I’ve been waiting 12 month to get back to this place to see what new nightmares Craig and Ben's crew can fill my mind with this year. Looking up to the sky as we draw near we know we’re getting close seeing the spot lights in the sky. This Haunt is currently in its 2nd year at this new location and what they have done to the place in that amount of time is absolutely astounding.

Actors 9.2

The actors in this haunt are very well seasoned and know when and where to scare. The actors all worked their scenes flawlessly coming every direction. The actors also used plenty of scare methods throughout the entire haunt. When actors can get you involved, there's more of a sense of realism than in a typical just jump and scream scare. They do very well with this practice at this haunt.


Theme/Trail- 9.5

Their theme this year was once again of a hospital. A hospital that the doctors are falling one by one to the patients they are caring for and scrumming to the infectious disease that they have. Try not to catch the infectious disease or you will be the next patient in the hospital.


Atmosphere 8.5

When your driving up seeing the spot light guiding you to the haunt before hearing the faint music getting louder and louder until your arrival. If laying on the bloody bed outside the haunt doesn’t creep you out there are plenty of roaming actors that will. The roaming actors along with everything else will ether leave you on edge going into the haunt or wondering if you made the right choice to come to the haunt.


Costumes and Makeup 9.1

The people that handle the makeup and costumes of this haunt do a fantastic job. I don’t think I ever noticed one actor with exposed bare skin without it being covered with makeup. The owner of this haunt even mentioned, "one thing he hates is seeing an actor scare someone and seeing their bare skin not covered in makeup. Them being covered from head to toe makes the actor of the haunt only seem more realistic."


Customer Service 10

Craig and Ben's entire staff are wonderful people. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone get upset while they were at this haunt. They are always willing to go above and beyond with helping people. Describing ways that they can make the haunt experience enjoyable for the entire family is what this haunt strives for and they accomplish that and then some.


Special Effects 9.4

The moment you enter the haunt you can no longer tell that you came from a basic building from the outside. You can’t tell which way your going to go next in each room. You can tell they take a lot of pride in making sure that each scene is decorated in such a way that each room fits the theme. They have a wide variety of different setups to make sure that you know you are in a haunted hospital. I did not run into anything that showed anything from the outside normal world. Attention to detail goes along way everyone!


Is it Scary? 9.2

From the moment you enter the hospital until the moment you leave; you will run into a wide variety of scares. They use plenty of methods and never zero in on just one person so everyone gets to be apart of the scare action up front and they make it feel like a personal experience. Like I said before they have a ton of seasoned actors and with that comes experience and scare ability. Being on edge wondering which way the scare will come from kept me on my toes during the entire experience.


Bang for your buck 9.2

The price to enter the haunt is $25 and is well worth the price. It took us about 35 mins to get through the entire haunt. One of the greatest things I’ve seen and still impressed with is they still offer flashlights for kids to use if they want to be the hero of their family. If a monster comes up to them all a child has to do is shine the flashlight at them and the monsters get scared and run off. They also have plenty of free parking.



This haunt never fails from the moment you get there to the moment you leave. They find their ways of changing it up every year. Its what makes my return the next year always a must. Do you dare enter Nightmare's Gate??? Will you survive the Haunted Hospital and come out in one piece??? Let Craig and Ben's staff show you how to scream if you Dare to enter Nightmare's Gate.



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