Nashville Nightmare in Madison, TN is a must attend for me every year so I definitely made a stop for my 2019 Haunt Tour. I have attended this Haunt for the past 5 years and they step their game up a little more each year! This year was no exception! This year Nashville Nightmare offered 5 haunts in one location. Several security guards make it easy to find and navigate the huge campus of Nashville Nightmare!

Atmosphere: 9

The atmosphere at Nashville nightmare is always engaging from the time you arrive. They do really well with keeping several actors/actresses to entertain you in the line and as you wander between the haunts. This makes it seems like you never are waiting because you are constantly entertained. When we made it to the front of the line, we were quickly shuffled to another line where we learned we were going to have our picture made as a group on the professional Haunt backdrop. It was a quick process thankfully because it was not an option to skip the photo opportunity. After the photo, you are released into the official Haunt grounds. This year they offered several additional attractions at an additional cost including clown, escape games, carnival games, axe throwing, and a bar nightmare. The food and drinks offered are reasonably priced with a wide variety of vendors. The overall atmosphere is always impressive at Nashville Nightmare. With the 5 different Attractions to navigate to and the eerie atmosphere draws you in from the time you arrive. You are given one ticket and that ticket gets you into all 5 attractions but there are no directions on where to go first or how to start the haunts. I hope to see a provided map or more verbal directions in the future to help guest navigate.


Special Effects: 10

It is evident that Nashville Nightmare puts a ton of energy and money into their special effects. All special effects are top notch and they create a sense of being a part of a huge production! The placement of the effects and the timing is almost always spot on. If you are into the special effects then this is the top place in the area to go see the best


Actors: 7

Nashville Nightmare clearly staffs some top talent for the actors of their attractions! Many of the actors utilized microphones to intensify their growls and screams and it was much practiced and spine chilling! The actors I saw did a great job of working the crowd. In between haunts, the cue line actors are always willing to do a photo op which makes for great souvenirs. This year there seemed to be fewer actors occupying the haunts. It seemed Nashville Nightmare relied heavily on special

effects and setting specific scenes instead of staffing a ton of actors. There was an adequate amount in each haunt but several times I caught myself wondering when I would see an actor again. At times, I would walk through 2-3 scenes with no actors and the one would finally appear. With that being said, the actors that were recruited were clearly experienced and skilled in their characters.


Customer Service: 8

For such a large haunt with so many customers, they do a great job at making everyone feel welcome. Navigation throughout the haunt can become challenging but several employees are on the grounds and willing to help you navigate and see all of the attractions.


Theme/trail: 8

Nashville Nightmare was divided into 5 different attractions, all with a separate theme so I will review them each individually.



The first attraction I attended was the reformatory. This was one of the scenes they had last year and not many changes were made this year to this particular attraction. As you are entering the line to go into the reformatory you notice a wreck scene with a police car and an ambulance. They send in a small group of about 5-6 and the Haunt begins. The theme of reformatory was well followed with lots of daunting nuns, spirits, and unnerving school children lurking through classrooms and other demented scenes. It was intense, chilling, and dark but I did wish to see more variety from the 2018 haunt season.


Sector 615:

The Sector 615 haunt was one of my favorite attractions there. Mostly because all of the 6 haunts had an industrial feel to the setup and the theme for this one seem to fit the best. It definitely keeps you speculating what’s coming next. The sound effects and screams by actors using microphones were terrifying and they sounded as if they were always coming right for you!


Phantoms: Reincarnation

Phantoms was another theme that was used in the 2018 season and vamped up for 2019 as the Reincarnation. The special effects in this one made it stand out as extraordinary- Especially the ginormous Frankenstein animatronic. I was thoroughly impressed with the phantom theme and setup and I loved the graveyard scene- very realistic! I was both terrified and captivated in seeing what was in each and every well played out scene.


Twisted Tales:

Who doesn’t love a good fairy tale with a dark twist! This was a spin off from last year’s Fairytale Hell and they did a great job of taking you into the pages of the storybooks you remember from your childhood and adding in demented features to each story. Each scene was well executed and I loved the Rapunzel that had hung

herself with her hair right as you walk into the haunt. This theme will keep you speculating what story starts around the next corner!


Rigor Mortis:

The Rigor Mortis haunt was an all-new theme for the 2019 season. The theme was set in a county morgue with doctors and zombies lining the hallways. There were plenty of caskets set up to help set the tone for the morgue. I did wish someone would jump out of one of the coffins but that did not happen at least when I was there. Rigor Mortis had awesome special effects but could have used more interaction.


Costumes/Makeup: 10

Several times at Nashville Nightmare I caught myself gawking at the makeup or costume designs in awe! It is evident that they use some of the top makeup artist and costume designers. The masks that were used were very appropriate and well fit the scene they are designated to be in.


Is it Scurry? 7

Nashville Nightmare is scary. The lack of actors this year left me wanting a little more interaction. I love having 5 attractions in one place but sometimes having multiple attractions lessens the potential interactions when it comes to actors with the patrons. None the less, I still did a lot of screaming and jumping and was scared while I was there.


Bang for your buck: 9

Nashville Nightmare is worth the money! The ticket price at Nashville Nightmare can seem a little steep with general admission at $29.99. If you decide to skip the wait and add the fast pass, that is about $10 more or you can skip the line altogether for $20 more. I will say the fast pass and skip the line are virtually the same and I did not see it worth investing in the skip the line tickets. The fast pass can be advantageous with such a large group but the lines at Nashville nightmare are manageable since there are 5 different attractions that create 5 different spots for patrons to split up I did not purchase the fast pass or skip the line and never waited in line over 15 minutes but it will get busier in October so it may be a good option for busier nights. Parking is free and the concessions and photos are reasonably priced. Nashville Nightmare is absolutely worth the premiere prices they charge for the simple fact that it is 5 different high-quality haunts for that one price. You could easily spend an entire night there being entertained!



Nashville Nightmare is a great a haunt for the Nashville area and the fact you get 5 haunts for one price is hard to beat. Normally, this haunt tops my list of favorites but the lack of interaction this year left me wanting more. We spent about 2.5 hours and we had a great time at Nashville Nightmare. As they grow more and more every year I know they will step up their game. I hope to see more actors next year but Nashville Nightmare is one haunt I will never miss a chance to go to because even with the lack of interaction the awesome special effect, makeup, & costumes make

up for that! I cannot wait to see what the 2020 season will have in store for Nashville Nightmare.



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