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My final official review of the 2020 tour and I couldn’t be prouder for it to come from a haunt in our home state. I am at Spooktrail in Quinton, Alabama. Contrary to popular belief, Spooktrail is not a far drive from Birmingham or Jasper. Yes, it seems like it’s out in the middle of nowhere due to the creepy dark roads that lead you there. But the reality is, it’s not far and it’s an easy drive. 

We’ve been going to this haunt since 2012 but it’s been around for 31 years and we originally dubbed this place as the “Official Hidden Gem of Alabama” ... It still remains that in 2020.  

When it comes to Covid precautions, they will disinfect you. They will make sure you are disinfected from what they call the “Chinese Cooties”. So, be ready to get clean and “cootie” free. They do a temperature check prior to entry and with the trail being outside, masks are not required. Make your own decision to what your comfort level is. 

This is going to be a slightly different review format because it’s simply a different style of haunt.  

This is an old fashion haunt that wants to disorient you, confuse you and bottom-line, scare the hell out of you.  

They succeed on all 3 and they never stop.  They’ll scare adults, kids and even your newborn babies out here. If you for whatever reason bring your pet gerbil, they’ll scare it too. 

They achieved a verbal response out of me during one of the scares. That seriously never happens, ever... 

The atmosphere is straight from something you’d see out of a Rob Zombie movie. It sets up the spooky vibe the minute you pull into the parking lot. 

I’ve spoken with a few people who went out to this haunt and asked me, “How many actors do they have? It seemed like a ton.”. The answer is not even close. You encounter the same actors throughout the experience and they DO. NOT. STOP! They do an amazing job stalking you throughout this chaotic trail.  

There are no detailed sets and trail designs. It’s all hand built and its sole purpose is to confuse and terrify you.  

Our trail experience seemed like forever and the jump scares never seemed to end. 

The ticket price is $15 or $10 if you bring a canned food item. Kids 6 to 12 years old is $10 or $5 with a canned food item. They donate them to 3 hots and a cot which is a veteran's organization. 

I’m telling you now, it’s worth the trip out there and the full price of admission. 

They are open for the 29th, 30th and 31st.  


They definitely bring the “Big Boo”. And trust me when I say, they will scare the hell out of you at least once! Not one single haunt has achieved a vocal response from during a scare. Spooktrail achieved it. 

They are officially the scariest haunt I’ve been to in 2020. That is why they are considered a must-see haunt!