As my haunt tour comes to a close, my path brings me to PV Slaughterhouse in Rainsville, Alabama. This haunt sits in the middle of Rainsville and on dark nights this place truly gives an eerie vibe as you drive past it. It’s nothing crazy or elaborate, it’s just a creepy building that you would see definitely see in a horror movie. One of those buildings that you see victims walk into knowing they are walking into their pending doom. PV has been around for quite some time now and an interesting fact is it used to be a real slaughter house. Let that sink in before you enter the line to purchase tickets. 

Atmosphere – 6.5 

It’s a very small haunt and they treat it as such. They really play on the creepy factor and they do it well. Waiting to get in allows nervous haunt goers to get in their own minds. Sometimes that’s all you need while waiting for patrons to enter the doors. 


Costume/makeup - 7.5 

PV is a smaller haunt. They don’t have the budget that you see at most haunts. PV however does a very good job with their costuming and makeup. Nothing looks out of place and everything fit the scenes. One kid had a very creepy white mask as you walked past. I wasn’t sure if the kid was looking at me or looking at the ground while the mask was on top of their head. Regardless, it was very creepy and very well played. I did see some very good masks and they were bloodied up and really brought some realism to the table. I was very impressed with this haunt when it comes to category. 


Customer Service - 10 

Truly some of the nicest people I’ve ran into this season. They love what they do and they care about your experience. They are very family friendly and they love their community. 


Special Effects - 7 

Another area where the haunt surprised me. I was not expecting certain things to look the way it did. They do a very good job with the lighting and creating diversions. The cemetery scene looked very well done even in the rain. The rain actually added to the experience. You won’t find over the top effects or animatronics. This is an old fashion haunt and they do what is necessary to get the job done. I was very impressed with this experience. 


Theme/trail - 8 

The big name of the haunt is Dr. Pigman and you will hear his name mentioned throughout the experience. They do a really good job at setting up the meeting with him. I was given a responsibility to deliver his lost pet to him. I was walking through with this furry ball soaked in water or blood and I had to protect it from all the monsters. Little things like that makes it fun for patrons and puts them a little more into the story or situation.  

Experience time was right around 15 minutes and I encountered zero dead spots. You are encountering monsters at every step and they do not let up on the groups. Definitely was a fun experience. 


Actors – 8 

The PV actors are great! They work the entire group and they never let up. I absolutely love the energy of this crew. As mentioned above, they are very family oriented and it shows. You will find monsters of all sizes here getting scares left and right. The group I was in wasn’t what you’d call a “suitable group”. They wanted to mess with actors and stop in scenes and look around. I sat back shaking my head at the patrons but it also gave me a chance to see how the actors would react. They NEVER broke character and still did their jobs. I wanted to give them a round of applause in every scene. 


Is it scurry? 7.5 

PV definitely has their moments. What I enjoyed about the experience is seeing actor’s multiple times popping out at groups. It is set up in such a way that actors will have multiple opportunities to get that perfect startle scare.  


Bang for your buck – 10 

Absolutely! $10 for the ticket and for $5 more you get a glow stick to get a hands-on experience. I advise you do the hands on because it adds to the realism. It’s 100% worth the price of admission. 15-minute experience and the constant interaction from the actors truly makes this worth the price of admission. 



PV Slaughterhouse is a small home town haunt. These types of haunts are becoming a dying breed. PV keeps that home haunt style alive and well. I personally love these kinds of haunts because it shows the hard work and dedication of those involved. It allows originality and creativity to run free. That is what you get at PV, originality and creativity and quality scares. If you are anywhere near Rainsville, Alabama, Scurryface highly suggests that you make a stop before the season ends to show this haunt some love. They deserve it! 



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