It’s that part of October where our tour brings us to Canton, Georgia once more to visit Paranoia Haunted Attraction. Scurryface has been coming here for the last 5 years and this haunt always seems to get better from year to year. Paranoia sets the stage right out of the gate with their opening ceremony. DON’T BE LATE!  When you pull into the parking lot (WHICH IS FREE PARKING) the excitement is already hitting the roof. With the rock concert feel, the people standing in line waiting for the gates to open. You know the experience you’re about embark on will be a memorable one.  

Enough set up, let’s get to it! 

Atmosphere - 10 

As we explain year after year. This is a party! Their opening ceremony simply sets the tone for the night. With you waiting outside the gates hearing the blaring music and booming voice counting down to opening. Your anticipation skyrockets with excitement. As you get to the final 10 seconds, you can hear the crowd screaming the countdown with the announcer. It hits zero, you are greeted with fire and fireworks. The gate slides open and out pours the creatures of Paranoia. The smiles and laughs quickly turn into screams and tears. 

But wait! There’s more!! 

Their atmosphere continues with the mid-way point of the experience. Paranoia offers a true “mid-way”. Between attractions you find yourself in a setting that’s only fit for a carnival vibe. Games, photo opportunities, funnel cakes, bubbles with fog inside (fogbles?). It goes from face melting metal music playing out in the front to dance music in the back. Here the theme is to hang out and have a great time. The games are free and you can play as much as you’d like. My advice, don’t listen to the ones controlling the games. They trash talk with the best of them. Don’t let them inside your head or you will lose the game. I am going to brag for a second, I did make 3 out of 4 shots at the basketball shoot. Hit two in a row on the eyeball toss. I did however lose in the dart throw. That actress made me feel worthless after not being able to pop a balloon spinning at 500 mph. I loved it though! She was hilarious. 

Paranoia offers up an amazing atmosphere for ALL haunt fans.  



Special Effects - 10 

Paranoia delivers an immersive experience with their special effects. When walking through each attraction, you are 100% apart of their story. In certain areas you simply want to stop and just bask in the attention to detail that this haunt delivers. The collaboration of all the special effects from lighting to sound truly sets the tempo and mood for the duration of this experience. It’s perfectly placed to only allow you to see what THEY want you to see. It’s not only used to make everything look amazing. It’s also used to divert your attention away from certain things for that perfect scare. The moment you let your guard down to admire things around you... You’ll quickly regret it. I most certainly did. 

We’ve seen other reviewers give this category lower scores. Quite honestly, I don’t know what they are looking for to give such a low score. Maybe it’s a personal preference for them which has no business being a part of a professional haunt review. But, the special effects at Paranoia deserves a 10. Everything was perfectly done and placed. Not only does it bring the story to life, it aids in driving your senses crazy and forces you to stay on your toes throughout. It covers everything that the proper criteria call’s for when it comes to this category. 


Costuming/Makeup - 9.5 

The costuming and makeup at Paranoia is ALWAYS spot on and top notch! From the military costuming in Quarantine to the witch character who gives and takes away your lanterns in Hexed. Every character fits their scenes and fits the theme. Especially in Quarantine, the characters have to be more detailed due to how well lit the experience is. Hexed is on the darker side and they can get away with minimum makeup. For the ones who did get up close and personal with us, their makeup was on point. 

Each character in each attraction gave haunt goers a sense of realism throughout each encounter. Paranoia is considered a must see when it comes to their costuming and make up. 


Theme/trail - 9.6 

Quarantine – 9.7 

This experience follows the theme that it promotes to perfection. It has a very industrial feel to it and you can’t help but notice the extreme attention to the detail in each scene. Certain scenes will force you to look just a little closer. While doing this, it is setting you up for the perfect moment for an actor to pop out and cause you to jump out of your skin. The insane amount of detail in each scene make this experience a MUST SEE. From the walls, the props, the lighting, the sounds of alarms and warning announcements and the videos playing on the TV’s throughout truly immerse you into this story. You absolutely can tell the Paranoia crew poured their blood, sweat and tears into this attraction. 

Trail time was timed right around 14 minutes and for that 14 minutes you are immersed into their world. The only things I noticed were certain small empty areas where you could tell actors should be and a noticeable extension cord running down the middle of one of the props. But not enough to truly take away from the experience. With the elaborate scenes and constant warning alarms going off will keep you on your toes the entire time not knowing what to expect. I have Quarantine a higher score simply because of the amazing detail of each scene. It’s full of eye candy for any industry experienced haunt reviewer like myself to simply appreciate the hard work and dedication that was put into this attraction. Then to top it off, bring it all to life like Paranoia did. 

