For the finale of my 2019 haunt tour, I got the pleasure of visiting Madworld Haunted Attractions in Piedmont, SC. I had no idea what to expect as I drove in. Madworld is conveniently located right off I-85 on a sort of access road. It's very easy to identify Madworld due to the 4 giant, rotating spotlights you can see from miles away. There are traffic guards in the road guiding traffic and ensuring a smooth entry into Madworld Haunted Attrations. As you pull in the parking lot, you can truly feel the excitement and fun in the air! From big torches to purple and black lights, be sure not to be distracted as you may run into some Monsters and Actors creeping around. 

Actors - 8.8

From the time you approach the haunt until you leave, you can clearly see that there is truly a passion for Haunting from the actors! They do amazing with staying in character and putting on their best show. There are veterans and there are rookies for sure, however Madworld does a great job with spreading them out and placing them according to their skills, strengths, and weaknesses. There were certain themed parts of the trail where the actors really pull you in and make you feel like you're part of the "scenario" at hand (this is a vital role in creating the "reality" factor). The actors also do a good job to incorporate the entire line/group walking through. Some are there to scare, some are there to put on an incredible performance. There is a very well-rounded group of actors in Madworld Haunted Attractions. I would like to give a shout out the girl in the Voodoo part of the haunt, speaking whatever "magic voodoo-type" language she was speaking. She is Amazing!! Overall I feel that the Actors did a very good job and could use just minor improvements.


Costumes/Makeup - 9.5

Walking up to Madworld, the very first thing I noticed was their Costumes and Makeup. Madworld definitely gives the WOW factor in this department! There are evil clowns, a giant 8-9ft tall Venom-like character, Krampus, and other Outstanding creatures roaming the property, in the Midway, and on the trail; some of which I even thought were fake! Every aspect of their costumes, all the way down to the shoes (or no shoes) they were wearing were spot on! I was truly "taken back" by how incredibly detailed some of the costumes were. Also, their Costumes/Makeup were not only amazing, but they fit the theme of whatever designated part of the haunt they were in. If you make it to this haunt, you will really be in complete awe over this aspect. As I said, they monsters that appear to be props may just happen to get closer and closer to you as you walk away!

Theme/Trail - 9.63

Madworld really hit the nail on the head with their Trail and Theme(s)! The detail, intricacy, interaction, and "soul" of their trail really brings you in and is definitely a MUST SEE! As we were walking through, I found myself really being sucked into the theme they were portraying. The sets were well above average and the props were sometimes hard to differentiate reality from fantasy. Madworld takes their time with the design and their themes were extremely intricate. The trail included many different themes which will truly blow your mind!!


Asylum - 9.6

   Starting into your journey, you may feel a little stir crazy as you walk through a mental asylum. The set was very dismal and had a crazy and "lost" vibe. You didn't know if someone was going to run at you screaming, be crying over nothing, or letting their schizophrenia take control telling them to take you! Be careful as you make your way past some of these psychopaths.


Prison - 9.9

As you leave the Asylum, you will make your way to a Prison. In my opinion, this is the 2nd most realistic and fantastically done scene on the trail. You'll walk past prisoners who may or may not try to get you in their cell. This was absolutely terrifying! The costumes and makeup in this scene were essential to making this feel as real as it did. 


Conjuring/Nun Room - 9.9

From the supernatural, to the full blown Hail Mary's, you may not know what to think in this segment of the haunt. Creepy? Yes, very much so. I wouldn't suggest looking the nuns in their eyes. With crosses in hand and summoning demons, you may want to watch your back, and ensure there are no evil spirits following you out!


Witch - 9.5

Speaking of summoning, you may not only experience that but next, you enter into the witch's layer where you may catch a spell or two thrown your way. I never knew how mean or evil witches really are until now... and there is definitely no Toto! The actors do a great job in this part of the haunt along with good special effects. 


Haunted Murder Mansion - 9.7

This is by far the strangest part of the trail. Walking through, you will walk along side dead bodies laying around. Are they actually dead and just how did they die??? You'll have to go find out for yourself and you may discover some disturbing scenes along the way


Clown/It House - 9.5

Clowns, of all ages, sizes, and shapes. Who's not afraid of clowns? But wait, not just any clowns. Clowns that have been stuck in a clown house and beginning to go a little stir crazy! If you make it past the crazies, you will approach an area you will immediately recognize if you're an "It" movie fan! Something that really stood out to me in this segment was how realistic their Pennywise looked and acted; absolutely stunning! Just remember to watch your back and be prepared because Pennywise may be lurking in the dark!


Doll House - 9.4

I have always thought there was something a little creepy about Dolls... especially oversized ones! This is a one-of-a-kind haunt with a very dreary feeling. These dolls are not your average Barbie Dolls, but the old school raggedy dolls! Have fun and beware of the creepers living in this fantasy land of Dolls. 


Voodoo - 10

My personal favorite and one of the more lengthy themes was the Voodoo scene. There was so much going on and the set was Breathtaking! You will walk over a bridge, through a swamp, and you may experience some Voodoo being placed upon you at some point. There is so much to take in and the actors are absolutely incredible on the part of the trail. Everything just fits like a glove. A lot of detail goes into the sounds, lights, and actors, sometimes not even to get a scare but to create a feel that you are really walking through swamplands and into a very dark land of Voodoo! 


Laser Vortex - 9.7

Looking through a Kaleidoscope can be very enticing and good eye candy but just for a second, imagine being inside of one! Between the lasers, smoke, and colors, you may feel as if you're walking through a psychedelic vortex into the unknown.


