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My 3rd and final stop for my Midwest tour, brings me to Omaha, Nebraska. 

This is my first time during a tour that I had to take an airplane to reach a haunt. 

Hopefully, it is the beginning to future tours in the coming years. This past year I’ve been hearing so many great things about Scary Acres, whether it be “We’re voted #1 for the 100th year in a row”, “We have the best actors”, “Our funnel cakes will beat up your funnel cakes” ... It was time to see for myself on all these things that I was hearing about. Upon arrival I never truly took into consideration on just how big this place really was. Seeing the parking and then seeing the overflow parking lot. I had myself thinking, “Does Scary Acres really do these kinds of numbers?” Well, Saturday night proved that they do. I have never seen a crowd like this at a haunt, ever. That includes my past trips to Netherworld. To see this many people at this haunt 100% blew me away and the fact that they kept coming as the night got later. At that point, I knew this night was going to be an insane but amazing experience. 


This is where they set the tone of the entire experience. It’s MASSIVE! Massive is to say the least. You have 3 attractions on the property and you’re free to roam wherever your little heart desires. You can head over to the vendors to grab you some great food. When I say great food, I mean great food. I’m not even a fan of funnel cakes and I thought it was amazing. It’s definitely not overpriced like you will find at other haunts. Even had a few patrons compliment on the food and shocked that it was so cheap. 

Same can be said about their merchandise, they have their merch house set up right in the middle of the midway and it’s extremely reasonably priced unlike a lot of other places that I’ve seen. On those cold nights, they offer multiple fire pits to keep you warm. That’s where I found myself a lot during my time there. Hey, I’m from the South and I consider anything below 60 degrees cold. While you’re having all this fun and keeping warm. You might want to keep in mind of the creatures that are lurking in the dark. They don’t care that you are cold or munching down on one of those yummy funnel cakes. In some cases, you can catch Scab rolling around on a golf cart roasting brave teenagers. You can also catch Drip and QT putting on a dance clinic for patrons. 



Spot on with every single character that I encountered. Every costume and makeup job complimented that character's purpose and the scenes that they were in. I really enjoyed some of the unique costumes such as the patient in the asylum with bandages wrapped around her head. The doctor walking around silently with his massive syringe. Loved the retro look of Tweaky the clown in the woods, that’s just to spotlight a few. It’s always great to see a haunt who takes pride on how they look while haunting. From head to toe, they go all out and I love it. 

Trail experience 

House on the hill 

It’s definitely a house on a hill and when the fog settles, it’s a creepy looking house. You have to walk up the hill to enter and it’s unnerving just looking at it at even during the day. The experience took us roughly 10 minutes to complete as you twist and turn through detailed, unique scenes. Here you will encounter a good balance of high energy actors and those silent stalkers. 

Haunted Woods 

As mentioned, it’s a carnival of nightmares! 100% high intensity throughout this experience. The walk-through was roughly around 12 minutes for me and the intensity never let up. I got to experience this attraction 3 times and I was proud to see their intensity level never dropped one bit from the first time I walked through to the last time I walked through at the end of the night. If you have a problem with clowns, I highly suggest you get over it and buy a ticket to this one anyway. 

Master's Castle 

The headliner of Scary Acres. The attraction offers so many different themes it’s very hard to sit here and think of them all. This is where you get the perfect balance of every type of actor. Every turn, there is something to either startle you, make you laugh or simply wow you. During my entire 13-minute walk-through, I never ran into any dead spots and there was constantly some sort of interaction with an actor or the scene itself. 



House on the hill 

This attraction does an amazing job with detailed lighting and props. Every scene there seems like a surprise. I loved the look of each scene within the house and in the backyard. From the entrance with the staircase to the butcher room to the greenhouse and into the doll room. As I was walking through, it reminded me of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Wrong Turn, House of 1000 corpses and House on a haunted hill rolled into one. I really enjoyed this experience on a visual level. 

Haunted Woods 

It’s a carnival nightmare in the woods. That’s what this attraction is. Reminds me of those small carnivals that come to town with run down rides, booths and sketchy people that you simply want to avoid. The light placement and sets in this attraction are incredible. You will venture through ran down games and vendor booths. I’ll say this, Omaha offers some of the best food I’ve ever had. But I will not eat from Big Scabs Kitchen. This attraction offers so much eye candy that you get distracted from the real threat. The evil clowns and carnies. And they will take full advantage of you not paying attention.   

