Being in the haunt business for over 20 years, I’ve decided to go a new direction and use my expertise in a new way. For all the years that I’ve been involved with haunted attractions, I constantly was interacting with the public hearing numerous of different opinions, complaints, compliments, etc… But nothing more than hearing “We drove for 2 hours to be here, I hope it’s worth the $20+ ticket price” Well, that is my main motivation to do this. To help the enthusiasts like me, make the right decisions on picking which haunts to visit. I’m willing to travel and pay the money to see if it’s worth the trip and time for YOU. I will be honest about any haunt I go to. Because simply, people need to know the truth. Being in the haunt business I can tell you this. It’s not about the haunt and the workers view of the trail, it’s all about the public’s opinion of you. If the public see’s you doing it right and they like you, you will be successful and they will continue to come back and support. But also, it takes a great group of people to make it work as well. Ones who are dedicated, that understands how a system works and buys into it. It’s not about partying and getting drunk and cursing at people. That’s NOT acting nor is it professional…Its unity within the employees, that’s how a haunt comes together, and these are the things that are easily noticed by the public. I hope people are entertained while reading the reviews and stories of our experiences.  Just in case anyone is wondering about the name of this page… My at the time 3 year old son named it. When he saw something scary he'd say “Daddy, that’s a ‘scurry face’.” How could I not name my company that… Happy Haunting friends!



All reviews on this page are that of SCURRYFACE AND SCURRYFACE alone. Scurryface Reps personally travels to and experiences each attraction that is reviewed and writes each review personally. Scurryface does not receive or accept any profit  what so ever for a written review. Ad space can be purchased but our reviews, scores or rankings cannot and will not be bought. ALSO NOTE: Scurryface Reps are industry experienced individuals who have worked multiple years within the industry. Unlike certain other websites similar to ours. We are much more than just haunt fans. We are actually trained and experienced within the haunt industry. We don't base our reviews off personal preference or boost scores or rankings to get shares and likes from haunts. We actually visit the haunts we rank.