My haunt tour has led me to Pelham, TN at Twisted Nightmares Haunted House. This haunt is sponsored by the Pelham Valley Volunteer Fire & Rescue. They operate as a 100% non-profit foundation and all proceeds benefit and support the fire department. It is a great time, for a great cause! The drive to Pelham, TN can seem long for some as it is in the middle of nowhere, but your GPS will take you directly to the haunt! After wondering where most choose not to wander, your anticipation build with excitement on what they have to offer

Atmosphere 8

The atmosphere at Twisted Nightmares Haunted House was warm and inviting. When you arrive, you notice the steel gates lining the entrance. Once you enter through the main entrance you immediately notice a bonfire to add to the inviting feel. This haunt offers the small town family owned and operated feel from the moment you arrive. The lady waiting at the ticket booth was so happy to see us arrive and treated every patron after us with the same respect. Twisted Nightmares is an indoor haunt with the waiting area being outdoors under a covered patio. They offer very affordable concessions. When the haunt begins, you are given guidance through the first half of the haunted house to help with navigation -which was very thoughtful and a nice touch. Firefighters are on the grounds to assist in welcoming and guiding patrons.

Special Effects 8

With Twisted Nightmares being a not for profit haunt you would expect the special effects to be limited. However, they do a great job of incorporating several small special effects that go a long way in adding to the "Scurry factor." The lighting was perfect in every scene and there was several breakers blowing, bangs on walls, and other loud sounds that gave a great jump scare when you least expected it. Twisted Nightmares offers great scenes that add to the scare that the actors provide. You would expect to see some cheap looking effects in a not for profit haunt but this haunt did not do that- all the effects were well designed and added a great element to the haunt! I loved the trap door room- very clever. I am uncertain how the locks on the doors worked but just when you thought it had to be the last door you had not tried, that door would lock too! It was a great touch in addition to all the other great special effects that Twisted Nightmare has to offer.

Actors 8


Twisted Nightmare Haunted House offered a wide variety of actors. There are actors were all very high energy and appeared to enjoy every minute of their role at the haunt. All the actors stayed in character and did a great job of working the entire group of patrons. They do not touch you at this haunt but still provide a great scare by doing a great job utilizing props and scenes. Even though some of our group appeared unentertained in some scenes the actors did a great job of not giving up and even got some screams out of the ones who insisted they were not scared at all. Each actor appeared to know their role and did a great job executing their scene and giving patrons a scare.

Customer Service 10

As I stated earlier, I felt the genuine excitement of the lady running the ticket stand to see us there! I watched her interact with other groups with the same excitement. The hospitality was second to none and they provided a welcoming atmosphere from the time you arrive up until you leave. We were even surveyed on our way out on our thoughts on the haunt.

Theme/Trail 8.5

Twisted Nightmares creates a new nightmare in each scene. It is evident that a lot of work and creativity was used in creating each and every scene at this haunt! Each scene was believable and submerges you into the experience as if you are in a horror movie. The attention to detail in the props and scenes was very impressive and each scene triggered several senses. They provided a guide through the first part of the haunt- which helped in the narrowing tunnel. As you move through you have to duck down to fit and the guide leading our group demonstrated that for us. You are entertained throughout the whole experience and each scene is well played.

Costumes/Makeup 7

The costumes and makeup at Twisted Nightmares Haunted House were very realistic and detailed. I saw so many clowns- such a wide variety of clown costumes with no two the same. I also loved the use of the porcelain doll mask- very creepy! I did not see a ton of makeup but the makeup I did see was very well applied and fit the characters well. Twisted Nightmares did a great job at being creative with the costumes and helping each and every actor fit their part. All of the actors fit into the scenes they were working and the attention to detail in the costumes was great! Being a not for profit you expect to see lower quality costumes but Twisted Nightmares used extreme creativity when creating each costume.

Is it Scary? 7

Twisted Nightmares Haunted House will scare you at some point or another! The group I went through with screamed, jumped, and stared in awe. You will be scared or entertained the entire 15-20 minute walk through. I even felt pretty nervous during the trap door scene wondering when and if we would ever be able to escape. Oh and at the end when you think it’s all over- prepare yourself for a final scare!

Bang for your buck? 9

As I stated earlier, Twisted Nightmares is sponsored by the Pelham Valley Volunteer Fire & Rescue. They operate as a 100% non-profit foundation and all proceeds benefit and support the fire department. The ticket cost is only $10 for ages 10 and up and $8 for ages 10 and under. There is no charge for parking and the concessions are super affordable. The walk through itself is about 15-20 minutes but for only $10 you are definitely getting bank for your buck with all the creativity in scares lurking inside.


Overall, Twisted Nightmares offers a scary good time for a good cause. With all the proceeds benefiting the local fire department you are able to contribute to the community all while enjoying the awesome haunted house they have put together! The chainsaw action throughout the haunt was some of the most terrifying moments of the whole haunt season for me! It seemed like every time I turned around I was being chased by a demented clown or a chainsaw bandit! It is evident that every employee at Twisted Nightmares cares about their roles and wants to ensure each patron has a scary good time! Twisted Nightmares is known to step up their game each year! I cannot wait to see what 2020 season has in store but you do not want to miss the chance to see them this year! You will not regret it!



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