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I have been in the Haunt Industry for 24 years now this coming season. It started at Scaremare located in Lynchburg, VA. a one house Christian ministry haunted attraction. I worked my way up working as a character in many different rooms to helping with lighting and audio track producing. While spending my first 10 years there I did become room assistant and then actual room lead. When I moved to Arizona this was the first time I had ever worked for a pro haunt which had been my dream. The First haunt I worked at was called The Nest which was its first 2 years of operation out in Queen Creek on a farm. The 2 years i was there i was an actor in the house and then got moved to Crowd worker and became the original Jacob Kell that was the Main Icon for the haunt. When I found out that The Nest would not be opening the next season I started searching for another place to call home since I had learned a lot from a pro haunt I wanted to get more knowledge and opportunities. I found Arizona’s Original Scream Park in Scottsdale AZ near where I was living at. They picked me up and I started out immersed right as a crowd worker since I had already had experience in it. Within the next couple of seasons I worked on a new character and became the lead of one of the 4 houses at the Scream park. For the last couple years I was in charge of their Extreme house where actors could touch you. I left there and took my character to a huge opportunity at Rob Zombies Great American Nightmare in Scottsdale. I made the first and only inaugural season of the haunt because it was ran by the same guys that had ran the nest and they remembered me from prior years. I started as an Actor in the Devils Rejects house which was such an amazing house to work in and the people I worked with were amazing!!! After a couple weeks and getting to know the managers I was allowed to roam both houses when I wanted and also work the crowd before they allowed the guest to come into the houses. My final year in Az was a bumpy one for sure but I ended my final season at Scarazona in Scottsdale. Scarazona was owned by the ones that produced AZ scream park that I had worked with before cause they decided to open a new haunt at a new location. I morphed scorn into one of their icons for the Slaughterhouse maze and finished my life in AZ. I moved back to Virginia and right away let the operators of Scaremare know I was back in town and ready to bring Scorn home to the Scaremare. My first year back I took over my old spot as lead of the woods. This past season I was moved to being a crowd worker which is what my character is made for. Year 23 season started off as an olive branch to another local haunt. I met up with The Meeks Manor owners and just talked haunt and got to know them. On my drive back home I made the decision to join the team. At this point I just wanted to be part of the team and see how things go. The next day on my way back up to help with set design i was offered the pot of House Manager. The season was interesting and I had a lot of great memories and met some people that are now my second family. Not going to go into details but with things that happened Meeks Manor is now under new management and I will not be associated with them. During this season I was contacted by Scurryface and was invited to joined a family of haunters and haunt reviewers as a haunt rep for Virginia. Yes i accepted the invite and am proud to be apart of such a great team. So the next chapter begins in 2019 and there is so much being done behind the scenes. I will be back at Scaremare for its 47th season of operations. I will be taking my first journey down to NC to work Woods of Terror with the Scurryface family. I will be visiting haunts across VA as well. Next year already in the works I will be at The Arx Mortis for the Scurryface take over during the My bloody valentine event!!! Live feeds will be happening throughout the year. The Merch Store on T-spring is up and running for all of the Scorn Merch. Soooo excited for this Haunt season!!!!!



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