Year two at Scout Island Scream Park brought more excitement than years past, but I am certain they’re still working their kinks out


 With four haunted houses, three scare zones, a ride section, a kids area, and two entertainment areas there was much to do… Depending on the ticket you bought.


 There were three ticket options. $20 allows you access to the grounds and scare zones. $49 allowed you unlimited access into the haunts, as well as access to the grounds. $79 allowed you unlimited everything as well as use the Express line feature.


 We opted for the $49 option, with a coupon we received from Mortuary allowing us the $79 option for only $54, which was a deal. I don’t think the $79 would have been worth the pricing.


 The four haunted houses were:

  • Devils Swamp

  • Stitches Body Emporium

  • Zombie Battlefield

  • Pharoahs Fury

Three Fright Zones were:

  • Coven

  • My Bloody Homecoming

  • Temple of Medusa

There were carnival rides scattered through the park as well as Balderdash Boutique (an animatronic clown comedian), Vampires Drive In, the Boogie Spectacular, a Kids Zone Stage, a kids ‘craft’ area, and a Haunted House Bounce House for kids.


 I don’t want to spoil anyone's fun going into Scout Island, so I will leave out many of the details and go straight into scoring the Halloween Festival. With that being said, I will say, this year was certainly geared more towards the children. Most of the carnival rides were children's rides, and the costuming was toned down a bit, within the park. The haunts were NOT designed with children in mind, and were very well thought out, detail oriented, and put together. Devils Swamp, although designed to be a very dark experience, was way too dark in my groups opinion. So many details were missed because we only had one lantern at the very front of the line.

Actors- 6

Scout Island is put on by the masterminds of the Mortuary, so they are typically trained very well… HOWEVER… I came into contact with a LOT of actors who had water bottles in their hand while trying to scare, actors who didn't even move, actors who were talking to their co-workers and surprised I was walking through. They could have done a much better job at training and overseeing these individuals.

Costuming/makeup- 9

Costuming and Makeup is a big deal in a haunt, and Scout Island doesn't disappoint. The actors have professional, AWESOME makeup, and great costumes depending on where you’re at in the park.

Customer Service- 5

Customer service is… Well… Let’s just say the employees are more interested in talking to each other than selling tickets, or answering questions.

Atmosphere- 8

Scout Island is IMMERSIVE, and throws you into whatever scene you’re supposed to be in. Honestly my favorite haunt was Stitches Body Emporium, and my favorite Fright Zone was Coven. Those two were absolutely insane with detail, and the actors were SO amazing.

Special Effects-9

 Up to date special effects brought out the best in Scout Island. Being the brainchild of the Mortuary, they can’t help but to bring out the best and bad-ass tech in the haunt world.


 Being such an expansive property with multiple themes, its difficult to pull this together. Did they do it? Absolutely. The themeing was on point wit each scare zone and haunt.

Is it Scary?- 8

Was it scary? Eh. Many actors weren't paying attention, others were way off on cue’s, and it really kind of bummed me out. There were definitely those who knew exactly what they were doing and completely knocked it out the park.

Bang For Your Buck- 7

Id say worth it. The $79 ticket need to be dropped to be more in par with the other options, in my opinion. But with the discount card, it’s much more worth it.


Scout Island is what New Orleans needs after the demise of House of Shock. They’re on the right path with what they’re doing, but still experiencing growing pains in my opinion. Would i recommend Scout Island to the readers? You bet your ass I would. Now stop reading this, and go check them out for yourselves.



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