My 6th Stop on the 2019 Haunt Tour Brings me to Nightmare Dungeon in Greenville SC. It was my 2nd visit in the three years I've been reviewing and I remembered my first visit and was very excited to see the new additions that have been made since my last visit. Once you arrive you'll notice the local crazed clown Ickyz lurking around the que taking pics with patrons. We also had the pleasure of meeting Cherry Snott as well. The props around you are all very old to match the cabin you'll hear the screams from inside as you wait.

Theme/Trail 9
The Theme at Nightmare Dungeon is that of an old cabin in the woods. We noticed all of the props on the property were all actual antiques from the old cars parked around the que-line to the tractors and furniture inside. They've done a very nice job setting the theme throughout the haunt. After we took our tour we spoke with Scott the owner and he explained how he searched high and low for actual antique furniture and vehicles to use to give that old time feel in the middle of a big city.


Actors 8.9
So the actors at Nightmare Dungeon are some of the best I've seen yet. They kept my heart pumping from start to finish. We had three of us and one of the guys in our group took off and ran ahead. It was pretty intense and the actors made sure we had a frightening good time. One issue that plagues a lot of haunts is they were down 12 actors due to a stomach bug I can only imagine what it would be like with a full house of actors. Hope the sick ones are better now and to the ones that were working GREAT JOB!


Atmosphere 9
The atmosphere at Nightmare Dungeon was amazing from the tractor on fire to the Dead City Collective roaming the area they have done an amazing job setting the atmosphere for what's in store during your visit. The cabin is lit up with a red ominous glow that sets you up for what's a very frightening but enjoyable time. Scott and his staff pride themselves in setting the atmosphere just right for a perfect night of haunting.


Is it Scary 8.7
Nightmare Dungeons actors will push you to the extreme. I know they say no running but I actually got scared when the clown upstairs chased us for like 3 minutes. From the beginning to end at each and every turn we had to slow down to see what was about to happen. This was one of the most fun haunts I've attended this year!


Customer Service 10
This is where I was amazed. So as we pull up and make our way to the ticket booth we were made aware that someone had passed out while waiting to go through. They had an ambulance on the way and when it arrived the actors and staff checked on the patron several times as well as Ickyz going to the ambulance and telling the patron and those who attended with her to come back the next night on him. The Staff at Nightmare Dungeon care about all of their patrons like family


Costuming/Makeup 8.9
Costuming and Makeup at Nightmare Dungeon was great. From Ickyz to the Clowns and Creatures within the haunt they really pride themselves on all of the makeup and elaborate costumes throughout the haunt.


Special Effects 9
The Special effects were very elaborate from the fog swamps to the laser areas I was very impressed at the lengths Nightmare Dungeon goes to in order to give patrons and amazing time while visiting the cabin. We had areas where one guy in my party disappeared due to fog we thought we had lost him.


Bang for your Buck! 10
At $30 for adults this haunt will definitely give you your money's worth. It took us roughly 28 minutes to get through the haunt and our hearts were racing at every turn not knowing what to expect. Nightmare Dungeon was one of the most fun times I've had this year. They definitely gave us the frightening time we were looking for.


Nightmare Dungeon will give you everything you are searching for in a haunt. From waiting and seeing Ickyz and Cherry SNOTT work the crowd to walking through and having a clown terrorize you for what felt like 10 minutes. It is a top notch haunt. After our tour we found out that they were down 12 actors due to a stomach bug and they were still able to fill the slots and had no dead spots. This haunt was a lot of fun and from the customer service to seeing how the actors took care of the patron that had passed out I was very impressed and look forward to seeing them next year. Great Job Nightmare Dungeon! Thanks for having us!



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