My Second Stop on my 2019 Tour Brings me to Kreepy Hollow in Bishopville, SC. As you arrive the DJ sets the mood to what you're in store for during your visit. As you arrive you'll see two buses to take you on your journey into Kreepy Hollow. This Haunt has three areas and you'll take a short bus ride and this isn't your normal school bus full of laughter. Then you have the house portion of the haunt, then a trail ride. So you're in store for a frightfully good time.

Theme/Trail 8.9


This was a hard grade for me as I drove home wondering what could have been better. We had a full trailer while on the trail and it seemed very quick as we passed through all areas through out the trail. The themes along the way were on point and Benji and Patsy and their staff have done an amazing job giving you everything you ask for.

Actors 8.9


The actors at Kreepy Hollow do their best to give you the best show possible. From Michael stopping our bus to the zombies to the She Devils the actors work really hard to give you the best experience ever. The clowns had us all about to run. Very Good Job Kreepy Hollow!

Atmosphere 8.9


The atmosphere at Kreepy Hollow is unlike your everyday normal haunt. From the bus ride to the trail the atmosphere keeps you looking around corners for something else to jump out at you. The only thing that confused me was the speed of the tractor it was hard to take in the atmosphere moving so quick

Is it Scary 7.9


Kreepy Hollow works hard to give you the scare that you seek. It was so intense at one point we thought one of the patrons was gonna jump off the trailer and run, Luckily he didn't as you're surrounded by towering pines and he really had no place to go! Good Job, Kreepy Hollow!

Customer Service 10


The Kreepy Hollow Staff is very professional and there's someone always close by to help you with your haunting needs. Whether it be information or concessions. Kreepy Hollow Staff hits this one out of the ball park.

Costuming/ Make up 8.9


The costuming and make up at Kreepy Hollow is very spot on. They take pride in making the actor look exactly like their respective character. From the She Devils to The guy hanging from the ceiling it's very hard to tell if it's really a person or a character you would see on TV.

Special Effects 9.0


There's a lot of Pyrotechnics along your journey through Kreepy Hollow and there's also special effects that will leave you wondering "How did they do that?" This portion always impresses me year after year. The heat from the fireballs will warm you up on cold nights on the trail.

Bang For your Buck 8


Kreepy Hollow is well worth the price of Admission. It's 3 Attractions in one place. You definitely get bang for your buck at Kreepy Hollow. You'll have the fun bus ride then a casual walk through the cemetery to the house and then the trail ride.



This is my 3rd year visiting Kreepy Hollow and I always look forward to visiting them. This year I arrived and things were very fast paced so much that it kind of took away from the experience overall. I personally feel if the tractor slowed down some it would let patrons take in the scenes they are traveling through. Other than that I thoroughly enjoyed my visit and would recommend them highly. Good Job, Kreepy Hollow! See you next year



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