Halloween is my favorite holiday. It’s a theme you’ll find with a lot of people around here. It comes as no surprise that I often find myself eagerly waiting for haunted houses to start opening. There’s no thrill like receiving an honest scare.

For years I have lurked behind the scenes at haunts. What started out as casual visits soon because an excuse to run around and see the creatures being created, see them work, and even become one. Some nights I acted. Others I would blend with the crowd just to be kidnapped later while on the trail.

I have a special love for the makeup side of things. Not dressing other people up, but rather being the canvas. I’ll gladly sit hours in a seat if it means being turned into something that goes bump in the night.

When a chance came up to help out with Scurryface, I was thrilled. Now I have an excuse for hitting up all the haunts I can find.



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