My 5th Stop on my 2019 Haunt Tour brings me to Sweet Dreams Scarehouse in Easley SC. Approaching this haunt you'll hear screams of patrons winding their way through the trail so you know you're in store for a haunting good time. As I got out of the car which we confidently parked near the exit of the haunt as we thought would be a good idea. As everyone knows if you want to get Wendell send in the Clowns. I opened the car door and guess what was waiting? You guessed it, the most insane clown I've yet to encounter in all my years reviewing.

Theme/Trail 8.9

There's no real theme as the themes change along the trail. You start off with your ever so friendly psychopath that will give you instructions about your visit or he will gut you to find candy he did say he was a doctor. You'll encounter several different themes throughout the trail that will keep your blood pumping. The spot that stood out to me was the memorial to an actor and personal friend of the owner where you'll see his scene depicted on a large outdoor tv. That got me and the folks that were in my group quiet as we watched the scene he was in.

Actors 9

Actors 9 The actors at Sweet Dreams Scarehouse take things to a totally different level. From the crazed lunatic at the beginning to the scarecrows in the woods these actors had my group moving very quickly. One scene that stuck out to me was the witch in the gumdrop cabin. She got me both times we went through. I'll explain two trips through later in the review! Great Job Sweet Dreams From the Clowns to the Soldier you all did an amazing job.

Atmosphere 8.5

Sweet Dreams has a Freak Show going on while you wait to enter the haunt,The atmosphere is really ominous as you get closer to entering the haunt. It kinda felt like a evil carnival met some random hillbillies and decided to terrorize the masses. It was well setup and Joe has done a great job setting the atmosphere in each area to fit. From the Free Candy Van to the Freak Show the atmosphere was great!

Is it Scary 9.7

Sweet Dreams had my group moving, our blood was pumping from the first room to the end and in my case all the way to the car. The way the actors position themselves and use things to block them ways to scare you is amazing to say the least. The Clowns will definitely get you as you have no other way to escape except to go through them. There are other areas like the Scarecrows had us scared out of our wits. Joe and the Sweet Dreams cast have done a great job to give you a frightening time!

Customer Service 9.9

Joe and His Staff are always available to answer any questions or deal with any concerns you may have during your visit. From parking to the ticket booth they've set everything very nicely to make your visit as comfortable as possible.

Costuming/Makeup 8.8

The costuming and makeup was pretty nice at Sweet Dreams Scarehouse. From the crazed guy at the beginning to the scarecrows, and clowns they've put a lot of effort into their respective characters. One thing that kind of got me was the guy in the ghillie suit I didn't quite get him with the scene. Other than that Great Job Sweet Dreams!

Special Effects 8

The Special effects at Sweet Dreams Scarehouse were on point with most must see haunts in the industry. One that stuck out to me was the teddy bear hall way. We had no idea there was someone waiting for us and not to give it away but it got my whole group trying to get out rapidly. Good Job Guys!

Bang For your buck! 10

The entire haunt took us roughly 40 minutes. We were amazed at how they position actors so that you get the scare that you are looking for. During our entire walk through my heart rate was steadily elevated due to the scenes and the actors pop at the right moments. We actually did two walk through's a regular no contact and a full contact. I'll say this spend the little extra for the full contact glow necklace as it changes Everything! You definitely get your money's worth here at Sweet Dreams Scare House!


Sweet Dreams Scarehouse is an amazing haunt unlike any I've ever seen. It's a family haunt that you can take the kids through or you can take the extreme option and get "hands on". We had a ton of fun from beginning to end from getting scared of the little clowns to the clown that actually got in the car with me as we tried to leave. Joe and His Staff will surely give you a frightening good time! Great Job Sweet Dreams Scarehouse I hope to see you next year!



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