing what we all love to do.

We don't promote that we do this. It's something we let people see for themselves. It will always be a staple at Scurryface. If you have lost a haunt brother or sister and you'd love to have their memory celebrated forever on this website. Please email us and we'll make sure it's done.

Here you can subscribe to Yes, you have to add your email address but we promise you that we will not spam you. We're not like other sites who wants to snag your email only to bombard you with emails. But, you will get updates when we add things to the website, like reviews, reps, etc. As of now, has over 150K subscribers.



All reviews on this page are that of SCURRYFACE AND SCURRYFACE alone. Scurryface Reps personally travels to and experiences each attraction that is reviewed and writes each review personally. Scurryface does not receive or accept any profit  what so ever for a written review. Ad space can be purchased but our reviews, scores or rankings cannot and will not be bought. ALSO NOTE: Scurryface Reps are industry experienced individuals who have worked multiple years within the industry. Unlike certain other websites similar to ours. We are much more than just haunt fans. We are actually trained and experienced within the haunt industry. We don't base our reviews off personal preference or boost scores or rankings to get shares and likes from haunts. We actually visit the haunts we rank.