Our next stop on our 2019 haunt tour took us to Pinson, Alabama for the Insanitarium Haunted Attraction. As you pull off highway 75, you see a small sign directing you to Insanitarium. Turning left you will see what appears to be an old school with a gravel parking lot next to it. Parking here is free and there are multiple people in the parking lot directing traffic to ensure that you are safely parked and ready for your tour. GPS will take you right to the front door, but the main sign for the attraction could use some additional lighting so that it is more visible. On the night we visited, only half of the sign could be seen in the dark.

Actors – 8.5

There were a few stand out performances including the very first performer you see once in the trail and the very last actors you see in the trail. A few actors further inside the trail also stood out very strongly but after the first few actors we encountered we began noticing a repetition of the same scare from many of the actors. Insanitarium provides strong jump scares, and we will admit that some were successful in getting a startle. With some additional character development beyond the handful that are extremely strong actors already, this could easily increase our score. We also noticed that many of the actors who shared a scene with other actors could possibly work together a little more, in order to get beyond the jump scares. This is not a negative, and again several of the actors within Insanitarium by themselves deserve a 10. Some still need development to really push forward.



Theme/Trail – 9.0

The trail itself is delightfully creepy. We do not want to ruin anything for you but the outdoor area, though simple, is exceptional. Whether you are “minding your head” through various holes that you’ll be forced through or observing the artwork, you will be guessing and intrigued the whole way through.



Atmosphere – 9.0

Insanitarium has multiple actors who will work the crowd throughout the cue line. There is strategically a concession stand at approximately the halfway point of the outside line. You are under a tent in the line outside, so weather is not an issue (unless they are on a sellout type of night). You will be entertained, even while waiting in line to enter the main event. It is rare to experience a haunt that offers its visitors an entertaining experience to this level while you wait in line. It truly added to the overall atmosphere of the haunt. We could see some of the side show becoming repetitive on a busy night, but at the speed the haunt runs, it should not become an issue.



Costumes/Makeup – 8.5

You will undoubtedly observe incredible masks at this haunt, but lighting throughout most of the trail didn’t allow us the opportunity to truly appreciate the actors’ makeup. Scenes with adequate lighting allowed us to view makeup in passing. Jump scares are advantageous at times, but lingering around and making that impression of your character to your visitors could be even more haunting for them at the

end of the night. More actors could make people look a little longer and really get spooked out - perhaps allow the makeup the opportunity to do its job.



Customer Service – 10

If we could give the fine folks at Insanitarium a higher rating for customer service, we would! Southern hospitality at its finest! Before we even announced that we were on property to review the haunt, we encountered 2 friendly parking attendants who greeted us & hoped for us to have a fun time. Making our way into the main building under a tent, we passed the concession stand and could not have possibly had a nicer conversation with the gentleman running it. He asked if he could get us a cup of water free of charge after we declined a food option, which was a simple offering but sweet one. The nice lady at the ticket booth was equally as kind to us before she knew we were reviewers as she was afterwards. The gift shop/area attendants were funny and helpful when asked questions about the trinkets they were selling. If customer service goes a long way for you whenever you go out for entertainment, this is your haunt!



Special Effects – 8.5

Smells, temperature differences, lighting - there are dynamics all throughout this trail that will keep your senses guessing. A highlight of this haunt is in the middle of the 2nd part of the trail… we won’t give anything away, but it’s a special effect that is very particular to this haunt that keeps folks comin’ back for more! Along the whole trail is a spookiness created by numerous factors, without being too stimulating. Sometimes more is more, but these folks know how to make a little go a LONG way.



Is it Scary – 9

There are a few actors in this haunt that really bring a thrilling energy to their performances, making the overall experience scary. Everything from the scenes to the special effects to the atmosphere will certainly give you the creeps and add a little pep to your step while you’re on the trail.



Bang for your buck – 10

General Admission $15

R.I.P. Pass $30 – Skips the line with little to no wait

We firmly believe the bang for your buck here is great. Early in the season when the line is slow, $30 for a date night is hard to beat! Later in the season, $30 per RIP pass does not put the price out of range but keeps it exclusive enough to ensure the wait on the RIP pass stays limited.



Overall – 

Insanitarium brings a totally different genre to the Alabama Haunt scene. They do not rely on the blood and gore that so many rely on. Though scary, it’s far more kid friendly than many other haunts out there. This doesn’t mean that it’s not scary for experienced haunters! For a completely unique experience, we highly recommend giving Insanitarium a try. Go support these great folks, spend less money than most other haunts, and be prepared for a haunt experience that you will not soon forget.



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