This weekend my haunt tour has landed me at Malice Haunted Attraction in Lewisburg, TN. Malice is an outdoor haunted trail course with 11 different scenes along the way. This is their second year in the Lewisburg area and I reviewed this haunt last year so was thrilled to be back to see what was new for 2019. Your GPS will take you straight to the haunt and about the time you start to wonder if you are lost, you will see the signs provided by Malice to help guide the way. It is actually a good mood setter as you drive down a dark dead end road to what appears to be the middle of nowhere. Parking is limited and if you do not arrive early you may have to park down the back road.

Atmosphere 8

The atmosphere at Malice was hospitable and I immediately noticed a lot of updates from last year. You first arrive at the concession and ticket sales. They also sale a lot of Malice branded shirts and souvenirs. There is some line entertainment and some scenes setup while you wait. A new addition this year was a large movie screen to entertain while you wait. That was a really nice touch. Malice also offers several photo ops with the famous Stitch or the Malice Ambulance and police cars in the waiting areas. They let everyone know that they have different entertainment options every weekend so it could be different every weekend you visit. If you go in the 2019 season you could see anything from tarot readings to fire breathers! They will have a car show and a costume contest as well. One other nice touch is the 50/50 raffle they do and all proceeds are split among the actors. When it comes to entertainment options at Malice- the options are numerous and the atmosphere is always lively!

Special Effects 6.5

With Malice being a haunted wood and trail attraction, the special effects are sometimes limited. The lighting, fog, and props were strategically placed and added a scare element to each scene. From the very beginning when you enter the dim lit church you know you are in for a good time. One noticeable special effect was the demented goat head that launches from a barn as you pass by and the use of green lights in the fog in another scene created the feeling as if you were crossing through a swamp. All of my senses were activated by the well thought out special effects at Malice. There were scents in scenes that were appropriate for the setting such as the meat scent in the slaughter house. The lighting in the graveyard was very well executed to create that eerie vibe. Even with limited special effect, Malice did a good job of utilizing fog and lighting to enhance several scenes.

Actors 7

Malice actors have high energy and do well with working the whole group of patrons in every scene. There were several actors that were memorable such as the boy with the manic cow head that climbed and jumped down from the rafters as people passed through the barn area of the slaughter house. His movements through his area were mesmerizing. Malice is a no touch haunt so the interaction is limited. In certain scenes such as the haunted house where the TV and couch was, I envisioned missed opportunities to have actors in that area. However, in the hospital area I was so entertained by the number of nurses around every corner. I was questioning how many actors were in there or if it was just the same actors doing a great job working the hospital scene. That was an awesome scene and all the nurses did a great job! Malice actors did a great job interacting with our entire group and the timing was very well managed.

Customer Service 10

The entire staff at Malice are all around great people who will go above and beyond to make you feel welcome in their establishment. From the time you arrive you get that small town feel and the interactions are always so genuine. They even offer a kid’s night on Halloween with no scare actors and free admission! On the way out, they surveyed guest on their favorite scenes which shows that they care about the opinions of their patrons.

Theme/ Trail: 8

Malice has 11 different themed scenes throughout the haunted woods. Malice did a good job at limiting the dead space in the haunt especially given that they are on a large piece of land with quite a bit of area to cover. The scenes included an eerie church, graveyard, haunted houses, slaughter house, boys & girls of clown town, a voodoo shack, hospital, morgue, butcher shop, and stitch and friends! When my group of 5 was surveyed on their favorite scene, the answers varied but overall the hospital was scoring the highest! The timing of the groups seemed to be suitable as we never caught a group ahead of us, nor did a group catch up to ours. It is evident that Malice put a lot of creativity and hard work into the set-up of all 11 scenes.

Costumes / Makeup 6.5

Malice has a wide variety of costumes and makeup to admire when attending the haunt. It was evident what most actors were portraying and some of the costumes were very well designed such as the Nurse costumes and the Nuns makeup in one scene was worth admiring! Seeing such awesome makeup on certain actors had me wishing for more detail in others makeup and less mask usage. I did notice the use of the wicked cow mask and saw an awesome leather face mask which were both great and had the crowd stopping to look.

Is it Scary? 7

Malice is set on an eerie dead end road in the middle of the woods so the "Scurry" factor is there for sure. The group I was with was screaming and jumping in several scenes. Adding more interaction in certain scenes and an actor towards the end of the haunt frightening us on our way out the long ending trail would definitely add to the thrills but overall we had a very good time!

Bang for your buck? 9

General Admission at Malice is $15. For $50 patrons who live nearby can get a season pass that includes 1 skip the line per night, unlimited access and VIP status for 7 other friends, a malice t-shirt, and an

after hours tour! I just went for general admission tickets since I am on a haunt tour but I could see the advantage of the $50 season pass- that is a great deal; especially considering the variety of activities that would offer. Parking was free and the concessions were very affordable. I think Malice offers a Must-See bang for your buck with all the added activity options that vary by night and access to the 11 scene haunted woods!


Malice Haunted Attraction is offering a unique experience than most haunts in the area. Adding the car show, costume contest, and kid’s night makes it stand out in the industry and leaves you wanting to go back to see what changed next. I love change as much as the next person when it comes to a haunt but I found myself missing a few scenes from the 2018 season while at Malice such as scarecrow that didn’t move until we passed by and everyone thought it was a prop but it was not! However, the new and exciting 11 scenes offered this season were well worth seeing and Malice Haunted Attraction is a very good attraction in Tennessee.



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