Our State Reps differ from our Haunt Reps. Our State Reps are the amazing individuals who brings you the reviews throughout haunt season. The majority of them are industry experienced who have worked many different positions within the haunt industry. While there are other review groups/sites out there who claim to be "professionals"... Most make that claim without working a single day in the industry. We do NOT review off "personal preference" like a lot of other sites do. We follow a strict criteria that was created from past haunt owners and managers. Our goals are to be honest no matter what, fair, balanced and unbiased. Our reviews/scores can not and will not be bought like they are with other sites out there.  When Scurryface started, there were not many credible review sites to be found. In the last 4 or 5 years, they have popped up all over the place pretending to be "professionals" of the industry and making a mockery of what we set out to do. We do not set out to destroy haunts nor do we set out to take advantage of haunts trust and hospitality. Our foundation is to be honest about the haunts we experience and our goal is to promote the haunts who share the same exact passion for the industry as we do.