"I go by Tayler, and I’m newer to the haunt scene. I started out as a volunteer in 2013, meaning to only work one night but ultimately, fell in love with haunting. I had the pleasure of having three of the other reviewers take me under their wings and show me the way. Tyler West himself told me I was one of the most versatile actors he had for the season. This meant a great deal to me, as I had not even completed my first year! I quickly fought my way to the top and by my second year, I was a scene leader and a full time actor. My haunt meant a great deal to me and I prided myself on perfecting characters and scenes for patrons to enjoy. Even though I’m newer to the haunting, I’ve visited my fair share of haunts. I enjoy being able to talk with actors and staff who are so proud of what they have and are willingly ready to hear constructive criticism. I have great love for the industry and hope to see it expand even more. I want everyone who reads our reviews to be able to visit these haunts and have the same joyful experience as we did!"





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