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In week 3 of my 2020 Red Tie Haunt Tour, I find myself in Oxford, Alabama. I am at The Terrortorium and I am kicking myself for this being my first experience with them. They’ve been around for a very long time and I’ve always heard how much fun this place is. The rumors are true and if you’re fan of that 70’s/80’s carnival/haunt style. You’re in for a treat. Terrortorium delivers that dose of nostalgia. 

Trail experience 

Fun with some quality startles throughout. The nostalgia of the black hallways and visuals really makes it seems like a haunt from the past. Walking through this haunt is like taking a time machine back to the 80’s. They offer multiple attractions at Terrortorium, from the Castle, the Dark Ride, the terror tour to the Ferris Wheel. It’s all a fun experience and I never once did not have a smile on face during the entire time I was there or walking through. 

The Dark Ride was my absolutely favorite. For those that do not know, this ride was once at the infamous Miracle Strip Park in Panama City Beach, Florida. If you’re from the south and went to PC Beach, you went on this ride as a kid. And for this this ride to be in Alabama and at a haunt is the ultimate nostalgia experience. Going through this experience brought back so many memories and I loved every second of it. 


Very simple and fitting to their roles and scenes. They definitely give off that old school haunt vibe with a few and it really brings back some childhood memories on some. 


They did a great job with working the groups as they entered the scenes. Did really well with not singling anyone out and giving everyone in the group equal “attention”. I did hear a “Get out” and some seemed a little timid about going all out with their performance when we walked through, but that is definitely overshadowed with a few intense scenes where the actors take you by surprise and put you on edge. 

Is it scary? 

Terrortorium offers some great startles here and there when you least expect it. Majority comes from out of the darkness and a few actors who perfect their timing when you turn corners. If you don’t get startled, you will at least walk out with a big smile. 



The visuals for this haunt are very simple and a great balance of practical light placement and old school props and sounds. If you went through a haunt in the 80’s and loved it, you’ll really appreciate this haunt! 

Bang for your buck 

100% worth every penny spent at this attraction. With all the options they offer, you get a fun and at times scary experience.

$5.00 Ferris wheel

$5.00 Terror Tour

$7.00 Haunted Castle dark ride

$15.00 Terrortorium haunted house

$20.00 Combo ticket (both haunted attractions)

$25.00 Terror ticket (all three attractions)

$30.00 Spooktacular ticket (all four attractions)



Did I feel comfortable? 

I did. Never once felt that I was at high risk. Masks are not required but just like everywhere, recommended.  It’s one of those where you need to make whatever decisions that fits your comfort level. 


It’s an 80’s haunt carnival. This was my overall favorite thing about Terrortorium. It’s all tucked away in the middle of downtown Oxford and you see the towering Ferris Wheel above the buildings. They offer food, games to play with the chance to win prizes and a ride on the “Ferris wheel of death”.  I spoke to the owner about the speed of the ride and he was like “Why does everyone think it goes fast, there’s no speed option.” Maybe it’s the big green skull that sits in the middle of it that makes it look like an evil Ferris Wheel on steroids. But, it’s 100% fun and a unique experience that you won’t find at other haunts. When you come to Terrortorium and see the ride and lights. You’re there to have fun and make memories! 


secret rep score 1 = 8.7

secret rep score 2 = 8.6

secret rep score 3 = 8.5

This was my first trip to Terrortorium and it will NOT be my last. Jeremy and his crew offer a very unique experience for haunt lovers. Some great old fashion scares mixed in with a blast from the past dark ride and nostalgic 80’s vibe haunt/carnival experience.  

If you leave The Terrortorium and did not have fun. Something is seriously wrong with you. 

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