Heavy rainfalls and possible flooding from an incoming hurricane making its way to landfall may have threatened to put a small damper on my second stop on my 2020 haunt tour; but there was absolutely no way, I was going to let a little drizzle stand in the way of this state rep getting her spooky season on! Some would call it madness. I call it dedication to the haunt industry and our followers. So, I threw on a warm sweater and headed on a short drive a hour and thirty minutes away from me to a Greensboro North Carolina haunt that almost needs no introduction...the infamous Woods of Terror! This haunt, having scored a perfect 10 in 2018, is also a proud Scurryface sponsor. I had the pleasure of attending this haunted attraction last season and had a shockingly, scare induced fun time. I was very intrigued to see if they could keep up their reigning streak of putting on a show stopping performance.


Traveling by way of I-40, Woods of Terror can be found with minimal trouble. Have confidence in Google maps to show you the way. As you pull into the attraction, you’ll be instructed by several attendants on where to park your vehicle. There are several parking fee options ranging from $5-20....depending on how close you would like to be to the entrance. If you are on a budget, I’d recommend getting there when the attraction opens. Woods of Terror opened at 6:30pm. We showed up at 8pm for our online ticketed time and all of the $5 spots were taken, so we had to opt for the $15 selection. We were also given a card and told to scan the code on it to enter the online queue without clear instructions, it took my group over 15 minutes before we got frustrated trying to figure it out and had to send someone to the ticket booth for help. If you’re an old school 90s kids who used landlines with cords to communicate, this modern smart phone technology can be baffling. It’s a hassle, but bare with Woods of Terror...they, along with other haunts, are figuring out this new system as they go, just like the rest of us. The grassy parking lot is accompanied by multiple highly suspended string lights and a fenced in area with a plethora of brightly colored orange pumpkins aka the McLaurin Farm pumpkin patch, which is also open this season. Combine that with the misty fog that rolled in from the sprinkling rain and the goth rock music loudly blaring throughout the arena and the mood has already been set for a guaranteed eerily pleasing good time.

Photo by: Bill Welch

Bang For Your Buck:

General Admission: $35

Fast Pass: $50

(includes immediate access)

All Access: $65 

(includes immediate access, lanyard, wrist band, 3D glasses, hellavator ride, axe throwing)

Parking: $5-$25


Total Wait Time: 20 mins max


As tempting as it was to participate in axe throwing, we went with online reservation, general admission tickets. The total wait time from the entrance line to the midway to the inside of the haunt was 20 minutes. Wait time was greatly reduced due to the number of groups and attendees being limited. The trail itself took a hour to complete. The quality of entertainment combined with so little of a wait time makes the price money well spent. 

Theming/Trail Experience:

The total trial time at Woods of Terror is approximately 45-mins to a hour. There are several different attraction areas within this haunt. Without giving away too much information or spoiling the surprises, these attractions include: 


Arachnophobia - an endless nest of spiders and their offspring are crawling in the darkness to ensnare you in their web


Nightstalkers - these scarecrows are harvesting more than corn and you are on the menu!


Industrial Nightmare - combine biohazards with a hoard of angry, laid off factory employees and you have a concoction for trouble


Chaos 3D - send in the clowns and the three dimensional mind warps


Blood House - a den of ravenous vampires are craving for you to be one of them (Call me a Lost Girl and take me now! This was my personal favorite...I loved their energy and gothic decor!)


The Awakening - the zombies are coming, so you better get ready to outrun them in your own scene straight out of Night of the Living Dead


Horror Movie Classics - the old school slasher villains have once again returned for vengeance and a body count (if you are a fan of classic 80s horror films, you’ll love this attraction)


Blackbeard's Revenge - pirates and voodoo priestesses galore are ready to drag you asunder


Miner's Massacre - Harry Warden would have a field day hanging out with these guys


Slaughterhouse - this eccentric, southern family asked you to stay for supper, but didn't tell you were were the main course


The Purge Anarchy - welcome to the new America...we hope you enjoy the chaos and escape to safety on the other side.


It's like stepping into your own alternate reality full of blood-thirsty monsters, savage slaughtering cannibals, and infamous slasher villains that we all know, love and fear. It's a total horror immersion. Each of these attractions flow seamlessly together into one another. There were no conga lines or "cattle herding" of the crowds. The group spacing and timing was on point and very much appreciated as each patron was allowed to take the trail at their own pace and allowed to personally experience being dragged into a spook show unlike any other.


The creativity at this scare attraction is massively apparent and hard to rival. They have a unique cast of monsters; each distinctive in their own way. Even ideas and concepts that would seem generic to the haunt industry have their own fresh, innovative twist to them, making them renewed and reborn to the audience. Where else will you get to see Syriel, a dark angel with his barbed wire halo, Raggy the terrifying Living Ragdoll or an unsettling dumpster diving version of a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse member gone dreadfully wrong? The average person could not manage to come up with these inspirations if they tried. Woods of Terror sets and excels over their own bar of standards when it comes to originality; something that is arguably missing from most modern haunts.



