Located in Columbiana, Alabama, was my first stop on my 2019 tour. At very first glance I noticed they had a ton of room to work with. We pulled into the parking lot and noticed a few other people there as well. As we walked in, I noticed a very still and calm atmosphere. There were no crowd actors and there was very minimal decor as well as all of the lights were on. Though I will admit, they did have a very impressive looking dragon that blew out smoke above the ticket area. Fright Factory advertises three trails to walk through, the haunt itself, a vortex tunnel, and a house of illusions all at the price of $28 per person. That isn’t too expensive but that is a premier haunt price. Unfortunately, the house of illusions was not ready at the time of my review. However, when I went forth to speak to the cashier about the tickets, she tried to have us pay for all three attractions knowing that one of said attractions was not available and ready to the public. This is, in short, a problem. And just plain wrong. All three attractions should not be advertised if they are not ready, much less should the haunt be charging the price of admission for all three.
On to the haunted house itself, as I walked through, I noticed a few interesting aspects such as scenes I had never seen in a haunt, though I will not go too in depth to avoid spoiling it. Phobia put forth an interesting take on a fear of storms. I was not upset with it at all. As we progressed through the haunt, we came across a room featuring a fear of holes. Once again, I have never seen this done before and was impressed up until the actor broke character stating “I’m sorry, I know this is not really scary.” to which broke the feel of the experience. I noticed experienced actors throughout who did a great job. The haunt doesn’t necessarily have a trail but sticks a theme of different fears that humans experience and some of those were great but some of them need work. I would say this haunt has potential but it definitely needs work.



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