My 2019 haunt tour would not be complete without a stop at Miller’s Thrillers in Columbia, Tennessee! This haunt offers one of the best atmospheres in Tennessee! Miller’s Thriller is an outdoor haunt that consist of an entertainment zone, a haunted zombie paintball hayride, and a haunted trail. Located in the heart of Columbia- Miller’s Thrillers is easy to find using your GPS and the huge spot lights guide you and intrigue your senses from several miles away! Miller’s Thrillers is a highly sought after haunt with a lot of patrons in attendance, so arriving early is wise to make sure you have plenty of time to explore all the fun they have to offer. You can easily spend an entire night at this attraction so make sure you block off several hours for a scary good time!

Atmosphere 10

Millers Thrillers offers such an exclusive experience for the haunt industry. The hard work and expertise is evident in the entertainment around every corner at Miller’s Thrillers. From the moment you enter the grounds you know you are in for a scary good time! There is so much to do and even as they are crowded with patrons there is always something to do. When you are waiting in line for the Haunted trail you can see the entertainment zone stage with jugglers and fire dancers. Then as you wait for the haunted zombie paintball you see the entertainment from an alternate stage. All while actors roam by and interact with the waiting crowds! When we went it was freezing so our group took advantage of the bonfire in front of the entertainment stage. Concessions are right next door to the bonfire and they have great prices and selection! Miller’s Thrillers rightly offers you the opportunity to step into a spooky town with their unique haunted atmosphere!

Special Effects 9

It is evident a ton of energy and resources are dedicated to special effects at Miller’s Thrillers! Each scene is well executed and creative! The experience on the zombie paintball portion of the haunt submerges you into the zombie hunting mind frame! This year a unique scene is the Arena X which is an interactive portion of the haunted trail that allows 20 people to play a game with the clowns while everyone else in the area cheers on the teams! This was such a unique and exciting experience! I observed some new animatronics this year that were awesome, well placed and great additions to the haunt! Also, the huge Sasquatch on the haunt trail was an eye catcher from miles away! I was amazed at the efforts and numerous scenes in the haunted trail! Also on the zombie paintball ride, the surprise at the ending is such a nice addition! Miller’s Thrillers deserves recognition for the numerous scenes and amazing special effects they offer!

Actors 10

Millers Thrillers has so many actors- and every actor is unique and high energy! It is obvious they recruit some top talent in the industry and there is a large variation of actors and entertainers to enjoy! They have fire dancers, jugglers on stilts, clowns, ghost, tons of zombies to defeat and so many other variabilities of actors and entertainment. The actors and entertainers all have high energy and appear to enjoy what they do! All actors know how to work the entire group and it’s evident they have been trained! The haunted trail is very long and there were no dead spots or lack of actors. In fact I thought several times about what a large number of actors and entertainment it would take to fill such a large haunt but Miller’s Thrillers was successful! The actors and entertainers sale each and every scene and this is just another facet that I was thoroughly enthralled with!

Customer Service 10

There is several staff members designated to assist patrons at Miller’s Thrillers! Each and every staff member that guided our group, served us at concession stand or ticket booths, & interacted with us in lines were all very pleasant! Photo ops are expected and entertainers are thrilled to pose for the pictures! It is evident that the owners and operators train their staff to go above and beyond to keep ever patron entertained and welcome!

Theme/Trail 10

Miller’s Thrillers offers 3 different attractions in one location and each attraction is unique and remarkable so I will review each separately.

The Zombie Paintball Hayride:

This is a must see every year and it’s great for the whole family! There is no way you can go on the Zombie Paintball Hayride and not have a great time! The really added some great new touches this year to this aspect of the haunt! You are completely immersed into the experience with live commanders given instructions on how to defeat the zombies! They load patrons onto a 20 passenger fabricated hayride trailers with attached paintball guns in every seat and pull you with a tractor! The theatrics throughout this experience are remarkable! It seems like the route for the zombie paintball was longer than last year and I loved the swinging and jumping zombies! Miller Thriller’s gets more and more creative every single year and this experience is a must see! OH and don’t forget to purchase extra paintballs for $10- you will use them and it is worth it!