The amount of attention and detail that has been applied to both the costumes and makeup at Woods of Terror is astonishing. They do an awe-inspiring job at creating and giving life to realistic monsters. The makeup and masks are movie star attraction quality. Easily compared with the ranks of Disney and Universal. There are no such thing as poorly applied prosthetics or untucked, oversized masks falling off at this attraction. Even the slasher icon costumes are legit and on point, as well at the pragmatic weapons they yield to their advantage. Whether it be the spark flying knifed glove of Mr. Krueger or the blade of one aggressive Michael Myers, there will be times you ask yourself if that is the real deal hurling towards you or not.


The cast of Woods of Terror is what some haunt professionals would call immaculate. They are top tier in their craft of scare acting. All performers were extremely interactive with guests and did a believable job at pulling them into their world of horror. They use strategically placed scare points to grab multiple scares and had impeccable timing as they hit their cues with ease going in for each “attack” and convincing escape-exit, making the frightened attendees feel like they narrowly avoided an untimely end. Each initial scare within the group only seemed to hype the actors’ energy more. When it came to dialogue, they were also quite impressive with enough one liners to go around for every group member. While other haunted attractions might have a cast that likes to merely grunt or provide mediocre “boos” and “get outs”, Woods of Terror’s actors are loaded with actual threats for their victims. This highly trained crew comes prepared, ready to work AND play...it shows immensely. They are not there for a simple paycheck. They all have a heart and true passion for scaring.


Special Effects:

From the numerous animated props, strobes, fog machines and even bungee cords, this haunt brings the visual aids non stop. They do a bewildering job at helping bend your concept of which reality you belong in, the real world or the make believe land of ghastly beasts you have entered. The set designs and technology used here are breathtaking. From gothic stone cemeteries full of gargoyles and decapitated angels to neon 3D eye popping clown mazes, the presentations here are stunning. The lightning in each scene is pleasing to the sets...just the right amount of light and darkness, playing off where it's needed. All of the special effects melted into one another with steady flow. Woods of Terror delivers nothing, but top quality, hi tech entertainment!


Was It Scary?:

Without a doubt! At Woods of Terror, you constantly spend your time wondering what monster lies in the shadows awaiting to pounce next on your tour of doom. If one actor doesn't get you, I guarantee you the next pop scare, drop panel or animated prop will! This haunted attraction is filled with every possible ghoul and goblin imaginable...there are spiders, vampires, zombies, clowns and so much more...biding their time to seal your doom. Each with their own terror and adrenaline rush to offer patrons. From the lunging coffin zombies that sent the girl behind me shrieking, cursing in fright to the horror movie icons who all felt the need to make my old school slasher fantasies come true and target me (the smallest one) as the source of their "attacks", screams, obscenities and prayers - both alike, were heard throughout the trail. Woods of Terror does a stunning job at calculating which scares to bring you next.

Haunt Change:

There are several notable changes at Woods of Terror this season due to Covid. The move towards mainly using online ticket sales is one. Limited tickets are also available on site as well. This cut down massively on the usual wait times before entering the scare attraction with the group sizes and spacing being carefully monitored. That being said, the midway capacity was reduced extensively...with fewer midway actors as well as guests. There were no picture ops with Bone Daddy and his beloved snake, Spawn. Lucy Lucifer was also dearly missed. The lively DJ is still there, but the dance floor area is closed. The only operating game of axe throwing was limited to All Access passes only. Inside of the trail, they have also eliminated the use of air bag tunnels and hoods in the electrifying blackout maze area as well. While one might feel like this would put a slight damper on the festivities, Woods of Terror still brings their best entertainment strategies to make sure their guests are having a fun filled experience.

Did You Feel Safe:

Yes! Between the limited crowds, spacing among groups and mask requirements Woods of Terror has in place, we felt very comfortable and relaxed during our experience at this scare attraction. The staff scan temperatures in the ticket lines before anyone is allowed to enter. They also have several hand sanitizer stations throughout areas of the haunt - at the entrance, on midway and at the exit. They even have metal detectors and added security for extra safety measures beyond the pandemic. It’s easy to feel protected at Woods of Terror.


We at Scurryface set our expectations and standards high with every haunt we encounter. Woods of Terror exceeds both of those. They are PHENOMENAL! Hands down, one of the best haunts in the nation. This scare attraction is a unique, over the top experience of being transported into your very own living nightmare full of ghastly creatures and torment everywhere you turn. Their cast, costumes, set designs and special effects are all top notch, Hollywood rated material. Woods of Terror has a rare dedication and passion for the haunt industry that is clearly illustrated for all of their guests to see. They are in a league of their own. This haunt is spectacular, fun filled experience that you do not want to miss out on!