I started out in my front yard around ten years old. I always had a talent to startle and freak people out with hiding spots and costume tricks. My first October at a charity haunt was all I needed to fall in love with working an organized haunt. That charity closed and the next October I sought more haunt action wandering in costume around the crowd. I was approached by the manager and he told me that he had watched me and that he wanted to hire me. I told him that if he gave me free rein to scare at will anywhere on site that I would just do it because it was fun. The next year I was on payroll. I worked 9 Octobers there. As I roamed the entire site I had my fun I also watched the actors, the patrons, the stage performers, and the overall interactions, feelings, and operations. I even helped build and remove some of the panels and scenes. I know what it takes for a haunt to be good and fun for the patrons. I have high standards and expectations when it comes to a haunt. A haunt should be good or excellent and worth the price of admission.



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