Our State Reps differ from our Haunt Reps. Our State Reps are the amazing individuals who brings you the reviews throughout haunt season. The majority of them are industry experienced who have worked many different positions within the haunt industry. While there are other review groups/sites out there who claim to be "professionals"... Most make that claim without working a single day in the industry. They are not professionals, most are just fans looking for comp tickets. The reviewers who have not had the luxury of working within the industry. They are trained and conditioned by our experienced reps who have 15 plus years within the industry. They are not allowed to do official reviews until we feel that they are properly trained with what to look for. We do NOT review off "personal preference" like a lot of other sites do. We follow a strict criteria that was created from past haunt owners and managers. Our goals are to be honest no matter what, fair and balanced and unbiased. Our reviews/scores can not and will not be bought like they are with other sites out there. We will not pad the scores because we have a good relationship with a certain haunt like other sites out there do. We will not give a rave review to a haunt that has a huge social media presence just so they'll share it like a lot of other sites out there do. We absolutely will NOT score a haunt that is claimed as a "sponsor", that is wrong and is an automatic red flag for those that do it.  When Scurryface started, there were not many credible review sites to be found. In the last 4 or 5 years, they have popped up all over the place pretending to be "professionals" of the industry and making a mockery of what we set out to do. While taking advantage of the haunts trust and hospitality with truly giving nothing in return to those haunts or the industry. We have no problems exposing those folks to haunts nor do we have problems exposing haunts who attempt to pay for great reviews. You'd be shocked on actually does these things. Both is frowned upon and it does nothing but hurt the industry that we all love! 



All reviews on this page are that of SCURRYFACE AND SCURRYFACE alone. Scurryface Reps personally travels to and experiences each attraction that is reviewed and writes each review personally. Scurryface does not receive or accept any profit  what so ever for a written review. Ad space can be purchased but our reviews, scores or rankings cannot and will not be bought. ALSO NOTE: Scurryface Reps are industry experienced individuals who have worked multiple years within the industry. Unlike certain other websites similar to ours. We are much more than just haunt fans. We are actually trained and experienced within the haunt industry. We don't base our reviews off personal preference or boost scores or rankings to get shares and likes from haunts. We actually visit the haunts we rank.