My third stop on my 2019 Tour Brings me to Plantation Blood in Augusta Ga. This is a local haunt to me and I enjoy visiting yearly. As you arrive you'll notice the black gates that hide the fears you don't want to face. Plantation Blood is on the South Side of Augusta not a bad drive from anywhere in the CSRA. This year I could sense some changes had been made but was unaware of the journey I was about to make.

Theme/Trail 8.9


The Theme reminds me of a creepy 70's horror movie set. The midway has all your creepy clowns and ghouls roaming around. Once you get your ticket you're inside the compound of Plantation Blood. You'll notice the creepy cars and a bus that have an ominous vibe that lets you know youre in store for a frightening good time.

Atmosphere 9.0


As you're waiting to enter Plantation Blood you hear the screams of other patrons that have entered before you. From the creepy cars parked out front to the eerie music playing across the midway it sets a great atmosphere for any haunt.

Is it Scary 9.9


Plantation Blood hit this category out of the park from start to finish. From Payton the little girl at the beginning we all thought was not real until she pounced and had a one gentleman in our party backed into a corner. To Chainz which had the same guy from earlier crying back against a wall. Then there was the robot clown or so we thought yeah this guy got me good. Great Job Plantation Blood Cast!

Customer Service 10


From the ticket booth to the vendors and concession areas Mrs Beverly has done a fine job placing the proper people in the areas that they're needed. There's always someone close by to answer any of your questions or help with any needs you may have. Awesome Job!

Costuming and Makeup 9.0


This area is where Beverly and her make up artist shine. There's makeup done to people that really looks so real you have a hard time differentiating what's real and whats not. Big Kudos in this Category to all of the Make Up artists at Plantation Blood!

Special Effects 8.8


Plantation Blood has an excellent Special Effects Dept that prides itself on making you think things are going on that really aren't. Mike T and his staff work very hard to give you a very scary but fun time.

Bang For your Buck 9.0


At 22 for General Admission and 45 for VIP Fast Pass Plantation Blood gives you a lot for your money it took us close to 35 minutes to complete the entire haunt. I suggest arriving early or going with the VIP pass to avoid long wait times.

Actors 8.8


The actors at Plantation Blood put a lot of work into their respective character. The night we visited had a total of 56 actors in all and they put on one heck of a show. As you enter you'll notice things are a little odd as you see what you think is a mannequin on the wall as you watch the intro video for Plantation Blood. You'll soon find out that the mannequin is real and she leaps off the wall and popped so much we had a guy pinned against the wall. It gets better as you make your way through as the actors were at every corner to "greet" you. Chainz had the same guy from the beginning crying for him to play nice. Great Job Plantation Blood you Rocked it.



Plantation Blood is my local haunt so I expect a lot more out of them than most haunts. Mark,Beverly and Mike T have done an amazing job this year setting patrons up for a delightfully frightening good time. They really blew me away this year and I hope the keep that energy throughout the year. Great Job Guys! See you next year



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