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Miller’s Thrillers knows how to bring the Halloween and Haunt fun! As you head toward the grounds the bright spot lights can be seen from 10-15 miles away- if you put the address in your GPS and follow the spot lights you will make it right there! From the time you pull into the long drive way you know you are in for a treat from the scenes set up along the way! Miller’s Thriller is an outdoor haunt that consist of an entertainment zone, Zombie Hayride Reloaded, and a haunted trail. This place is very popular and you can always expect a crowd so arrive early and prepare to spend your whole night at Miller’s Thrillers.


I heard rumors that Miller’s Thrillers was taking things to a whole new level in 2020 after hiring some of the biggest names in the Tennessee Haunt scene. Millers Thrillers offers such an exclusive experience for the haunt industry – one like no other. The atmosphere is so much more than just a haunt- it is a spooky, frightening, and enjoyable experience. From the time you enter the entertainment zone you are submerged into the experience the owners and crew have put so much time, energy and efforts into. Like I said earlier- this place is popular and the lines can be long! Of course, great things are worth the wait but if you want to speed up the wait time make sure to get the fast pass- you will not regret it! Even without the fast pass though, waiting is fun at Miller’s thrillers as they strategically place Fire performers, jugglers, bonfires, snacks, photo opportunities with characters and so much more! Their entertainment zone is somewhere you can spend hours watching the pirate’s high wire thrill show and cars turn into robots! The atmosphere offered at Miller’s Thrillers is second to none.


It is evident that Miller’s Thrillers use some of the top makeup artist and costume designers. I saw very few mask and the masks that were used were very appropriate and well fit the scene they are designated to be in. Hillbilly Hollar Haunted Trail offers so many different scenes and in every scene the makeup and costumes fit perfectly into the scene. The creativity and details I noticed in the actors costumes really added to the experience and submerged us into the scenes. On the haunted Hayride the zombie’s costumes had tons of variety and the drill sergeants on the hayride and dressed perfectly for the role. The costumes and makeup at Miller’s Thrillers display extreme originality and will submerged you into the experience.


Miller’s Thrillers is a HUGE haunted experience and it is clear they hire some of the top talent in the industry- and A LOT of them! There are tons of actors at this haunt and they are all high energy and unique! Even with the lengthy haunted trail there are no dead areas or lack of talent around each corner! More than one time our group was startled by what we thought was still prop that was a REAL

person! The butcher in the meat shop had us all convinced it was a special effect and when she jumped at us- we all screamed! It was top notch acting! In every scene the actors had great timing and each actor appeared to know their role and did a great job executing their scene and giving patrons a scare. The Zombies on the haunted hayride have such high energy- until you shoot them and then they do a great job of dying! The actors at Miller’s Thrillers were clearly experienced and skilled in their characters.


The experience at Miller’s Thrillers starts with the entertainment zone- and you will be entertained! This year they added some really big attractions to the entertainment zone like shows Pirates high wire thrill show and a car that transforms into a robot- both which are must see attractions. On top of that the entertainment zone offers a variety of entertainment from fire dancers, jugglers, bonfires, music, and so much more. Entertainment may vary depending on the night you attend but the options are always unique and astonishing!

The Zombie Hayride Reloaded is perfect for the whole family! They load patrons onto a fabricated hayride trailers with attached paintball guns in every seat and pull you with a tractor through a haunted zombie town. ! You are completely immersed into the experience with live commanders given instructions on how to defeat the zombies. This year they expanded the trailers to sit double the people to help defeat even more zombies- and the zombies are everywhere! I highly recommend getting the extra ammunition for $10 so you can have double the fun!

