What it takes to be a reviewer for Scurryface.com

To be a reviewer for Scurryface takes love for the industry, dedication, honesty, reliability, commitment and good writing skills.

You do not have to be an English Scholar to write for us. We are human and we make grammatical errors all the time. I’m very positive you will find many on this page. We do however want people who can explain in detail during their reviews. We want to paint a picture for our followers as they read our experiences.

I have a standard to maintain a level of professionalism and credibility. We are honest with our reviews. We do not review haunts with a biased mindset or set out to destroy. We set out to find and promote haunts of all sizes.

From time to time we will encounter below average or bad haunts. Our responsibility is to be honest and professionally give a review with our experience and word it in a manner where it’s meant to be as constructive criticism. From that point, great haunt owners will take our reviews and investigate and fix the issues that we present. Which most of the haunts we visit are just that. On the other hand, bad crews and management will get mad and try to bash our website. It has happened in the past with a few haunts. It is what it is and comes with the territory.

We hold a standard of commitment and being reliable. To review for Scurryface you will have to travel to visit haunted attractions in your state. Once you commit to a haunt. You ARE committed to that review.

Many of us have worked in the industry for many years. We are experienced and are considered professional haunters. You do not have to have industry experience to review for Scurryface. It is a bonus but not a requirement.

That is where love for the industry comes into play.

We all follow criteria while reviewing haunted attractions. The criteria is detailed but it is very efficient and accurate on everything that needs to be covered to release a detailed accurate review. It is more of a guide for the less experienced reviewers.

We are constantly looking for new reviewers in ALL states that we cover. Even looking for possibly reviewers in states that we do not cover at the moment. Our site is growing at a tremendous rate. We have gained over 50,000 followers of the website and that number continues to grow.

This is a great opportunity for people to see the industry for what it’s supposed to be. You will be able to see many different haunts and what they offer. You will be able to make great connections within the industry. Reviewing haunted attractions for an established credible site like Scurryface is fun and addictive.

If you are interested in joining our growing team. Please let us know in the contact us section.

Talk to you soon.

Happy Haunting.