Mortuary Haunted House was quite exciting and interactive this year. The theme of the year was Cult of 13. The story follows the 13 Crimes of the Black Zodiac, a deceased group of homicidal mass murderers and serial killers whose crimes were so violent and disturbing, that their souls were not allowed to pass into the afterlife and remain fettered to the Ethereal Plane, an adjacent dimension to the mortal realm. They are anchored to this location by the bearer of the NecroStone, a dark necromantic artifact, where they are doomed to act out their crimes for all of eternity. You can only truly see these creatures by glancing into the Nightmare Realm while wearing the Ivory Masks of Ether, but once you’ve seen them, they can see you too! Beware those who attempt to set them free. You’re given a free Ivory mask of Ether, which is supposed to bond you to see into the afterlife. It’s a fun way to interact with your audience going through the haunt. The mortuary, this year, was a little on the dark side. I don’t mean dark as in a dark vibe. I mean I couldn’t very well see where I was heading, which caused problems with the group I was paired with, because they were apparently  afraid of the dark.


 What areas that did have scene lighting were done well, just as I have come to expect from Mortuary in years past. What I particularly enjoy with the Mortuary is that they incorporate their past themes as ‘Chapters’, which is interesting. I was zipped right into the haunt, so I couldn't take in much of the que-line, but it was the Mortuary’s normal que. Overgrown branches and leaves, and rock music to set the fun tone.


 I always enjoy the Mortuary each year I go. The themes get more fun, and the actors are trained very well, constantly hitting the perfect scare.


 The negative side, is the ticket pricing. Sadly, it has gone up from $25 to $30. A five dollar bump may not seem like much, but for those of you who only have a little lagniappe of a paycheck left over to entertain yourself, it’s a bummer having to fork over $30 for a scare.

Actors- 9

The actors at the Mortuary are generally trained local actors. The Mortuary  management does a great job of getting these actors in the zone, and sticking to their scare.

Costuming/makeup- 8

Again, Mortuary never disappoints with their makeup style, and costuming. The makeup artists are trained professionals and totally ROCK with their skills. Same goes with costuming.

Customer Service- 9 

As I’ve reported in the past, the customer service at Mortuary is an awesome example of putting the guest/customer first. There is always someone in charge to speak to if you have an issue… Just please don’t ask for a refund… You’ll obviously not get the customer service you want with a question like that.

Atmosphere- 9

Mortuary’s atmosphere, from exterior to interior, immeres you into a haunted mansion thats completely haywire. You’ll forget theres a real world outside.

Special Effects- 10

The Mortuary, as with every year, always has the newest and most up to date special effects around. I have no choice but to say they blew me away in this field.

Theme/Trail- 6

The theme for Mortuary is an amazing theme, but in all honesty, unless you read about it before hand, you really didn’t know what any of it meant. Not to mention that it’s not totally known throughout the WHOLE haunt as to what the theme is.

Is it Scary?- 9

The group I was paired with, couldn’t contain their incredible urge to freak out about everything, so naturally I stood in the back. With that being said, yes. It’s scary. These folks were absolutely terrified, and I couldn’t blame them.

Bang For Your Buck- 7

Ah, the ticket  pricing jump. I'm all for making money, and knowing my product is amazing. With Mortuary, it is amazing. Truly. What’s not amazing is that it hasn't gotten larger. No new additions have been added. They can’t, seeing as their surrounded by cemetery on two sides, and a street on the other. If the mortuary somehow expanded, I could understand a jump in price, but no. If it were still $25, I’d say yes all day.


The Mortuary is a class act haunted house with an incredible history behind it. It stays up to date with special effects, and blows you out the park with their skills. Am I salty about the price change? Yeah, I am a little. Does that mean its not an amazing haunt, and you need to get your self out there and check it out? 



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