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Closing out my 2020 haunt tour, I find myself back in the official state of Scurryface, Alabama. I am at Warehouse 31 in Pelham. This haunt has been around for quite some time and this will be my first visit since 2017. It was good coming back and running into some familiar faces and having some good conversations with people that I’ve worked with in the past. 

If you have not been to WH31 in Pelham, it is not hard to find. It’s right off Highway 31 and parking is no problem. 


I really enjoyed WH31’s set up. They offer drinks, merchandise, movies and something unique that I’ve never seen while at a haunt, “Scaraoke”. They have these benches made from stacked pallets that look like little beds which give patrons plenty of places to rest while they wait. I imagine during long wait nights and Scaraoke, the scariest thing out in the midway could possibly be some of those singing voices.... It’s a cool setup that gives you some quality entertainment as you wait to experience the haunt. 



All the actors that we encountered definitely looked the part. We noticed a few detailed makeup jobs to a few really good costumes. Some only required minimal makeup due to where they were placed with the low lighting. Overall, they do a good job bringing these characters to life with their appearance. 

Trail experience 

The 3D maze lasted us right around 6-minutes and it has some cool 3D visuals throughout. Definitely thought it could have used a few more actors and a little more interaction from some of them. Not sure if they were shorthanded due to them being open on a Tuesday night or if it just lacked that intensity that you’d normally get with clown sections at haunts.  

“Rigamortis” offers a very immersive experience through and through. We encountered many scenes that were very detailed and forced me to let my guard down for the perfect opportunity to get startled.  Unfortunately, in some cases, a few actors let that opportunity slip right through their fingers due to just staring at us as we walked by. In one scene, the actor just looked at us through what seemed like a window and as we made our way through the scene, we never saw him again. I’ve always been a fan of WH31’s “autopsy” scene and it still looks great to walk through and the actor did a good job working the scene. I do want to give a nod to the haunt for putting the two characters that you see in their promotions in the haunt. A lot haunts out there promote certain things and you never see it in the show. The two characters you see being promoted; you will encounter within the experience. Some transitions were a little awkward as going from scene to scene. Some kind of make you wonder, “How do you go from this scene to that scene?” But then again, WH31 promotes, “Turning your nightmares into reality.” We all know how nightmares doesn’t need to make sense, it just needs to be scary. 


This is my favorite thing about WH31. The visuals and SFX throughout the haunt are extremely good. They do a great job with bringing scenes to life through their effects and light placement. From the lighting to the smells, they truly immerse you into their own reality. 



For the most part the actors did a really good job with their scenes and working the entire group. As for our group, there were only two of us and that can be difficult to a lot of haunters because, that’s all they get. Most stuck with us and interacted with us until we left their area and many props to them for that. We did encounter quite a bit who just stared at us and followed us silently as we walked through their scene. The timing for the more intense actors were spot on, notable mentions the actress in the opening scene, the actor that came out from behind the table with the bat, the actor that came out from under the bed, actor in the "slat" maze area. The actress in the opening scene of the 3D experience did a very good job. As stated, for the most part the actors did a very good job during our experience. 

Is it scary? 

There were moments throughout that had some quality startle scares. That came due to the good timing of certain actors within their scenes. A few areas where a good potential scare could be lurking ended up not happening due to a few actors just staring at us or due to the simple fact that no one was there. The average haunt goer will go to this haunt and come out knowing a good portion of the actors got the best of them in certain scenes. 


At WH31 you will see quite a bit of props and scenery that you may spot at other haunts, the difference is WH31 does a very good job with using a lot of them in their own unique way. I will say this, I’ve never seen a massive Catfish ever being used within a haunt. That’s 100% original! You’ll have to buy a ticket to see what I’m talking about. 

Haunt change? 

This is my first visit since 2017 and I noticed changes in how certain scenes were setup, different pathways and certain scenes simply just changed locations for the experience. But for the most part very similar to my last visit. I did encounter some new scenes which I enjoyed and thought they were done very well. The 3D maze seemed exactly like it was in 2017 with a few new props and possibly new artwork in places. 

Bang for your buck 

For $25 you get the 3D experience and the main haunt. The 3D maze lasted us right around 6-minutes and we clocked the headliner right at 20-minutes. That’s pretty spot on with the time you get for the price you pay.  

Did I feel comfortable?  

Absolutely! They are strict with their covid guidelines and their crew follows their own strict policy. You must mask up to enter the haunt. They also offer multiple sanitizing stations throughout the property. 


secret rep score 1 = 8.5

secret rep score 2 = 8

secret rep score 3 = 8.3

Warehouse 31 definitely will give you some quality haunt entertainment during your visit and you will encounter some good startle scares or you’ll get some laughs watching your friends get startled. The fun-like atmosphere will make you want to hang out longer to sip on some drinks while getting a kick out of people trying to sing. All in all, Warehouse 31 is a haunt you definitely want to check out during the Halloween season! 

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