The Diner - 9.9

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to make a wrong turn in the country, get lost, approach an old house, and end up being welcomed in by some of the most backwoods hillbilly's you can think of?? Well, that's exactly what The Diner is: You come for dinner and may end up becoming the meal instead of the guest! To me, this was one of the more scary parts of the haunt. Regular people in what appears to be regular clothes, and they don't mind greeting their guests in a very up-close, dirty, and personal manner! You may find yourself asking "Am I really going to make it out of here?"


Scarecrow - 9.2

Walking through the cornfields was nice and quiet until things came to life. I give this one the lower score because it was short with few actors however one did get me pretty good. Great old-style haunt concept and good work on design and acting.


Vampire - 9.7

The costumes and makeup in this theme really were on point. You will experience the entire "classic vampire movie" feel and Madworld did a good job with the sets, props, and effects in this theme. I felt a bit nervous walking through as I experienced the gnarls and blood-thirsty vampires.


White Out - 9.9

This was an experience which I still can't figure out if it was terrifying, enticing, thrilling, or just plain awful! Imagine walking through a cloud. Not a normal cloud, but a cloud where you can't see 6 inches in front of you because of all the white! You will truly lose all senses and not know which way is up. Try not to panic when you experience something to let you know you're still existing.


Spinning Vortex - 9

Finally, you will come to the Spinning Vortex. It's the 2nd most disorienting part of the haunt and the last before you exit. The platform you walk on may or may not move. One may never know. This one got a lower score because of the short length and simply because the others were just so Outstanding!


Special Effects - 8.9

The Special effects in this Haunt are rated high and are definitely an experience in themselves! As you walk up to the midway, there are special effects everywhere; just pay attention as you're using the restroom, you may jump! You will experience sounds, lights, and other effects that really reflect the theme that Madworld is portraying at any given time, in any given place. They really do a fantastic job with blacklights, strobes, music, sound bytes, and electronics to intensify your experience at Madworld. We noticed that a lot of the effects were not only used for cool looks, but to distract you from the actors in order for them to execute a good, well timed and well placed scare.

Atmosphere - 9.9

Hands down stunning! I don't know where to start when it comes to the environment and atmosphere of Madworld. From over-sized monsters to a bonfire and movie/video area, the fun never ends!! It's very detailed and thought out where there is plenty of room in the midway and plenty of stuff to do as well. You'll have a picnic area & tables for all of your refreshments you may purchase at the different food vendors. Everywhere you turn, there are different things to do such as haunted games, escape rooms, or just hanging out around the fire. NOTHING is boring at Madworld Haunted Attractions. One of the first things that grabbed my attention was that the exit to the haunt itself was on the opposite side of the midway than the entrance... I was baffled! Another thing that stood out was the interaction with the actors! There is a photo op at every turn and you'll always be on your toes as you may find yourself being followed by a 10ft tall monster lurking. Madworld really brings life to the their detailed atmosphere. As I said, it's A LOT of fun!


Customer Service - 9

The customer service at this place was great! The ticket booth workers were knowledgeable and kind as well as all of the other employees. Most of the time, there seemed to be someone (other than an actor) around that could assist in any questions we had. There were smiles and polite words and tones from all of the employees we came in contact with. Tim and Joe are absolutely wonderful people! They definitely have a vision and are very passionate about it! As you're experiencing Madworld, you can see that everyone there loves what they do and in turn it reflects on how you're treated and how welcome you feel!

Bang for your buck - 8.5

General Admission - $30.00

General Admission "Scaredy Cat" - $35.00

Big Scary Night Out (GA + 30 game tix) - $50.00

Fast Pass - $55.00

Child's Admission - $25.00

Child's Superhero (Scaredy Cat) - $30.00

VIP - $100.00

Season Pass - $175.00

Super Pass - $295.00


I believe that the $30.00 is definitely a good buy, and I love that they offer a lower price for children. For some of the other prices, I feel like it is a little bit on the pricey side. The entire haunt lasts roughly 30 minutes depending on the pace of your group. You're also paying for the amazing atmosphere. I have to keep in mind that the production & show that Madworld puts on is very costly and definitely one of a kind! Remember, walk at a good, slower pace and take everything in! It's definitely worth it!


Is it Scurry?- 8


Well, yes and no. There were some really good startle scares and a few others that I won't tell much about; I don't want to spoil anything. The scenes are absolutely incredible, which I stated earlier, and the actors do a great job in them. The scariest part, in my opinion was the Voodoo area. There was a lot going on and a ton of actors, sometimes an overwhelming amount, which can create a feeling of chaos making it a scary and nerve-racking experience (Hence the name: "Madworld"). There were not many dead-spots throughout the haunt and you often didn't know which way someone or something was gonna come from. The trail at Madworld was a lot of fun, not just scary. It's a different experience, rather than your run-of-the-mill Haunt. This place may not have you running and screaming the whole way through but it won't disappoint! 

Overall -


I give Madworld a "Must See" Rating and they definitely deserve it! They have worked extremely hard to put on the "Show" that you won't want to miss!! I can't begin to imagine the time and effort that has gone into this haunt as the atmosphere, coordination, timing, and execution of everything at Madworld. They can hang with the best of them. As a professional haunt reviewer, I see all kinds of different haunts and this haunt is unique in it's very own way. Tim and Joe have a vision and they portray that vision clearly through every aspect here at Madworld. I am super excited to see what Madworld Haunted Attractions has to offer in the very near future!



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