The ScareActor Spectacular also known as "S.A.S." got it's start in 2018. We wanted to launch a friendly contest that would not only benefit the haunters but their respected haunts as well. The idea was to put themselves out there to the public eye and network and grow. To us, haunt season is year round, to the public it is not. This is the benefit of this competition. It allows haunters to put themselves out to not only promote themselves, but their haunts to a large audience. It keeps their and the haunts name alive throughout the off season. Of course, the further they go, the more they grow.

This contest has proven to help haunters grow to a larger audience and in doing so, it has helped those haunts with bringing in more attendance. The key for the contestants is to break out of their comfort zone with social media by putting themselves out there whether it be making videos or doing live feeds as their characters. The more they do that, the more potential people they will reach. This contest isn't all about winning and losing. It's about networking with other haunters and simply growing.

In 2019's S.A.S. Vol 1, we had 60 total contestants who accumulated over 25K votes in a span of 27 weeks.

2019's final four contestants were:

Lucy Lucifer from Woods Of Terror in Greensboro, North Carolina

Mr. Gigglez from Guthrie Haunts in Guthrie, Oklahoma

Tiggy Terror from Arx Mortis in Killen, Alabama

with the winner being:

Gravedigger from Sinister Sidney, in Sidney, Iowa


It's 2020 and that means we have officially launched The ScareActor Spectacular Vol II.

In this 2nd season we have a total of 113 haunters from all across the country and Internationally. This contest is now a staple of Scurryface and you will not find any contest of this scale for haunters out there. Count on it to grow larger each and every year. Vol II will last around 32 weeks and end 2 months prior to 2020's haunt season. Can you think of a better way to fill up an off season? As we move forward with season two, please show love to ALL the contestants and their respected haunts.

There's a spot below waiting for the winner of the 2020 ScareActor Spectacular Vol II.



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