Hey there! My name is Raheel, I am 5’9, Sagittarius, and I like long walks on the beach…..Oops wrong profile. Anyways I am from Chicago, Illinois, spent my misbehavior years in Birmingham, Alabama, and find myself now in Dallas, Texas. I have been with ScurryFace since 2016 but have been a part and worked for spooky places for over 15 years. Like most, I started just enjoying going out and having a good time. Later I ended up working scenes and adding my own elements to the business. After a few years of running around with a coat hanger stuck in my face (Yes, I did that and it worked) I ended up working the manpower side of the haunt and even chairing the event. I am looking forward to seeing what Dallas has to offer and any help I can bring to any of the haunts.




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