This is a 2-part haunt, with one section indoors and one section outdoors. Tickets are available individually or as a combo. Note: There are certain places in the haunt where actors do touch patrons lightly (no hard grabbing or forceful pushing or the like). The trail through the woods can be a bit sticky/rocky, so careful footing is required. The indoor part does have ramps, narrow walls and low ceilings in certain spots.

Actors: 9

The actors at this haunt are definitely on point, and in tune with their characters. They brought their characters to life, making them seem real, not like they were just reciting lines with no feeling. There were a variety of different characters, including clowns, farmhands, animals, demons, etc. However, the variety worked well for the haunt. There wasn’t really an overall theme outside of “haunted woods” but the actor variety was interesting. They relied on a mixture of different scare types in order to get reactions. Some followed patrons silently, some relied on jump scares and some acted like creeps in the background. The clown lurking outside and working the queue/bathroom/refreshment area was incredibly high energy and fit amazingly into his part. Overall very impressive.

Atmosphere: 8

The atmosphere was very nice. As stated, there were actors at the beginning of the trail and house areas, preying on and keeping those waiting in line entertained. The waiting area for the outside trail also had TVs playing horror movies for those that were in line. Early on in the evening, the line wasn’t long, but the wait time didn’t seem too long. The end of the outside trail led to the indoor part of the attraction, and it seemed as though patrons could choose which area they went to first, which likely helped to keep the wait times down. There was a small concession stand that was reasonably priced.

Theme/Trail: 8

There wasn’t really a theme or backstory, but the trail was actually quite dark and the lack of lighting added a element of creepiness, especially because the actors were good at hiding in the shadows and jumping out. Some relied on jump scares, some stayed within their scenes and some loomed and followed, and they did it in such a way that once someone felt ‘safe’ they were again being scared by someone. The inside part of the attraction was well done, too. The actors were passionate in their acting and again relied on a variety of different types of scares. Overall well done.

Costumes/Makeup: 8

The costumes looked like there was some actual thought behind them and they fit with the scenes they were doing. The sizing was correct, and didn’t look cheesy or fake. Most of the actors wore masks, but they appeared well made, and not just some budget dollar store-looking masks that didn’t match the roles. They were well done, and they worked with the characters they were portraying.

Special Effects: 9

There weren’t a lot of special effects but the lights and props that were there worked well for the scenes. The outdoor trail featured real bonfires in some of the scenes, so that worked to set the scene as far as smell. It made it seem more realistic, and the fact that it was outdoors also helped, because there was really not much more than moonlight to guide the way for much of it, and even then, the moon wasn’t always out. The indoor trail was also well-constructed. It wasn’t just a simple walkthrough with colored lighting and flat floors. There were places where it was required to duck because the ceiling was low, and there were places where it was required to walk up and down ramps and squeeze through pitch black dark corridors, with only the wall as a guide. There was a pit with a fog machine and colored lighting to make it look like a pool, in which actors would jump in and out to cause jump scares, and the end was constructed light a fun house and was dizzy and disorienting (in a good way).

Customer Service: 10

The customer service here was excellent. The guides and staff were well-mannered and the prices were decent. It was easy to tell that all of the staff, including the actors, were passionate about their haunt and truly wanted every patron to enjoy it.

Bang For Your Buck: 9

The price of admission wasn’t too bad, considering it was a combo ticket, and the wait times were fairly short, with actors and movies to keep the people in line entertained while they waited. Parking was ample and free. There were really no dead spots, and everything was well constructed. As stated, it was plain to see that the actors were truly passionate about being haunters, and not just looking for a part time gig to bring in extra holiday money. The length of the trails versus the price of the ticket was great. The combo was $20, which is $10 per trail, and each one lasted at least 10-15 minutes with not much wait time at all. But even if the lines were longer and there was wait time, there was entertainment for those waiting.

Is It Scary: 9

There were a lot of great scares. Several screams could be heard throughout the haunt, meaning that people were actually getting scared throughout the trails. This is a haunt where they do reach out and touch you lightly, which adds to the scare factor. There is no

forceful or hard grabbing, so there wasn’t really a sense of a threat that one might need to turn around and punch an actor or the like.


This was actually a great haunt, and was really enjoyable. There were some parts that were truly memorable, such as the way certain actors spoke or gestured with their props. It was a good price, with friendly staff and passionate actors. It’s well worth any wait time (which seemed to be very little). This is a seasoned haunt (this is their 30th year) that definitely knows what they’re doing.



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