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My second stop on my Scurryface tour was PV Slaughterhouse, located a half a mile off of Highway 35 at 592 Sam Ellis Dr NW, Rainsville, AL 35986. I managed to fit it into a two haunt night after my visit to Harvest, as they’re only thirty minutes apart on the same highway. So, if time allows, I would suggest doing both.


Slaughterhouse offers patrons a standard or VIP admission. Actors do touch the patrons, but the interactions are limited and not aggressive. If VIP tickets are purchased, be prepared to be slathered with fake blood and mysterious, glowing vaccines. I ended my trip wiping myself down with baby wipes. Don’t make the mistake of wearing white… you know, like I did, of course.



Slaughterhouse doesn’t offer much in the way of a midway experience. By first impression, I could hardly tell there was a huge haunt attached to the small entry portion of the building. And much of the wait was spent outside. However, the barred window, unsettling paintings of gutted pigs, and little grotesque nick knacks do present a very creepy atmosphere.


Costumes and Makeup 


These actors were very well done up. While some characters did seem a little out of place or unrecognizable, it wasn’t for lack of ability. Many of them were wearing what appeared to be handmade or hand altered masks, which I really liked. And so many of the actors were physically imposing. Several seem to be over 6 ft tall



These actors were great! Several knew how to creep out each person in the group, just to pull the interaction in a complete 180 and make everyone laugh a second later. I did notice, however, that there were a few fledgling haunters that seem to only know how to scream at less than opportune times. Nothing a little more experience and training can’t fix.


Trail experience/ Theme 


Theming at Slaughterhouse is a little bit all over the place. It felt like there was a missed opportunity to really drive home the idea of Slaughterhouse being a slaughterhouse. The scenes didn’t seem to have a cohesive story line, and transitions were abrupt. Even the ending was sudden. And, while the actors in this area were so much fun, I wasn’t quite sure what the outside portion of the trail was supposed to be.

Special Effects 


While Slaughterhouse’s theming could use some work, they definitely have a hold on their set design and special effects. I’m a sucker for paint jobs and what’s on the walls, and Slaughterhouse delivers in that department. The lighting was superbly dynamic, going from dim, to flashing, and then somehow to brightly lit and yet very unsettling. I loved every bit of it. There

wasn’t a heavy reliance on big animatronics, which pushed the creative team to provide an entertaining environment, and they did such a good job.

Creativity/ Originality 


Slaughterhouse does have a very interesting layout. The trail is long and disorienting, and I especially loved the shrinking hallway that tightened after each turn. And because of the attention to detail, you could tell a lot of time and love was put into this haunt. While it is a pretty standard haunt experience, they make it their own.

Is it scary? 


Slaughterhouse delivers on the scares. Jump scares are often utilized, but they’re well executed. The creative design and well dressed actors all come together to produce a very haunting experience

Bang for your buck.


Slaughterhouse offers a great deal for such a big haunt, at $10 for standard admission, and $15 for VIP. It takes about forty-five minutes to do the complete run through, and I think the admission price is more than fair

Did I feel comfortable?


Slaughterhouse does have a six person per group maximum, and does seem to practice some form of social distancing. None of the rooms or hallways forced the group into tight quarters with one another. However, there was not a requirement for masks. Make your own decision concerning your comfort level when it comes to masks.

Overall Decision 

secret rep score 1 = 8

secret rep score 2 = 8.6

secret rep score 3 = 8.5


Slaughterhouse is a fun, standard haunted attraction experience. I definitely suggest a visit this Halloween season.

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