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Our first top on our Gulf Haunt Tour is OWA in Foley, Alabama.

This will be our 4th trip to OWA and it gets better every single time.

I remember coming out for the first time and they were still trying to get their footing on how to handle the haunt crowds while still trying to keep it family friendly. In 2020, they have figured it out and is rolling full steam ahead.


OWA has definitely grown in just 4 short years and we are lucky enough to see it first hand season after season.

Whether it be great restaurants, gift stores, activities, movie-theater and gaming spots. There is something for everyone in the family.

Speaking of restaurants, we were treated to Lucy’s Retired Surfer Bar.

We fell in love with this place the minute we walked in. The great atmosphere and extremely friendly service, this place is definitely a winner! We haven’t even talked about the food or the view from their outdoor patio yet.

If you’re bringing the kids, I highly recommend the Shark Attack drink. It comes with a backstory and a cool little trick and they get to keep the little souvenirs.

Pricing is perfect for the quality food that you receive. We went to another place not too far away where we got a burger, 2 kids shrimp baskets and spent $90 and the food wasn’t that great. This place, the food was spectacular and reasonably priced.

If at OWA, go to Lucy’s Retired Surfer Bar, your tummy will thank you.


Then we were treated to Clash, a gamers safe haven. If you’re into gaming this is the place to be. Tons and tons of stations to get your game on. Offers PC gaming, PS4, Xbox One all the way to VR. The kids definitely loved it and already asked to come back.


Now we move on to their Halloween experience. OWA has done a lot and spent a lot of time to make this event a great experience for all ages. They offer 4 small haunted walk-throughs with their own themes. For one great price, you can get unlimited tickets for all 4 attractions on that day. That is seriously a great deal for the memories you’ll gain with the family.


You have “Arachnophobia”, a walk-through that is infested with spiders and trust me when I say, “it’ll make your skin crawl long after you finish the experience.”


You have “End of Days”, think of the purge and what it would be like. This is their more intense and interactive experience at OWA.


There is “Into the Woods”, OWA’s take on the Big bad wolf and red riding hood. This is something I’ve never seen done at any haunt in the industry. So, a huge nod to OWA for bringing this to life. You’ll encounter some dark areas and many surprises throughout.


Then there is “Alone“. This is where you will find the best visuals at OWA when it comes to a haunt experience. The idea here is for you to be alone. No one likes going along through a haunt. You’ll have to here. With dark hallways and surprises at every turn,

they’ll make sure you’ll sleep with one eye open for a few nights after you leave the park.


Now onto the headliner of it all. The Park at OWA. Here you will find rides for the entire family. This is why we brought our kids to this event. We knew they would have a blast and they without doubt did. The staff was very friendly and welcoming and were definitely covid safe. All wearing masks following their own guidelines.

The park is decorated with Halloween themed areas throughout the park. They offered a maze made out of hay bales for kids and adults. All in all, it was a lot of fun and they do a great job with their seasonal event.


OWA is not only great for the Halloween season, it is open year-round and there is never a bad time to take your family to experience OWA.

They are in the process of building their own indoor waterpark and I’ll tell you this. Once it’s complete, OWA will be destination of choice for within the South. OWA takes your safety and health seriously. They take all the proper covid precautions to make sure you feel comfortable during your entire stay.

We always look forward to visiting OWA and love seeing new additions each and every year.

If you’re heading down to Gulf Shores, make sure you add OWA to one of your family stops! You won’t regret it!