From the slide to the booths to the broken-down roller coaster. The Haunted Woods will give you a carnival experience that you won’t forget! 

Master's Castle 

This is the cream of the crop when it comes to Scary Acres. The outside of the castle is stunning but an unsettling visual for just about anyone. As you enter the first scene, you know you’re in for a visual treat. The detail and lighting in most scenes truly make you feel as if you’re a part of their world. With just about every turn, there is a surprise waiting on you. Whether it be an actor or a trigger of some sorts to keep you honest. What I love, is the attention to detail. I noticed at the dinner table that the silverware was placed at each seat with plates and cups for the guests. Those are the little things that I notice and greatly appreciate. And that is only the 2nd scene of the experience. Here are few standouts that are worthy of some mentions. The backyard of the castle. The junkyard, the boiler room, the clown area where the props look as human as the person in front of you, the asylum to the what seemed like the basement area of the castle. The castle offers a plethora of eye candy for haunt fans who appreciate quality SFX and visuals

Bang for your buck 

They offer 3 haunted attractions. 

Masters Castle - $12 

House on the hill - $11 

Haunted Woods - $10 

Do yourself a favor and buy the combo ticket for $25. You’re there, do all 3! 

Also, you might want to look into that speed pass for those busy nights.  

You can bring canned food for a discount which they donate it to Foodbank for the heartland. 

They also offer military and first responder discounts. 

You absolutely get your money’s worth at Scary Acres. The midway alone is worth the price of admission! 

Is it scary? 

Absolutely! I have video proof that it is scary. I haven’t seen so many people run in fear through the exits in my 21 years in the industry. With the actors superb timing and ability to blend in with the dark does nothing but amp up the scares throughout all 3 attractions and even in their midway. Every corner you need to expect the unexpected. You think you’re safe getting warm at the fire pits? Nope! You’re not safe anywhere at Scary Acres. No scare free zones here. You are fair game from the moment you enter the gates until the moment you walk out. 



Scary Acres offers some extremely original and creative sets. The castle! Who else has a castle set up in their midway? From the opening scene of the castle to the greenhouse in the backyard and to the sets in the woods. Scary Acres gives you a unique experience that you won’t find anywhere else. 


I got to meet a lot of the actors prior to opening and they all were so welcoming and it made me feel proud to be there. Then the sun went down and the gates opened and they went into beast mode. When the crowd filled up in the midway, they opened the gates and the actors poured out into the crowd and it was like watching ants scatter after destroying their anthill.  The intensity and passion that these actors showed during my experience was by far some of the best I’ve seen in a very long time. They are relentless to scare patrons and on the other hand they will go the distance to entertain the crowd. That is a great balance to have.  Inside the attractions, they know their roles and they know their scenes and they utilize every bit of space to pull off their performance. What I loved about this crew is a majority of them are very vocal with their characters. You have a handful who are silent that do a great job with their timing and working the scenes, but majority are very interactive. That is what makes people remember your character. From what I saw, people come to the haunt looking for certain characters. That’s the imprint that Scary Acres actors leave on the public. 

Did I feel comfortable? 

Nebraska is in phase 4 of guidelines. Masks are not required but recommended and the crowds grow extremely large. Even with the insane amount of space, people will get close. I did see places where you could wash and sanitize your hands. I personally felt comfortable being at Scary Acres. It’s one of those things where you need to make a decision for what’s best for your comfort level on this experience. 


This was an amazing experience and I am proud that I made the trip. This is why I love my job and what I do. I get invited to places across the country and out to haunts that I’ve never been to. Scary Acres is one of the most entertaining haunts that I’ve been to. They also offer some extremely quality scares to go on top of it as well. The entire crew loves what they do and they have the passion for haunting and they absolutely love their home haunt. Their dedication and passion radiate through their performances and through the quality of this attraction. I now see why they are consistently voted #1 in Omaha year after year! My trip to Scary Acres is one for the books. If you do not have plans to visit Scary Acres in 2020, I highly suggest you make changes in your plans.