The Haunted Woods/Trail:

Miller’s Thrillers offers an hour long outdoor haunt trail experience in the dark and haunted forest! This long of a haunt trail is very unusual and Miller’s Thrillers does a great job keeping you entertained every single step of the way. There are never dead spots and every scene has you wondering what will come next! This year they added the Arena X: Escape from the Clowns about midway through the haunt trail. This is an additional 10-15 minutes added to the hour long walk through the eerie scenes they have executed so well! This was so unique and well executed! On Miller’s Thrillers website they describe this experience as a mix of hunger games, a crazy circus, survivor, extreme escape games, flag football, gladiator and the amazing race! I could not have said it

better myself- you are going to want to see it for yourself. You will not soon forget your trek through the haunted woods at Miller’s Thrillers.

Entertainment Zone:

Miller’s Thrillers does not lack on the entertainment area and that is for sure! The entertainment zone offers a variety of entertainment from fire dancers, jugglers, bonfires, music, and so much more. Entertainment may vary depending on the night you attend but the options never disappoint. Our group enjoyed some time by the bon fire while snacking on some kettle corn in between the 2 attractions. The Entertainment Zone is the first place you see when you arrive and Miller’s Thrillers makes sure that each patron knows what a treat they are in for!

Costumes/Makeup 9

When it comes to makeup and costumes Miller’s Thriller is keeping up their high reputation and they never disappoint! The masks that were used in the haunted woods were very fitting for the scenes and the costumes were well designed. The makeup I saw was very realistic and you can tell they are using experienced makeup artist! Several actors displayed creativity and expertise when it came to the costumes and makeup working for the scenes they were assigned! Even Skully who was giving out free hugs while waiting in line was a great addition! The use of stilts and other special effects really helped the actors costumes stand out as extraordinary! The creativity used in the zombies along the haunted paintball hayride was worth admiring! The ghost in Ghost town had very appropriate costumes and makeup and helped build the feel that you were truly in a ghost town. Overall, both costumes and makeup were topnotch and another great aspect of Miller’s Thrillers!

Is it Scurry? 8.5

The Zombie Paintball Hayride:

The Zombie Paintball Hayride is full of thrills and adventure! You are constantly wondering which well-played scene will be next! The entertainment in shooting the zombies and riding on a trailer pulled by a tractor with live commanders cheering you on is quite the adventure! The Zombie Paintball Hayride is not that scary as it is suitable for children under 6 but it is the adventure and attraction you do not want to miss! It is so much fun for any and every age range and Miller’s Thrillers does an amazing job and adding new thrills and scenes along the route!

Haunted Woods:

IF you are at Miller’s Thrillers to get scared then the Haunted Woods is the attractions for you! We are talking about over an hour of terrifying fun in the dark haunted woods with so many haunted scenes to trek through. Several people in our group screamed, ran, and jumped in fear at several different times! At one point, there were chainsaws chasing us in what seemed like 4 different directions and our whole group was running for our lives! There are so many actors and so many scenes that you are going to spend a wide majority of that hour consumed with fear. The times you are not as scared you are fully entertained and amused by all the different aspects the haunted trail has to offer!

Bang for your buck? 9

You can easily spend an entire evening at Miller’s Thrillers. My group arrived at 7:30 PM and did not leave the haunt until 11 PM. We purchased the Slash Passes so we only spent about 20 minutes total in lines for both attractions. Without the slash passes the lines are really long and I highly recommend purchasing the slash passes if you want to eliminate your wait time. Miller’s Thrillers offers a VIP package for $65 that includes the slash pass and tickets to all 3 attractions with double paintballs or you can get the same thing for $60 without the extra paintballs. To get into all 3 attractions and get extra paintballs without the slash pass it is $45. A combo pass for all 2 attractions is $35. Just one of the attractions (Haunted Woods or Zombie Paintball Hayride) with a slash pass it is $35. It is a great bang for your buck no matter which ticket you choose because you spend so much time at this haunt you are guaranteed to get your money’s worth!


Miller’s Thrillers steps their haunt game up every single year! The scare factor was really vamped up in the haunted woods this year! I could not believe how many different scenes and actors filled the outdoor haunt! Miller’s Thrillers offers an experience you will not get anywhere else in the TN Valley. They are very creative in their planning and preparing and you will not regret dedicated and evening to this haunt! I felt like I was in Halloween town, a haunted circus, zombie kill zone as Black ops, a scary movie and so much more all in one location! The amount of entertainment offered in every aspect of Miller’s Thriller is remarkable! It is evident that Miller’s Thrillers is owned and operator by industry professionals. This is a must see haunt for the 2019 season- DO not miss your chance to be carried into a haunted experience with endless entertainments and scares!



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