My first stop of the 2019 Haunt Season takes me to Bishopville SC to Scream Acres. This is my third year visiting here and it's always a lot of fun. As you pull in you notice subtle changes from last year it's still pretty eerie as you get out of your car and hear the creepy music playing as you make your way to the ticket booth. From there you'll start your journey through the house portion of this two section haunt! Beware not everything is a mannequin!

Theme/Trail 9


Scream Acres theme fits the location from the old hearse to the photo booth it's all a country theme. They take pride in the theme and trail at Scream Acres. As you look around and see the craftsmanship that goes into this haunt. There's parts that thoroughly impressed me from the entrance of the house to the tunnel coming up into a bus.

Actors 10


This was something that I always look at when visiting haunts. The actors at Scream Acres take their job very seriously so much that I couldn't tell if they were real or mannequins. It was too late when I realized they were real. The actors along the trail do amazing at focusing on each person on the tractor. At one point during the Hillbillies I think someone cried trying to quit at this point there's no return. Great Job Scream Acres!

Atmosphere 9


The atmosphere at Scream Acres will have you peeking behind trees,and around corners to make sure something isn't going to jump out and get you. It's like they pride themselves on setting the atmosphere as if something is definitely going to get you.

Is it Scary 8


Scream Acres is a family haunt and it has its moments that will shake you to your core. From the part where you try to differentiate mannequins from real people to the Hillbillies you will find the fright you're looking for! The house had me scared at moments simply because I couldn't differentiate real from fake so some of the actors gave me a good scare.

Customer Service 10


The Staff at Scream Acres do a phenomenal job from the time you purchase your tickets to guiding you where you need to go. The Staff are always close by to help you with anything you need

Costuming/Makeup 8


Scream Acres does well on this portion this is a 100% Volunteer Haunt. The costuming and makeup will have you wondering if it is actually real or fake from the start. There were several times I had to stop to decompress because I didn't realize it was actually a real person! They do a fantastic job making you take a second look!

Special Effects 8


This was an area that stood out to me as last year we arrived late. I made sure we were there early this season. From the part with the girl levitating to the Hillbillies you'll be very happy with what you see! Most of the effects you'll see are done by the staff at Scream Acres and they do a very fine job of giving you the effects to get your heart pumping.

Bang For your Buck 10


It took us close to an hour from start to finish. It wasn't your typical haunt we left the house portion they have a concession stand in case you need refreshments or a quick photo op at the newly built photo booth. Then the trail ride which is a highlight of my trip every year.



This is my third year at Scream Acres and they deliver every time I come. The Hasibars and the Scream Acres Staff have built a very nice Haunt in the middle of Towering pines that will have you on the edge for the hour it took us to do the entire haunt! From the beginning to the end you'll notice everything from the craftsmanship of the props to the originality of the scenes. This isn't your typical Haunt! This is a SC Must See! Thank you Scream Acres for having us



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