Warehouse 31 is nestled away just off Highway 31 in the city of Pelham, right up the road from a small graveyard. Arriving at the haunt, you instantly see where the warehouse comes from in the name. Parking did appear limited to us, but we assume that they have additional parking which may be in one of the other parking lots surrounding the area. As it was a Monday night, it was not extra-ordinarily busy, but we do recommend visiting haunts on non-peak nights if you want to avoid the wait. After purchasing our ticket, we headed around to the backside of the haunt and found various carnival games, a cornhole game setup, and a psychic/palm reader. Additionally, we noted a small concession stand, boutique for fun Warehouse 31 gear, and even what appeared to be a karaoke, or as they called it Scareoke. We thought this a unique touch.

Actors – 9

The actors are truly passionate here. This is clear in they’re performances. Scene after scene, we were both genuinely impressed. Even on a Monday night during Hell Week when it might be tempting to ride out the rest of the week, these folks kept the energy alive. Bravo to most of the clowns, particularly the ones who physically take it to the next level!



Theme/Trail – 8

This trail will undoubtedly keep you and your friends entertained. Each scene varies, but each scene is very well thought out and executed. The trail itself took a decent amount if time to walk through, but never once did we wonder “Is this almost over?”. We both genuinely enjoyed the entirety of this trail. Though there isn’t a steady theme throughout the haunt, per se, we greatly appreciated each of these very well done scenes.



Atmosphere – 8

The atmosphere is not the most “haunting” for a haunt, but with all the various items in the waiting area it is made up for. As mentioned, we saw a psychic offering palm readings, psychic readings, and tarot card readings. The various carnival games will allow you to lose track of time while playing the games. The karaoke was a new item for us in a haunt and we believe it would make for a very entertaining time while waiting watching various people singing different songs. On the same vein, it would be interesting to see the monsters joining in on it, or harassing people as the sing. Perhaps they do, you will have to visit to find out.



Costumes/Makeup – 8

There weren’t any true standout costumes or makeup that jumped out for either of us, however we both genuinely enjoyed most of the characters’ appearances. Ultimately, the “look” is entirely subjective but if it assists the performer in accomplishing the scare, it’s effective. As we walked through the trail with numerous other people (“normies”, if we may), we could see true fear in folks’ faces when the characters appeared in their scenes. Clowns had the best makeup of ‘em all, and we appreciated clowns

in makeup verses all clowns strictly in masks. This added a personal touch to the performances that allowed the clown characters to build a scary, charming repertoire of emotions within their victims.



Customer Service – 8

We encountered many employees of Warehouse 31 throughout our visit. Overall they were all very friendly, and answered any questions we had. We weren’t able to experience customer service as normies (we announced our arrival as official reviewers earlier in the night than we typically would), but we hung around the box office for a few moments after we purchased our tickets to observe how the folks behind us in line were treated. No difference. We’d like to think that these folks are good to their customers, all-around.



Special Effects – 9

The special effects do their job – they assist the performers in executing a haunting, scary experience. That’s what special effects should do; we believe that used inappropriately, special effects can easily override any quality actresses or actors that you might have working for you. This haunt has found a balance in each scene that works. Whether it’s lasers, a shaking door with a hauntingly glowing light underneath, or a delightfully, charmingly scary animatronic as you exit, this haunt has found a fantastic balance of special effects:actors to create great scares, scene-after-scene. Additionally, the scent rags made one of us feel right at home. We both thoroughly appreciate the use of scent rags to engage as many senses as possible. The occasional whiff of a dead rat, a rotting corpse, or mothballs in a dingey clothes area made for a happy addition for us.



Is it Scary – 8.5

We traveled through both haunts on site with a random group of strangers. Observing their reactions was very amusing. We found that overall warehouse 31 utilized jump scare, strong performances of actors, and many different special effects to create an overall scary environment.



Bang for your buck – 8

Warehouse 31 VIP $50

Rigamortis and 3D Combo Pack $25

Rigamortis only $20

Fast Pass Combo Ticket $45

Fast Pass Rigamortis only $40

3D Clown Maze is approx. 6 minutes long, Rigamortis is approx. 22 minutes long.

As you can see, there are a lot of options depending on what and how much you want to experience. The different between the Fast Pass Combo and VIP is worth the extra $5, however, the overall ticket

price for the standard combo pack seems a bit high when compared to the overall time spent in haunt For a date night, you will spend $50 for two people if you do not upgrade for approx. 30 minutes of entertainment in haunt. There are plenty of other things to do while you wait to spend time, and the upside is there is not a cover charge at all, so once you have bought your ticket, you are ready to go as soon as they call your letter.



Overall – 

Overall we feel that Warehouse 31 is a great haunt. We thoroughly enjoyed our experience in the haunt and were entertained throughout the entire experience. This haunt is only 6 years old, which we both found incredibly impressive. A fun experience will be had by the average haunt-goers at this haunt, and at a decent cost, as well. We had a fun night.



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