My Fourth Stop on my 2019 Tour Brings me to Scarehouse of The South in Gillis Springs Ga. This is an extreme haunt that is Rated R so don't take your kids down to see what Scarehouse is about. There's violence,nudity and serious gore. Its not a bad ride from the CSRA. Being my third year visiting the anxiety gets to me thinking what Nate and John have cooked up this year.

Theme/Trail 9.9


Scarehouse of the South sits in Gillis Springs Ga which is literally in the middle of no where. When you arrive you'll notice a body hanging from the tall oak tree in the front yard that sets the tone for what you're about to experience. The Theme is something out of an old horror movie that would keep you on the edge of your seat. You'll notice the coffins laid out in the front yard and the roaming ghouls that will get your heart pumping even before you enter. They've done a really good job setting the theme for what patrons are about to encounter as they enter Scarehouse of the South.


Actors 9.9


The actors at Scarehouse of the South are all volunteers that take their job very serious. You'll notice this as the local crazed clown Oddball runs up on you. I paid very close attention to each actor as I made my way through each section of the haunt and at each scene I was met with the ultimate fear I had been searching for. From the girl with the crazed Doctor at the beginning to the girl getting her head cut off all of the actors at SHOTS do a fine job giving you the thrill you're seeking. Once you've made it to grandma's house you will be greeted by some of her family. They'll instruct you as to what's in store next. Grandma's house was one Hell of a ride and that's all I'll say.


Atmosphere 9.9



Scarehouse of the South sits within towering pines in the middle of nowhere. You are literally 15 minutes from civilization so don't expect free WiFi. The atmosphere at SHOTS is pretty eerie as you wait to enter the main house. Not to mention you have the resident Gimp and Oddball roaming around as you hear the screams and shock coming from inside the haunt. Then you see the patrons that entered before you running across the front yard trying to escape Grandma's house.


Is it Scary 9.9


Scarehouse of the South pushes the envelope completely off the table with this category. From start to finish Scarehouse of The South will terrify you. It's so bad that the night we had our visit 13 people quit because they couldn't handle it. This is the thing with SHOTS you can expect to be scared at every scene you encounter Nate and John have done a great job in placing the right scenarios to push your fears to their limits. From Decapitation to Shotgun Blasts there's something around every corner to get you scared out of your wits.


Customer Service 9.9


Nate And John pride themselves on giving you the haunt you have been searching for. This isn't your family friendly haunt you want to load the kids up and take them to see and their website lets you know this. The SHOTS staff are always around to help you with any issues or concerns that you may have during your visit.


Costuming/Makeup 9.9


The makeup at SHOTS is all done by volunteers. They do a superior job making the actors fit in their respective scene. We had one scene where one guy in out group was touched with this object and we all seriously thought it was real. From Oddball on to the actors in Grandma's House we were impressed at the makeup and costuming that we saw throughout the haunt. The actor that cuts the girls head off in one of the scenes makeup reminded us of a hillbilly gone mad it got to everyone in the group! There's many more scenes I could describe but it was impressive to say the least.


Special Effects 9.9


SHOTS has some special effects that leave you speechless and wondering how they made certain things happen. Like all of us were in shock at how realistic the scenes played out. I don't want to spoil the haunt but the scene which involves a guy and a shotgun we tried for hours after our visit to figure it out. Then the girl that got her head cutoff we were in shock and attempted to understand how those special effects work. After talking to John he made us aware that most of the special effects at Scarehouse of the South are made on site by volunteers which makes it that more awesome.


Bang For your Buck 9.9


At $20 General Admission and $50 for the VIP it's setup very affordably. Considering it took us right at an hour to finish the entire haunt. You definitely get your money's worth. Arrive early to avoid long lines because it can get pretty crowded later in the evening.

2019 Dates – Box Office Hours 

Sat Oct 5th   6:30pm-11pm
Sat Oct 12th 6:30pm-11pm
Fri Oct 18th 6:30pm-11pm
Sat Oct 19th 6:30pm-11pm
Fri Oct 25th 6:30pm-11pm
Sat Oct 26th 6:30pm-11pm 




This is my Third year visiting SHOTS and seems they push the envelope a little further every year. As I stated earlier this review took me a week as I ran my tour through my mind numerous times trying to see if there was anything that I was missing and without giving the haunts secrets out and one rewrite I think I've finally got it. Scarehouse of the South prides itself on shock value and giving to the scariest good time you could ask for. At every twist and turn you'll be asking yourself what's next. At several times during our tour we had people asking if there was a way out. After a little coaxing from yours truly everyone made it through safe and sound. Maybe with a little faster heart rate than we started with but we indeed survived. Scarehouse of the South has Nudity,Profound Gore and Adult Situations that bring all of your fears to life. Great Job SHOTS can't wait to see what you have cooked up for next year.



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