Hello Scurryface readers! In the past it has been difficult for us to have a representative and get multiple reviews in the state of Virginia. My name is Chris and I am the new Virginia haunt Reviewer for Scurryface! I look forward to see what this state has to offer! I have been a haunt actor for 24 season and have been given many opportunities to work some major haunts. Now enough talk about me this review is about Red Vein and not stuff I have done. So I decided to drive over 2 hours to Ashland just outside of Richmond, Va to a haunt that I have seen have a huge presence on several Social Media platforms. So this haunt

was on my “must go” list so I could see what all of the hype was about. Red Vein is nestled on a farm out in what seemed to be the middle of nowhere. When you arrive you will see the landscape of Hanover Vegetable Farm. The Red Vein Hearse sits just outside of the gate to pay for tickets. The first thing that sets this haunt apart from a lot of other haunts is the fact that they utilize Timed Ticketing.

You are able to purchase General Admission ticket for a certain date and they even go to the point of letting you set up your time to be in line for the tractor pick up. Yes they will herd you onto a cart connected to a tractor and take you back into the woods of

the farm which is where Red Vein Haunted house is.

Theme and trail: 9.6


Once you are decontaminated from the Witch's Plague.... You embark on a journey through the story that is built on each season. From the set designs to the corn field every twist and turn there is something to see and somewhere there is a actor waiting to get you at the right moment. The actors portray the story with each scare and keep your focus on them while pacing groups through the 40 min path. You can tell that the crew made sure that even when looking around at the sets that you know the witch is watching and the Plague has done so much damage to the town. 

Actors. 9.5

 I ended up being between 2 of the first couple of groups that went through the haunts. I got to see the best reactions as each actor worked each group of people and their timing was on point!!! It was truly amazing to see them go and reset to then attacking the group behind us each time and STILL getting a scream. I was able to tell that the staff was trained very well in using their surroundings due to the fact that half of the time I could not tell if  there were even areas the characters could use to hide and jump out at the guest.

When it came to the 3 houses (areas) you could tell in the haunt implemented change in the types of characters they had from the front. The haunt itself had 2 characters running the line out front making sure we the guests had not been contaminated... yep no spoilers guys at all. A few of the characters stood out to me.

The one that asked guest to be marked the almost jester like energy from him was top notch and to have him be that interactive was great.

The Other 2 characters that I must mention was right before the cemetery as even dressed up as 2 dolls and where very interactive with the guest making them count and even play paddy cake... yes I played along and that was a lot of fun. The Actors really portrayed

the story of Red Vein no matter what area they where in. My hat is off to the cast!

Costuming / Makeup. 9.4

Each character had a unique look depending on what area you where in on the story line. From Redvyn Asylum, Rabbits Cryfield to Providence

every costume, Mask or Make up went with the theme of each set. I can tell that the staff put serious thought into these characters during the creation process and wanted 100% unique characters not seen in other haunts. I was never distracted in seeing an under shirt or anything that would distract me from being immersed into the story of the haunt. The costuming was amazing. 

Customer Service: 10


So a quick story to this.... Since I had to drive a distance to get to the haunt I left early enough that I would not get stuck in traffic so I got to the haunt a couple of hours early just so I could meet the owner and some of the staff. Jess and her team are just full of passion for their haunt. I know a lot of people say it but you could see it in how hard everyone was getting the last couple things done before the haunt was opening. Yeah I surprised them with coming to the haunt early but they allowed me to check out the farm which had a pumpkin patch some animals..... They even had Goats!!!!! 

In the area before the tractor line there are some Bounce houses that will be there during the season just in case you want to be a kid for the night

Atmosphere 10


When you pull up the website it gives you a very detailed story of this little town that has been plagued by a witch. You start off dealing with two very obnoxious CDC like people checking to see if you are contaminated from the Witch's Plague. Once they put you into a decontamination area..... your journey begins into the haunt and to each area. From the containers (yes a lot of the haunt is in container units) to the corn maze and then to each building that is created inside of containers.You dont even feel like that is what you are walking into as you see facades and a lot of detail inside

of each structure. Red Vein offered a very unique experience with their hellevator and with the assistance of the characters it even surprised me. It was my first time seeing this accomplished in this fashion.

I looked high and low at each room and the detail put into it is the reason this is scored the way it is. Again when the group I was with in one area it truly

felt like i was in a basement by the way the walls were set to even having to duck a lot so I would not hit my head on things. So great to see a haunt use so

many levels in scaring and even the guest having to make them duck or even crawl.... yes Red Vein got me on my knees...

Special Effects: 9.4


The Animal Head prop "actor-matronics" were hidden very well to the point I didn’t even see them until they scared the group in front of me.

Each animatronic, Fog machine, swamp lasers and hazers did not take away from the actors who used them to their advantage to get each scare in each group. The Lighting and set design worked very well with each special effect that was set up again I will mention the "Hellavator" and the actor that controlled it. The music and sounds that played in each area was just the cherry on top.

Is It Scary? 9.5

Considering I witnessed a patron react by punching an animatronic out of fear, I would say yes. I even overheard his wife state that he never gets scared while walking through haunts. From the time that the haunt opened until the time it closed, I could hear screams all night no matter what area of the haunt I was standing near. The actors here DEFINITELY know how to do their jobs and take pride in their work and it shows!

Bang For Your Buck. 10


Yes yes and yes again. With the haunts that I have worked for in the past Red Vein is priced perfectly with what you get!!! The General Admission to the haunt is $20 for all 3 Haunted Attractions- Redvyne Asylum, Rabbit Cryfeild and Providence: Home for Wayward Children. For just 10 more dollars and you can go VIP and skip the lines and head down to the haunt just in case there are long lines at the tractor line up area. There is a very special weekend of Halloween 10/31-11/2 you can pay $40 and sign a waiver

and be 18+ and become a slaughter victim where you see a different side of Red Vein...... Check out the web-page that has all of the details on tickets and even the 3 min escape room that is open and located after you exit the haunt for a fee of $3.



This Haunt is in its 4th season of being in operation and when you are there it feels like it has been there even longer (or maybe it was meant to be there). The Crew is amazing and they should be proud of what they have created. The Cast should be proud because they did a great job on the first night of opening and once they are all in gear rolling through the season I can see them getting even better then they are now. Haunts like this are the life blood of the haunt industry and is proof that the Virginia Haunt Scene is not dead and that it is thriving each season.



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