Scurryface Media  is our newest addition. Our main focus is to promote and unite as many haunters and haunts as possible. With the rise of "online groups", we wanted something different out of the online world. We don't want to limit haunters and entertainers. We learned that building walls and picking sides is not the way it should be. We wanted to create an independent and neutral platform that would benefit everybody within the industry. That is what we did and that is what we believe in. To us, that is THE STANDARD.  Since 2011, we were simply a haunt review site that traveled around the Southeast to visit as many haunts as possible. Growing tired of our short-lived season. We decided to branch out in November of 2017 and launched an internet radio station. “Scurryface Radio”, “SF RADIO”.


It quickly gained traction across the country and right now it’s nearing 50K listeners. Along with that station, we launched our show, “The Scurry 3 Show”. That took a little longer to take off and catch on. But, within 6 months we have caught the attention within the haunt and horror industry. Then we began to start adding shows to our media page with haunt entertainers from around the world. 


The Scurry 3 Show is a show that covers all aspects of the haunt industry. But, not limited to. They will cover horror, movies, comics, gaming. Anything that is on their minds.


Bringing in guests from the haunt industry from all over the country.  They have also brought on actors like, David Howard Thornton aka Art The Clown from the movie "Terrifier". Also, John Anderson from "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2". You never know who'll they'll bring on. Their haunt industry experience combined stretches well beyond 50 total years. You can catch the Scurry 3 Show on Sunday nights at 7:00 CST.



All reviews on this page are that of SCURRYFACE AND SCURRYFACE alone. Scurryface Reps personally travels to and experiences each attraction that is reviewed and writes each review personally. Scurryface does not receive or accept any profit  what so ever for a written review. Ad space can be purchased but our reviews, scores or rankings cannot and will not be bought. ALSO NOTE: Scurryface Reps are industry experienced individuals who have worked multiple years within the industry. Unlike certain other websites similar to ours. We are much more than just haunt fans. We are actually trained and experienced within the haunt industry. We don't base our reviews off personal preference or boost scores or rankings to get shares and likes from haunts. We actually visit the haunts we rank.