Hillbilly Hollar Haunted Trail at Miller’s Thrillers is a very long trail! It takes about an hour to make it to the end and there are so many unique and well thought out scenes along the way! You are submerged into each scene and it feels as if you are wondering through a haunted town that was taking over by zombies, monsters, ghost and so much more! You go through a meat shop with a butcher, fishing hut, haunted pumpkin patch, swamp lands, ghost town, carnivals, industrial warehouse and so much more! Even though Miller’s Thrillers is an outdoor attraction there are so many structures along the way adding to the experience. With all the different scenes they do a great job with transitions and placement. The mix of animatronics and actors was a perfect balance. With Miller’s Thrillers being so popular sometimes the groups can blend together creating a huge line. It was difficult to slow our whole group down to not catch the one in front of us. Even with that though the actors make up for and reset immediately to scare as many patrons as possible. We were in awe that there is so much area with very minimal dead space. Hillbilly Hollar Haunted Trail at Miller’s Thrillers is a so unique and well executed!

Bang for your buck?

Miller’s Thrillers offers so much for the ticket price that you will definitely get your bang for your buck! The entertainment zone is $10, Hillbilly Hollar is $25 and the Zombie Paintball Hayride is $20. You can get a ticket to all 3 for $35 which is a great price considering all you get for your money. Our group spent over 3 hours here and was entertained the entire time! You will want to get the fast passes because Miller’s Thrillers is really popular and the lines can be long but the fast pass will speed that up for you!


Special Effects/ Visuals

Every year I boast on Miller’s Thrillers special effects and this year they really stepped it up in this category. It is evident that Miller’s Thrillers puts a ton of energy and money into their special effects. They use perfectly placed lighting and fog, animatronics, and a great mix of light and dark. They do an awesome job on creating a sense of being part of a huge horror production. The placement of the effects and the timing is almost always spot on. Even with the huge area to cover on the haunted trail Miller’s Thrillers has no shortage of well strategized special effects along the way

Is it scary?

Another great aspect of Miller’s Thrillers is that there is something for most age ranges. The Zombie Paintball hayride is appropriate for children 8 and over. Since it is suitable for younger ages there is less scare factor on the hayride than the haunted woods. The Hillbilly Hollar haunted trail is for ages 10 and up and is not for the faint of heart. You are wandering through the dark woods while wandering through bizarre and scary scenes along the way. Our group did a lot of screaming and jumping during the haunted trail. Both the hayride and the haunted trail are great fun for everyone but if you are there to get scared go with the Hillbilly Hollar.


Miller’s Thrillers takes the award on creativity because there are no other attractions like them. From the time you enter the grounds- you are submerged into the experience. The level of entertainment offered in the entertainment zone is unique and creative. Waiting at Miller’s Thrillers is not just any waiting because they make sure you are entertained while you wait. Plus, where else can you shoot zombies with a paintball gun on a hayride?

Haunt Change

Miller’s Thrillers is a yearly tradition for us and one thing that is enjoyable is the changes and advances added each year! This year they made some impressive changes to the Entertainment Zone adding Pirates high wire thrill show shows and transformer shows. They also added some additional concession stands to try and keep up with the huge crowds! On the Zombie paintball hayride- they doubled the seating capacity to make lines move at twice the speed and added some new scenes along the ride. The Hillbilly Hollar haunted trail had several new additions such as new buildings along the outdoor trail, new special effects, and new scenes. No two years will ever be the same at Miller’s Thrillers and I cannot wait to see what they add in 2021.

Did you feel safe?

With the current COVID guidelines feeling safe at a haunt can be a concern. Miller’s Thrillers did not do anything to make me feel unsafe during my visit. I will say that this is a popular event with a large crowd

and social distancing in the lines is nearly impossible. If this is a concern for you, this may not be the place for you. Masks were optional and social distancing was encouraged but not enforced


This year Miller’s Thrillers really elevated their haunt by adding some awesome special effects, new scenes in the haunt, larger hayride capacity, and some very original additions to the entertainment zone. You will get your money’s worth at Miller’s Thrillers as it is basically 3 attractions in one and it is easy to spend all night here! It is evident that every employee at Twisted Nightmares cares about their roles and wants to ensure each patron has a scary good time. Do not forget those fast passes because since Miller’s Thrillers is so original everyone comes to see the performances! The fast pass will help ensure you have time to do everything the haunt has to offer! I cannot wait to see what the 2020 season will have in store for Miller’s Thrillers!