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Located in Canton, Georgia, Paranoia is the one of the most immaculate haunted houses I have ever been through. What a haunt this is. Paranoia has been in business for several years and I hope that continues. Paranoia has become one of my favorite haunts to visit offering two different trails this year; Cursed and Contagion. Let’s delve into why it is, shall we?


I could not find one thing that I did not like about any of these actors. Every single one of them put everything they had into bringing their characters to life. From the roamers to the actors inside, they might have been my favorite part. The characters I saw were all played so very well and very accurate to what scene they were in. The actors in the trails were extremely believable and their timing was spot on. The actors of paranoia did a great job of scaring the whole group, not just the ones in the front or the back. The actors never broke character and were  very immersive during the whole walk-through of the haunt. I could not have been more pleased with their performances.


Paranoia’s atmosphere is always so lively and energetic. The actors are happy to be there and the management is happy to be there and they never fail to make that known. The setting of this haunt is vivid and exciting. They pull this off very well. Most haunts go for a creepy and unsettling atmosphere but paranoia waits for patrons to get that nervous feeling inside the haunt. There is tons of entertainment while you wait in line to go through including actors outside to interact with, loud music, carnival games, and movies. I would have a hard time being bored at a place like this! There are also plenty of snack and concession stand options just in case you get hungry or thirsty.


The two trails that paranoia has to offer this year are Cursed and Contagion. Both trails showcase a lot of details and follow their themes very well. The trails stay on top of what the overall theme is and won’t have you wondering how you may have gotten to a certain spot. Between the two, Contagion was my favorite. I do appreciate how these two trails were executed as well. One trail follows a quiet and creepy approach while the other is loud and in your face. They have a trail for everyone! The amount of detail put into these scenes and trails is astounding and it is easy to see how much these people care about giving you a fantastic experience.


All of the costumes and make up I saw was very fitting to each scene and each character. The makeup looked to have a lot of detail put into it and like the make up artists took great care in their work and I really appreciate that. The costumes looked to be the very same way. I could not find a single detail off in this category at all. None of the outfits looked cheap or like they had just been thrown together and had a little bit of blood poured on it. They look like quality outfits and professional make up.

Special Effects 

Every part of these trails looks extremely believable and like a lot of detail and care was put into the process of creating these trails. The special effects brought out the best of the actors and the scenes very well. The lighting was very well placed and nothing about the haunt looked cheap or like it had been thrown together last minute. The placement was spot on and the creativity in this haunt was through the roof.

Originality / Creativity -

I can’t describe with words how much thought and cleverness goes into this haunt. The creators go above and beyond. I think this haunt is very detailed oriented and really puts thought into what they want their scenes to be about and how they want them to be expressed. I would like to note that there is one scene where one would walk on top of grates on top of water and when looking in the scene, there is a large pipe with water pouring out of it. I personally have never seen this done before and it was done perfectly. I would also like to note that the actor in that scene did a phenomenal job in playing a part in correlation to this scene.

Haunt change -

Paranoia changed up their themes this year and a little bit of the set up but still kept bigger props in the same area. I like that this was done as it gives me a feeling of nostalgia over this haunt. They have changed up their trails and themes every year that i have gone so you definitely will not be getting the same experience twice. Experience this years theme while you still can!

Did I feel comfortable?

I did feel safe attending this haunt even in the midst of this pandemic. As far as I could see, masks were available to patrons who wanted this and I saw the actors use them as well to help keep the public safe. Paranoia did a great job of sticking to there guidelines to keep everyone safe.

Bang for your buck -

This haunt is worth every penny and is worth any drive. Nothing about this haunt is cheap or apathetic. You will certainly receive the quality that you paid for to see and experience this haunted house. There is no cost at all to park. I would say it took us around 25 minutes to walk through both trails or maybe a little longer. You won’t be waiting in line for a haunt that is only a couple of minutes and be charged the price of a premier haunt. You will get a premiere experience here. Nothing about the haunt was underwhelming. This haunt was everything I had hoped it would be and then some. Paranoia did not disappoint at all.

Is it Scary? 

Simply put, yes. This haunt is terrifying. I jumped twice throughout my walkthrough which to the average person may not seem like a lot but this due to being in the industry of haunted houses for so many years. The average patron will get scared multiple times. I witnessed it happen and it was very amusing. The patrons who were behind us at the start ended up being the first ones out.


Do not, I repeat, DO NOT MISS THIS HAUNTED HOUSE. Paranoia is one of the most exciting, action and terror filled haunted houses I have ever had the pleasure of walking through and witnessing. I will come back to this haunt every year if I am able to. This is a must see haunt for the state of Georgia and if you live out of state, I STRONGLY encourage you to make the drive out here as i did and witness all of these great things for yourself.