YOU KNOW HOW I DO...I DO IT BIG! So, for my final stop on my Scurryface 2021 haunt tour, we saved the best for last...the famously known, Netherworld in Stone Mountain, GA! It’s an overall eight hour round trip for my crew and I, but this is one scare attraction we personally NEVER miss out on every haunt season. It’s that immaculate! 

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This haunted attraction is one of the best in the nation. This leaves no explanation needed for those who have experienced it. For those of you who haven’t? Let me give you an idea of what you are working with. Think of them as the scary DisneyWorld of the haunt industry, only without the theme park rides. Ever watched the movie “Hellfest”? It’s Hellfest in a smaller arena and without the real life killer hunting you behind the scenes, thankfully. Finding this attraction is a breeze with GPS. I do recommend leaving early and giving yourself plenty of extra time to avoid those Georgia I-85 interstate pile ups. However, once you near this establishment you cannot miss it. If the flashing signs don’t give it away, the hoards of customers flocking back and worth will. The crowds are insane! This scare attraction is always packed all of the way to the parking lot across the road. Think swarms of hundreds of ants at a time, only they’re carloads after carloads of people navigating their way in and out of Netherworld. The parking spots are almost all packed to the brim and so are the lines of vehicles around the nearby streets. If you hate crowds, I’d highly recommend visiting on a weekday or earlier on the haunt season. Even then, there will still be many sightseers in this arena. But, please, trust me when I say this experience is one worth all of the social anxiety and road tripping. There is a reason for all of the calamity and I’m about to explain why.








From the second you enter the beginning of this Netherworld attraction, it’s a SENSORY OVERLOAD to the maximum capacity! It’s a non stop thrill ride all of the way to the end! You’ve got vortex tunnels, ginormous monster statues guarding a murky cave passageway, watering mist sprays, gargoyle/bat demon creatures zip lining towards your head...and this is all in the first two minutes! It seems like a never ending journey into your worse nightmares, but in the best way possible. You’re got huge animatronics such as dragons and cyclops's coming to snatch you away. There is a victorian Gothic cemetery with transmuted vampires and ghastly, hag like witches crawling at the idea of tasting or taunting you. As well as a saggy, scarecrow corpse colony waiting to stalk you. The haunted mansion backdrops inside this attraction rival or even surpass the spooky decor at Disney. Keep a mindful eye out for the tiny doll collection and their twitching feet...it’s small details like this that go the extra mile to make you feel uneasy inside the maze. Don’t even get us started on the decrepit circus with its crushing clown bodies! Even with all these features, there’s still too much for us to cover in one write up. There is so much detail and hard work put into Netherworld’s look and setup. We can’t brag enough on the technological advances this haunt has or the aesthetic details. This is the kind of scare attraction that you could walk through 50 times and still discover something new that you missed before; it is that circumstantial! It’s frights and delights around every corner. If the gargantuan rat puppet head on the left didn’t get you, we promise the skilled scare actor dressed like a cursed gypsy on the right will. Netherworld knows how to keep the terror rolling!





This second attraction maze is exactly what it is described to be...you’re poised to escape alien like creatures with the only weapon you have handy: your trusty 3D glasses! Upon entering you are surrounded with gigantic late 90’s Aerosmith looking psychedelic lava lamp graphics moving around on the screen walls throughout the entirety of this adventure. It’s disorienting, mind boggling and a whole lot of fun. The layout for this theme is best described as imagine the Mutant from the Goosebumps series and the professor from “The Fly” teamed up for a collaboration and unleashed a bunch of oversized, radioactive insect creatures on the public masses. It’s creepy, gross and above all else, groovy. You will make your way around clusters of mutated, glow in the dark carnivorous grasshoppers and vomit spraying praying mantises, crushing lava walls, molten covered monsters and so much more. There is even a red ray mirror room where millennial babies can briefly live out their dreams of experiencing what it’s like to be in Diddy video. All before being lunged at by the next creature hiding in the shadows of the corner around the bend, of course. While the secondary maze that Netherworld offers has always been shorter than the main attraction maze, it felt as though the team had extended its time length and trail this season. This was an added bonus.



The one of the unique aspects about Netherworld’s midway is that it is inside the haunt, literally the midway marker between both of the haunt attractions. After you exit the first maze, you will end up here before you make your way to the next segment. On this haunt’s midway you find a gift shop for all of your merchandise desires, a concessions with “deadly” donuts, countless detailed and aesthetically pleasing photo op backdrops - a shocking electric chair, a gothic tombstone throne and a vintage lit up jack-o-lantern display...to name a few. There are multiple unique characters slinking around the midway interacting with guests. These monsters were all highly engaging and did an exquisite job of bringing the customers into their alternate reality. Being a part of the Netherworld midway is like stepping into a live action creature feature where all you want to do is monster mash and party with all of the goblins and ghouls galore. Did we mention there’s a big foam pit?! Or that it’s all coming out of an enormous giant pumpkin? Someone call the Cromwell witches because we’re about to make our Halloweentown childhood fantasy come true!


So, we have told you a great deal about all of the high tech animatronics, machines and electronics, Netherworld uses in its visual arsenal to ensnare guests, but what about the actors? This cast of characters are all 100% original creations. As much as we love the classic horror villains, the thing about Netherworld has always been they don’t try to imitate or duplicate what has been done before they’re all about creating their own world of monsters. The midway characters are equally all engaging and interactive with guests. This cast pulls out all of the stops to help you enter the under-worldly realm they are striving to invent. Some even following you all of the way to the cross walk at the end of the parking lot, terrorizing or talking guests up. We also want to give a standing ovation to the actors inside of this scare attraction as well. It’s doesn’t matter whether there’s a zipline or a lift involved, this crew is making sure to always hit their marks. You never can tell when one of them is going to pop out of a trap door for a sudden startle or scream. They’re are amazing at being the driving force that helps feed lines of customers throughout the attractions.


To wrap it all up: It’s hard to put into words the atmosphere of an experience at Netherworld. It almost leaves you speechless. It’s THAT breathtaking, original and unique! This is one attraction everyone should make the journey to witness! They have characters, props and set designs that break through any and all horror aesthetic barriers and leave you questioning reality. You honestly become immersed in an entirely other realm full of creepy creatures and mythical monsters galore. This is a one of kind show that everyone deserves to be a part of at least once in their life. Make sure you check Netherworld out this season!


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