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As we roll into mid-October, our haunt tour took us to Hellbilly Hollow in Vincent Alabama. Nestled a few miles off highway 280, its hard to miss this haunt. Pulling up you will see the free parking lit up in a grass field on one side of the road, and on the other, the massive property which is the attraction. The parking lot is very well lit, though parking on a busy night without guidance can be a pain. When leaving we did struggle to get our SUV out of the parking spot that we were in due to others parking too close. Otherwise the amount of parking is ample and makes it easy to access the haunt. We reviewed Hellbilly last year, slightly unofficially, so we were stocked to get the chance to be the official Scurryface Reps to review them this year.

Atmosphere –

Hellbilly Hollow always has a great atmosphere and this year was no different. You realize you are in the bogs and backwoods very quickly, and they play on that fact throughout the entire attraction. In the midway area, you can look around and easily identify the 3 attractions and where the lines start for them. In the center of the midway area, there was an amazing metal firepit that was carved into the shape of a jack-o-lantern with a large smokestack coming off the top. On a personal note, we now want one for our home. They have done away with port-o-potties this year and instead of a bathroom building that is much nicer, all but perhaps being a bit small for very busy nights. Star received a “VIP Tour” of the men’s room by the staff (no men were present at that time) and got to see some of their creativity with the bathroom. Fellas be sure to get a good description for your ladies; and look above the door . Dead City Collective was visiting on this night, and they were busy harassing patrons and later in the night performed their variation of a freak show. We enjoyed watching them work and their antics added significantly to the atmosphere in the midway area. Overall, it was very entertaining experience in the midway as we waited for our turn in each attraction.


Costumes/Makeup –

Clowns were our favorite for this category. They were scary and especially creative. A few ladies in the front room of the house and near the front room had some killer costumes and one girl had fantastic horns that we each commented on during the walk through. Masks were fantastic. Characters throughout the house were overall impressive. As for the corn maze, while the lighting is sparse we were able to make out a great clown costume that we each enjoyed.

Actors –

The actors and actresses at this haunt know how to scare. Their individual positioning and appearances to groups coming through created an excellent jump scare. We were impressed with the actors’ dedication throughout our visit through all 3 attractions

Special Effects –

We noticed, quite a few upgrades and changes to the special effects. The greatest difference was the lighting and effects on the hayride. This created a whole new experience that surpassed last year.

Trail Experience/Theme –

A good ol’ fashioned, downhome country haunt is what you expect from these folks, and that’s just what you get. The hayride and the corn maze simply ooze that chilling “Deliverance” vibe. If you were on the hunt for an excellent haunt experience/fun night of celebrating the Halloween season with a creepy country flair, this is definitely your haunt!

Hayride –

The hayride is a brisk 15-minute ride through the woods of Hellbilly Hollow. The theme is a backwoods swamp, and considering they have a real one, they hit the nail on the head. The first character we encountered was hilarious and did get a couple of scare's from folks on our wagon.

We loved the upgrades and changes made with the lighting and it brought a new level of fear to the ride.

Corn Maze –

The corn maze is always fun to travel through. There were some changes this year as compared to last, and overall, they were for the better. There was one item that was missing, which we will let you learn yourself, but it was fun and quite scary. One character, we shall call him big mouth as he and Star had an argument over who had the bigger mouth, was quite entertaining and you could tell he was getting some amazing scares. The poor corn in his area had been trampled very recently presumably from patrons running in fear to get away from him.

Haunted House –

These folks have always put on an amazing haunted house. It is tight, it is claustrophobic, you are getting to get scared at some point. They even managed to get a jump scare out of me this night by one character who nearly dove through a window to get me. There were plenty of actors placed throughout the haunt and really, no dead areas. Bravo for having actors working so well and managing to cover different areas without overexerting themselves. The scenes go well together overall, flowing from one to the next and generally fitting for scary bug house.


Bang for Buck –

At $25 a person, and this covering all three attractions, this haunt is hard to beat in the bang for buck category. You will spend approx. 15 minutes in each attraction, which adds up to approx. 45 minutes over entertainment, not including your time spent in the midway.

Is it Scary? –

We ended up doing most of the attractions with the same group. This gave us a reasonable gauge on how others were reacting, and the different scare levels of each attraction. All three attractions bring the scare, and there were screams and howls of fear coming from all areas throughout the night.

Originality/Creativity –

It is hard not to see the creativity here. Hellbilly Hollow plays very heavy on the backwoods, hillbilly, cannibals without stepping on the toes of any of the current standing movies about those same things. They have their own take on this, and it works great.

Did you feel safe? –

Hellbilly Hollow has done a great job in trying to ensure their patrons feel safe. They have signs requiring masks, and remind you constantly, especially at the entrance to the house, to wear your mask. They have hand sanitizer stations strategically placed throughout the entire property. Also, we witnessed them shut down the main house for about 5-10 minutes in order to spray sanitizer throughout the entire haunt to help ensure that virus spread was kept down. We learned they were doing this approx. every 50 minutes or so. If needed they had the ability to do it more to ensure their patrons felt safe


Haunt Change –

We noticed quite a bit of change overall within Hellbilly Hollow. As mentioned above, the upgrades to effects in the hayride were a great touch. The corn maze changes a good bit each year and you never go the same direction twice year over year. There were less actors in here so more dead spots than previous year, that was the only downside to the corn maze. We also noticed a few modifications and changes to scenes in the haunt itself. The changes were mostly great additions for this year. We did miss one particular room that was a favorite last year, this is the same room that we mentioned might have caused some backlog on busy nights, so we understand the change and the fact a haunt must always be evolving. Overall, all changes we noticed were improvements on an already great haunt.

Overall – 

secret rep score 1 = 9

secret rep score 2 = 8.9

secret rep score 3 = 8.5

What else can we say, Hellbilly Hollow is a great haunt and a must see. The staff is amazing, the actors are spot on, the characters are great. This haunt has come so far in the few years it has been open and the sky is truly the limit for what this place is going to be capable of as they continue to grow. We were very happy to see they had resolved some of the issues which we had seen in our 2019 tour, and completely enjoyed our trip. We cannot wait to go back next season.

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