Hexed – 9.5 

This portion is quite the opposite. Here you will find darkness and surprises at every turn. Given only a dim lit lantern to guide your way. You will encounter scares throughout the entire experience. Not knowing what is 3 feet in front of you is very nerve wrecking for most haunt goers. This attraction delivers that. If you fear the dark, Paranoia will exploit that with Hexed. What I love about this is, it’s the simplicity of this attraction that drives your fear.  Hexed will get in your head and make your own mind become your worst enemy. Building up anticipation with every step and not knowing where the next scare will come from. You simply can’t compete with the natural phobia that is darkness. 

Trail time was timed right around 15 minutes. Just like Quarantine, there were a few spots that we did not run into an actor where it could have had a great impact. Like the opposite attraction, it wasn’t enough to take you out of the experience. With Hexed, darkness really plays to their advantage. That being said, certain scenes where we thought no actors were present, they came out of nowhere to reveal themselves.  That is a great nod to the actors for timing and knowing how to take advantage of low light scenarios. 


Customer Service - 10 

Dave and Jennifer and their entire crew truly want you to have the best experience possible. They go above and beyond to make sure everyone is happy. They are professional, courteous and very knowledgeable of their haunt and the industry. They also promote other haunts in the surrounding areas. They understand the benefits of cross promoting and they want haunt fans to enjoy the industry. Not every haunt is the same and you can get different experiences from different establishments. Paranoia understands that and they are not afraid to recommend other haunts for haunt fans to experience. That is an awesome thing to see haunts do! 


Actors - 10 

When I visit a haunt, the one thing I am most excited to experience is the actors. The actors are the heart beat and life blood of a haunt. Without them, haunts simply cannot survive. That is the case for Paranoia. Even with their amazing detailed scenes and special effects. They are not effective without the actors within those scenes. The actors at Paranoia LOVE this haunt and what they do. The interaction out front and within the mid-way is something you have to witness. Within the walls of Paranoia, the actors are on point with their timing and intensity. They are 100% believable in their roles. They work the entire scene and they don’t target one individual in the group. They go after and work the entire group. That says a lot about the training and experience they have at Paranoia. Major kudos to the actors and trainers. 


Is it Scurry? 9.75 

We don’t base this category off personal preference. We determine this off how the actors conduct themselves in each scene. We know what would and wouldn’t work for the average haunt goers that visit the haunt. 

Quarantine – 9.5 

You'll always find yourself expecting something to come from one direction and it comes from a completely different side. That has a lot to do with the special effects diverting your attention. The actors do an amazing job with timing. They wait for the right moment to pounce on their victims. That goes for the drop box scares as well. Those scares have to be perfectly timed. The actor in Quarantine did an amazing job with that. Not only got us with the perfectly timed drop box. He gets to rub it in once more with a second scare from down low as you’re leaving the scene.  Quarantine offers quite a bit of quality scares. But, some of them you do see coming with how well-lit some scenes are.  

Hexed - 10 

The element of surprise award goes to Hexed. Here darkness is their best friend and they have no problems using it to their advantage. 

Here you will get your jump scare fix to the max. This attraction will have your own mind playing tricks on you. Not knowing what is coming or from where. Here is where the actors shine with playing with your fears. They utilize the light from your lantern and sometimes feels as if they are just toying with the groups as they pass through. If the dark scares you, this is the one that is sure to haunt your dreams! 

Overall, Paranoia is set up to bring your fears to life! 



Bang for your buck – 9.5 

For both attractions our total walk through time was around 30 minutes. But as we all know that depends on your group and how they pace themselves as they walk. Our group for Quarantine moved pretty quickly. I led the group for Hexed and I set a better pace so our group could get the best possible experience. Paranoia does offer a slightly expensive ticket for both attractions. (prices listed below) BUT, with everything Paranoia offers from their amazing mid-way entertainment, top notch actors, special effects and quality scares. Paranoia delivers for that ticket price. As mention year to year, I ALWAYS want more from Paranoia. I want the experience to be longer. It’s always a sad moment when you realize you’ve exited the final scene. But that is a testament to Paranoia’s quality show. Leave them wanting more.  



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Overall - 

Paranoia is a haunt experience that you won’t forget. When October fades away and you look back at all the haunts you visited. Paranoia will be at the top of that list.  

Paranoia does a great job at mixing old school style of haunting with new age haunting. There is a perfect mix of state-of-the-art special effects with practical effects. Don’t let the special effects and massive animatronics fool you. It is still very actor driven.  

Paranoia is the type of haunt you simply get excited about when you pull into the parking lot. It’s like that excitement of going to a theme park. When you arrive, your adrenaline starts to spike. You get that same exact feeling as you draw closer to the spotlight waving around in the night time sky.  

Paranoia is once again a MUST-SEE HAUNT!  



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