I had the pleasure of visiting Lester’s haunted hospital this season. Wow, what a haunt this is. It’s a little hidden gem located in North Alabama on an old back road. Don’t let that keep you away though. This haunt is quite an experience. In the best way.


Lester’s actors are very intense and in your face. They are very hands on and wild and personally, I wouldn’t have it another way. They seem to be a well diverse cast that take pride in their work and has a lot of fun doing it as well. I did not notice actors that seemed to be off that night. Their performance was done very well and so was the look of their characters. 


Lester brings out a very creepy atmosphere. I noticed there were not any roamers outside but there was a burn barrel, a spooky movie, a decent amount of parking, and plenty of snacks and drinks for those waiting to get spooked. All of the staff was super nice and friendly as well.


This a haunt that does things in a very simple and old fashioned manner and by no means is that a bad thing. There were some scenes that you could tell some time went into it and there were some scenes that seemed like a tornado came through it. Which is good as it kept the vibe of the haunt alive with the characters who were in it. All of the lighting was well placed and all of the props were super bloody and gory too. These were put together very well.

Theme/ Trail Experience

The theme of this haunt is that of a haunted hospital hence the title of the haunt. You’ll find doctors who have gone mad and patients covered in blood from head to toe. All of the scenes flowed together really well. The trail is really interactive as well, which I appreciate a lot in a haunt. This can make the experience a lot more realistic and frightening. 

Bang for your buck


I would wager this haunt is worth its prices. The trail is a little short, but there is a lot packed into this haunt and it’s scenes.


The costuming and makeup is very simple and straightforward. Plenty of blood and gore to go around. If you’re lucky, you might get some on yourself! The costumes were all that of a hospital. You won’t find anything off in this category. I could not complain about this category even if I tried.  Well done, Lester!

Is it scary?

This haunt gives you the option of having a more hands on and intense experience or a lighter, not as scary experience. I recommend choosing the first. I enjoyed it thoroughly and it looked as the group with me enjoyed it too. I heard screams all throughout the haunt and plenty in my group. I noticed one group of girls who were supposed to go in with us decline and waited a little longer so they didn’t have to go through the intense trail. If that doesn’t tell you scary, what will?

Did I feel comfortable?

Lesters actors and staff all wore masks and give you the option of keeping yours on as well. I was comfortable.


This haunt keeps a scary hospital vibe and nothing less. I see the most creativity in how the actors portray their characters. The haunted hospital scenes were very close to what I expected them to be.

Overall - 8

secret rep score 1= 7.8

secret rep score 2 = 8.3

secret rep score 3 = 7.5


I would recommend this haunted house to somebody. Lester’s Haunted Hospital is an experience. I do not use that term lightly. This is one of the most hands on and interactive haunted houses I have had the pleasure of walking through. Go check it out. The actors stole the show for me. I appreciate how much they care about their scare's and giving a good show to all of the patrons coming through.

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