The Haunt scene in Va is a mixture of very unique haunts from haunts that follow a detailed story to ones that are just an in your face nightmare. So as I drove about an hour from Lynchburg to Roanoke (which I did a ton last year). The drive is always great with the view of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Terror Manor is located right next to the heart of downtown Roanoke and is on the other side of the tracks... yeah there is your terrible joke... Lets get this out of the way yes I was part of the crew that worked as

Meeks Manor that was reviewed last year at this same location. I met the owners of Terror Manor named Scott and Rob when I worked for Meeks Manor. This

was the first time I saw the hardships of trying to open up a for profit haunt that the 4 owners of Meeks Manor went through. After driving to the location I already saw some huge changes with what used to be the parking area for VIP costumers from last year is now an area for entertainment. A decent size stage with the ticket booth located in the area as well. Yes this review is for Terror Manor and not Meeks Manor as that haunt no longer exists so this haunt is in its First year under new name, new operations scheme and a complete face lift on the inside (I will get to that in another section). Handshakes, hugs and good to see you's and a lot of shocked faces as I walked in to meet with Rob and Scott and start talking with them I could see how the demeanor of the haunt had changed and saw 2 owners that had banners of other local haunts posted in the entertainment area at the stage to flyers for the haunts as well. I saw the passion and love for the haunt industry of 2 owners that are trying to learn so much to the point they shared stories of their trips to

Halloween Horror Nights where they learned a lot from the behind the scenes tour to traveling to Woods of Terror to see how they operate. So the stage was

set for me as I started meeting the new actors that had joined their team. Now that you have the cliff notes of The New Terror Manor here are the stats for this haunt!

Is it Scary. 7.5

The group I walked through the first part of the haunt with was not really scared with the creep factor but once some of the runners went by us they got them multiple times and it was great to see. Once some of the actors saw that they then went on attack mode the rest of the house and picked up on different scare tactics to even get the girls boyfriend a few times. It was great seeing the actors feeding off of each others energy. The actors again became more interactive especially the dentist and the priest really had a way with the group as we went through their rooms. 

Actors: 3.9

Lets talk about the Actors. I know you see the rough score but there is a reason for it. I went through the haunt with a group of people that did get scared from a couple

of the actors working the line before we went into the haunt. So I had a good feeling that there should be no issue with them getting some great jump scares with

these kids. Well it proved to be harder than expected. While going through majority of the first half of the haunt which was mixed with brand new actors to some actors

I worked with last year.(I waited till the haunt had been running for a couple hours before I went in) I know the caliber of the actors I worked with last

year. I will say this from hearing them talk prior to opening the newbies where trying to find ways to better the look of their characters and were figuring out ways to

be better actors. Yes they need to improve and the Actors that have experience just seem to be off their A game. I thoroughly believe within the next year after these new actors gain some experience from this season and the actor training that will take place in the off season, that this haunt will turn this score around drastically in 2020. The potential here is absolutely INSANE. 

Costuming/Make-up: 8.9

During the behind the scenes tour of the haunt I saw the newly built Costume Room where you can see where they have created and fixed the costumes they have. Each costume

fit with the rooms that they went to. A large majority of the masks where either made on-site or had been modified to look even more nightmarish than what it originally looked

like. I saw one new actor come in to talk about some changes with her make up with the supervisors and owners and they worked together to create some awesome additions

to her look for the night. Each night they are evolving the look of the costumes and make up and it shows the love for what they are doing at this haunt. Again, the passion here is awesome to see.

Costumer Service: 10

From the Owners to the Security team things had been modified to help make this haunt run smoother with even more cameras and a team watching the cameras in all the rooms

and around the building. The amazing staff selling tickets and helping the guest understand what VIP meant to the many different types of experiences the haunt offers. The Building is lit up with the color of the tickets the guest have to let them know it is their turn to go through the haunt. The security team are very interactive with the guest to entertain and give them knowledge of the building. Even the owners dressed in their characters were able to take 2 wheelchair guest through the haunt and yes the haunt is ADA compliant which is huge in this industry.

Atmosphere: 10

From the Entertainment area to the look of the building and the vendors you know you are at a haunt and when you walk in to places you can take photos and see the detail work

in this haunt you know you are at a haunt and it is going to be an entertaining time. From Star City Paranormal LLC booth showing equipment used to a wall full of snakes, lizards

and spiders that you can see in all of their tanks. The Live animals is a great addition to the waiting area in the building. They had DCC there that night scaring guest and

performing their assorted shows. I know next week they will have a dj and multiple bands for the guest to enjoy as they wait for their color to light up the sky and building.They are doing the best that they can to entertain their guests!!!

Special Effects: 7.5

This haunt concentrates more on Actors than huge special effects. With the addition of all of the new rooms and the use of some of the staple special effects of the haunt industry

It was fun to see the addition of lighting and projections in the new rooms and even the old ones that all got huge face lifts. You can see that they spent all off season

in this building getting Terror Manor full of nightmares.

Theme/Trial: 8.9

 Terror Manor: The Nightmare Collective is what it is a collection of nightmares for so many people from a crazy hillbilly, zombie, Nun, to some very crazy original characters.

This haunt is a journey into some very unique nightmares created by the team and they are competitive on what room looks best to which rooms the guests enjoyed. This haunt does have something I have never seen in my journey of a very interesting kitchen that is not like majority of kitchens in haunts. The VIP experience ( No I did not do this 

as I know the actors would have destroyed me since they knew me). The VIP experience is very interactive and hands on so you have to be 18+ and sign a waiver which lets you

go through the haunt and experience the nightmares on a whole other level.

Bang For Your Buck: 10

 From Buying tickets online to in person the haunt has grown significantly and for General Admission it is only $20.00. Free parking on the streets around the area. For $10 more you can

jump the line and get into the haunt. Now their VIP is split up a bit as the Extreme Admission is $40.00 this gets you half of the haunts Hands on experience and as before this is a

sign a waiver to go through deal. the VIP admission is $50.00 which gets you half of the hands on and line jump as well. The Golden Tickets gets you a very interesting experience

which is the full hands on and after talking to the guests..... they love it!!! The last ticket price is for the Season pass set to $100.00 and you can go to the haunt each night

it is open in the 2019 haunt season and you get to sport a Terror Manor Sticker and see all of the bands and entertainment they have during each weekend.


 This is a new haunt with a lot of new actors and a new operational process. The owners don't just sit around!! They are in character and running around the haunt and also dealing

with guest as well as they are learning the ins and out of this industry and to me it is something you need to go check out. It's a fun night to hang out with your friends and check out some bands or DJ. Now they are a Rated-R haunt and with anything this is not for small kids hence the hands on experience is a very immersive experience. This Haunt is growing and I know Scott and Rob and their team are working with other local haunts supporting them and check out their web-page for their information and the discount they do have for seeing other haunts in this state. I do believe you should go see this haunt so you can see how much they have grown there is so much potential at this location.



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