After wrapping up our official Scurryface haunt tour, we began our personal “date night” haunt tour for 2019. Originally, and full disclosure, we did not arrive at Hellbilly Hollow anticipating doing their review and even advised them of this, but due to unforeseen circumstances we were asked to complete the review after we had visited.

Hellbilly Hollow is nestled nicely a ways off highway 280 in Vincent, Alabama. This is a true, down south, country, borderline Deliverance atmosphere as you pull up to the haunt. Parking is across the street from the haunt, very well lit, with plenty of room. There was nobody to direct traffic, which could cause some issues on extremely busy nights, but for our visit, parking was a breeze. We were very excited to tour the Hollow once again. One new change for this year that caught our attention, instead of going in a predetermined order, you can go through each attraction in the order you choose. This includes the haunted house itself, the corn maze, and of course the hayride through the haunted woods.

Actors – 8

Overall, Hellbilly Hollow has quite a few great actors. We enjoyed the performance of several of them who took their craft absolutely to the next level. From a giant walking scarecrow, to a redneck in the woods, to a minister telling you to turn from your evil ways, to a clown welding a chainsaw…these were some of the stronger and more standout actors in the haunt. We had two significant issues with actors, which were addressed to the management of the haunt. We were assured these two incidents were isolated and would be addressed. Soap Box talk...actors, do not let people catch you unprepared for a group.



Theme/Trail – 9.5

This is one area where Hellbilly Hollow really shines. To truly explain why this is so great we will need to break it down a bit into the three sections of the haunt.

Hayride: Riding on a tractor, in the dark, into haunted woods. You will be warned away by a minister who truly makes you believe that you are stepping back in time and into a haunted forest. The creatures of the woods will haunt your dreams, and the scenes in the woods are very fitting.

Corn Maze: As you get in line for the corn maze, you will see a giant sign that says “AREA 52”…this is obviously a nod towards Area 51 and the social media craze for raiding area 51 that was this past year. The maze itself is fun to run through, with some pretty creepy effects overall. You will really feel like you are running through signs and looking for aliens the whole way.

Haunted House: This is truly where Hellbilly Hollow shines. The house looks so small from the outside, and yet they make such good use of the small area to give you the best show they can. There are several really fun effects and gags throughout the haunt, and whether you are laughing or screaming in fear, you will thoroughly enjoy yourself here.



Atmosphere – 9

As stated in our introduction, traveling to this haunt makes you think of deliverance. You are in the middle of nowhere, on an old farm that backs up to a heavily wooded area with a swamp. It was cool learning about the actual property and the fact at one point the owners could swim in the swap. The overall atmosphere here is hard to beat.



Costumes/Makeup – 8.5

We were harassed by a psycho hillbilly, entranced by a voodoo enchantress, & delightfully confused in an incredibly fun room with 2 characters dressed in charcoal spandex from head/face to toe. We enjoyed the costumes that stood out, however there were a few that never really jumped out at us. We thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated the costumes and makeup that the standout actors & characters had, and we like that this haunt embraces makeup and mask wear, and works to showcase the work that goes into them.



Customer Service – 9

The service we received at Hellbilly Hollow was great. We were treated like friends and family from the moment we walked through the gate. Even when addressing our issues with actors, they management was very open to our critique and made us felt that they truly do care.



Special Effects – 8

We appreciate when a haunt uses special effects to enhance the actors’ scares. This haunt does exactly that. One clever tactic that is utilized by this haunt is distraction. Look at the pretty lights to your left, then an actor creeps up & accomplishes a successful scare to the right. Some haunts can fill entire scenes with special effects. This haunt realizes that its actors and their performances are what make the real show; this haunt uses special effects as an enhancement to their performances.



Is it Scary – 9

There’s a wonderful creepiness to each aspect of Hellbilly Hollow. The hayride is eerie – the length of time it takes to ride to the woods is wildly anticipatory & the woods have their own devilish delights to enjoy. Though we both wish that there had been more actors present throughout the corn maze, we both praised the corn maze for the natural spookiness of walking through it at night, having no idea where it would take us or when it would end. The anticipation of a scare in the corn maze heightens the intensity of the scare when it finally happens. As for the haunted house, there is no doubt that even seasoned & experienced haunt enthusiasts will get their adrenaline going! We adored the very beginning scenes of the new house setup!



Bang for your buck – 9

General Admission to Attractions $20

Special Guest Night $1 Cover charge (yes you read that right $1)

All in all, it took us approx. 1 hour to get through all three attractions at Hellbilly Hollow. At $20 per person, this was a wonderful date night for us. There are very few things you can do for the price that

will keep you as entertained as we were at Hellbilly Hollow. The hayride and haunted house portion are top notch, the corn maze is lacking on the entertainment side, but overall was still fun to work our way through. Honestly, with a little more fine tuning of the haunt, they could increase their pricing in the near future and probably still have a strong bang for buck score.



Overall – 

Overall, y’all better get yourselves out to Hellbilly Hollow this season! This haunt is inexpensive, extraordinarily fun, & it’s going to entertain you & your friends for a large portion of your evening out together. Even if it’s a long drive for you (as it was for us), just crank some spooky tunes for your ride there to get you in the Halloween mood & enjoy the ride out to the middle of the Alabamian woods! Believe us, you honestly do not want to miss what Hellbilly Hollow has to offer this year!



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