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As I start my 2020 Haunt season my first Haunt is in Augusta Ga and its Plantation Blood. This year there were a lot of changes made from what I ha heard during the down season so I was excited to see what they had in store for us this year. With all of the pandemic madness we were thinking about all the regulations that haunts would have to endure this season and what would it do to these haunts. We arrived an noticed the line was long at 45 minutes before opening so that made us a little more excited for the haunt.


As stated Plantation Blood made a lot of changes this year and they are very noticeable when you arrive. We went on the night that the Dead City Collective was in town and they were roaming the midway. The Plantation Blood Staff did a really good job setting the place up so that you get that creepy feeling throughout the midway. From the fog to the Demon Queen's arrival Plantation Blood really does a good job at setting the atmosphere to get you anxious about your journey inside. On the night we went I stated that DCC was in the house with their sideshow which was free to all patrons and they also had a blacksmith that was on the TV show Forged in Fire as well as food and beverages. There's plenty to see as you wait for your entry. We got there early so we were able to see the entrance of Lilith the Demon queen for her to open the haunt.


The costuming and make-up at Plantation Blood was really good in most areas. There volunteer staff does a great job on the make-up and costuming side of things. We were able to take in all of the makeup and costuming as we made our way through our self guided tour and to be honest there were little if any flaws that we could point out. From Lilith the Demon Queen to The murderous girl talking to her portrait the makeup was done very well.


Theme is something that changed this season at Plantation Blood with the Six Feet Under theme. It emerses you into the realm of the dead and it is done very well to be honest. There were a few dead spots along our tour but we kind of thought it may be due to lack of actors during the pandemic. Other than those areas they've done really well with the new additions to the haunt and more is planned for next year. We noticed that all areas kind of stuck with the theme and it wasn't the typical haunt we saw a year ago. They really turned things up this year.

Bang for your buck

At $25 for General Admission and $45 for the fast pass and special rates for Military and First Responders you get a lot for your money. Our tour took us roughly about 40 minutes and we got to see the Dead City Collectives show before we entered I would suggest the fast pass as the lines get long early.



All of the actors at Plantation Blood are volunteers and they so this for the love of the industry. They do a really fine job at giving you the frights you seek and they work hard at what they do. During our tour I usually look for things like actors out of character or out of place but this time I didn't see that. Each actor stayed on point from scene to scene it was really nicely done.


There's a good bit of Special Effects in Plantation Blood. They are really good at adding to your experience. This year was a little different with the new theme and all so they made it where the SFX went with the theme pretty nicely. 

Is it Scary

Plantation Blood has it a moments where it gives you a spine tingling scare you seek then there's a few times you'll hit low parts of the haunt where due to covid there's not enough actors to fill areas. For the most part it is decently scary.

Originality/ Creativity

This was where the new stuff changed things from years past. The new 6 Feet Under Theme does a lot for Plantation Blood it gives it fresh air that gives patrons what they seek in a haunt. Most areas in the new sections were very original not things you see at your regular haunt. I was very impressed with the new themed areas.

Did you feel Safe?

Plantation Blood does what has to be done in these pandemic times. They practice social distancing and make sure all actors are masked or 6 feet away from patrons. I felt very safe at Plantation Blood


Plantation Blood is a very nice Haunt we had a load of fun as well as most of the patrons that were there that night. We went on opening night expecting typical opening night issues but things ran like a top. It was very nice to get out and see all the changes that they've made and suggest you visit as well.