The Lester Haunted Hospital in Lester, AL is a little drive from Birmingham, being right at 2 hours, it is not a hard drive but once you get off the interstate and the main highway you just have to make sure to watch for the signs. As you make your way around the twisty curvy roads you feel like it is way out in the middle of nowhere, which is kind of creepy all on its own. When you arrive, there is a sign with arrows directing you to field area to the left of the building to park and parking is free. The entrance is well-lit with lights, although you do get a creepy vibe since the windows are all boarded up. As you make your way to the building you might encounter a few lurkers that are keeping the crowds entertained. This was D.E. Jackson Memorial Hospital opened in the early 1940's as a clinic for Lester and surrounding communities. There have been many patients pass through the halls of Lester Hospital in the about 50 years that it was open, seeing that it closed in the early 1990’s. Some patients never left and have made this their home. As you enter the building you are in the front of the hospital and you make your way straight to the receptionist window and they will get you your ticket. After purchasing your tickets, you can make your way to the waiting area with seats just like a real doctor’s office, but you will probably have to get in line as they get full fast! When you get to the front, they will determine the group size and I really appreciated the fact that they try to make sure the group sizes are not too big, so everyone gets to enjoy the experience. When it is time for you to enter one of the hospital staff will lead you in to the 32-room hospital that has an abundance of activity. You will be led through the hospital and meet some of the patients that still reside here and that will never leave. This is their home and be prepared to play with them!!

Theme: 9

So, this haunt offers a lot of visual content, I was not confused in their theme, seeing that the main overall theme revolves around the hospital and their patients. Each room was well executed, from the lighting to the overall look of each room, they were well put together. The rooms play off things that would scare a lot of people like being butchered, confined spaces, and not knowing from how many directions you are being watched. They utilized all the equipment and materials that were left behind when the hospital closed. There is a ton of visual content that makes you wish you could spend more time in each room.



Atmosphere: 8.5

As I said before this is The D E Jackson Memorial Hospital and the low lighting on the outside of the building along with the boarded-up windows and the in the middle of nowhere surroundings lend very well to a creepy atmosphere. D.E. Jackson Memorial Hospital opened in the early 1940's as a clinic for Lester and surrounding communities. There have been many patients pass through the halls of Lester Hospital in the about 50

years that it was open, seeing that it closed in the early 1990’s. Some patients never left and have made this their home. Even still since the hospital’s closing in the early 90's, employees have long since talked of strange occurrences within the walls of the old hospital. Employees, as well as patients have experienced things being moved and figures have been seen wondering the halls.



Costuming / Makeup: 8.5

The actors have a combination of masks and makeup. The makeup is very well done and the actors that do have make up, fit their scenes well. The masks that are used, fit with their scenes and character very well. These masks fit their owners so well that some were so hard to tell if they were actually a mask or prosthetic pieces. They have paid a lot of attention to detail. This group has spent a lot of time developing the look of each character and it shows!!



Actors: 9

Even though some of the actors had never acted before they did a very good job. Their veteran actors have done a good job teaching the new actors how to utilize their spaces and how to stay with the group until they have completely left the area. You can tell that they have worked to try to perfect their characters and are very good with their timing



Special Effects: 8.5

The lighting in each scene was great, it was not to bright or to dark and really helped to stir an emotion for the characters. In every room they paid a lot of attention to the details to make it feel as authentic and creepy as they possibly could. Also watch your head, there could be some low area’s and you may at times feel as if the walls are moving.



Customer Service:10

This group is very friendly. They truly care about what they are trying to accomplish. The level of professionalism from this group was great. This is a great group of people and if you have a question about anything just ask, they will love talking to you. Some of the staff had family that worked at the hospital when it was a functioning hospital and had some very interesting stories to tell



Is it Scary? : 9

Yes, this group pays attention to the timing and does a great job at trying to interact with every person in the group. When they find that one though they are relentless, but they do not forget about the others in the group. It is also somewhat interactive as you may have to speak with a character to be able to pass to the next room. This group puts out high energy and keeps your mind going from room to room as far as what are you going to encounter next.



Bang for Your Buck: 9

$15 for the this haunt we feel like is worth the price. The length of the trail was probably a good 25-35 minutes depending on if you are walking or running. They also have a merchandise shack at the end that you can purchase shirts and a few snacks. On select nights they do try to have food trucks on site for your NOM NOM needs.




The Lester Haunted Hospital overall is a great experience. They are worth a see to see the amount of hard work and dedication this group has put into the details of their haunt. They have taken this space and utilized it in some very interesting ways and used so much of it to give you an attraction that is worth seeing. They are growing and moving their way up, to make sure that every person is left with the best experience that they can offer.



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