My name is Tyler West and I came up with the idea of starting this page near the end of 2011. It started as a fun hobby and ended up turning into something very special. I started by myself traveling around to many different haunts to meet new people in the industry and earn the trust of many establishments. Year two I added new experienced reviewers and we were able to expand our coverage in Alabama. By year 3, ScurryFace not only gained the respect in Central and North Alabama, but our reviews and name traveled into Georgia and Tennessee. Now we have haunts contacting us for reviews. I have assembled a full team with many years of experience within the industry. Our coverage is Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana and now we have expanded into Texas, Ohio and Arkansas.  It is growing with more and more requests for our reviews. I set out with a simple purpose which is to give the public honest straight forward reviews.  We do this for the love of the industry and love to promote great haunts of all kinds. The haunts who believes in what they are doing, loves and welcomes our reviews and visits. Over the past few years, we have found some amazing haunts and met some great people within the industry. In 2014 we teamed up with The Scare Factor in Indiana. Which is a great review team and site. In 2015, we teamed up with Robbie Raggs and RaggRadio.com. Which is known nation wide. In 2016 we gained another partner out of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. "The Fret Michaels Show".  I look forward to every season and for us to grow and expand even more. Our main goal at Scurryface is to promote any and every quality haunt. No matter how small or large the production is. If you receive a positive review from us. We WILL promote you. Happy Haunting, friends.

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All reviews on this page are that of SCURRYFACE AND SCURRYFACE alone. Scurryface Reps personally travels to and experiences each attraction that is reviewed and writes each review personally. Scurryface does not receive or accept any profit  what so ever for a written review. Ad space can be purchased but our reviews, scores or rankings cannot and will not be bought. ALSO NOTE: Scurryface Reps are industry experienced individuals who have worked multiple years within the industry. Unlike certain other websites similar to ours. We are much more than just haunt fans. We are actually trained and experienced within the haunt industry. We don't base our reviews off personal preference or boost scores or rankings to get shares and likes from haunts. We actually visit the haunts we rank.